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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  He was standing at the open front of a great case which stoodbetween the windows and which contained part of his Chinesecollection. He turned as I entered with a small brown vase in hishand.
2.  "No one else in your room?"
3.  "A complex mind," said Holmes. "All great criminals have that. Myold friend Charlie Peace was a violin virtuoso. Wainwright was no meanartist. I could quote many more. Well, Sir James, you will inform yourclient that I am turning my mind upon Baron Gruner. I can say no more.I have some sources of information of my own, and I dare say we mayfind some means of opening the matter up."
4.  Stackhurst knit his brows in thought.
5.  "Your loving "MARY.
6.  "His hand when he wrote hurriedly. It is very unlike his usualwriting, and yet I know it well."


1.  "Yes, sir."
2.  "I know you have," our visitor gasped, shooting out shortsentences like a man who is out of breath, "Mr. Gibson is coming.Mr. Gibson is my employer. I am manager of his estate. Mr. Holmes,he is a villain- an infernal villain."
4.  "Mr. Henry Baker, I believe," said he, rising from his
5.  "Ah! that's interesting. What o'clock was this?"
6.  Baynes chuckled.


1.  Holmes popped a sheet of paper before the doctor's eyes. "Thenperhaps you will explain this receipted bill for thirteen guineas,paid by Mr. Godfrey Staunton last month to Dr. Leslie Armstrong, ofCambridge. I picked it out from among the papers upon his desk."The doctor flushed with anger.
2.  "Were?"
3.  "'If then your eye goes on to read this line, I know that I shallalready have been exposed and dragged from my home, or, as is morelikely, for you know that my heart is weak, be lying with my tonguesealed forever in death. In either case the time for suppression ispast, and every word which I tell you is the naked truth, and this Iswear as I hope for mercy.
4.  "She came only an hour ago. It was the wife, this time, but thependant she brought was the fellow of the other, She is a tall, palewoman, with ferret eyes."
5.   Our proceedings of that first morning did little to advance theinvestigation. It was marked, however, at the outset by an incidentwhich left the most sinister impression upon my mind. The approachto the spot at which the tragedy occurred is down a narrow, winding,country lane, While we made our way along it we heard the rattle ofa carriage coming towards us and stood aside to let it pass. As itdrove by us I caught a glimpse through the closed window of a horriblycontorted, grinning face glaring out at us. Those staring eyes andgnashing teeth flashed past us like a dreadful vision.
6.  "What is it, then?"


1.  There was an agitated knock at the door, and an instant afterwardsDr. Huxtable was in the room. In his hand he held a blue cricket-capwith a white chevron on the peak.
2.  "Did the men leave no clue?"
3.  "'Tut, my boy, you know about figures.'
4、  "Without, however, the knowledge of prexisting cases which serves meso well. There was a parallel instance in Aberdeen some years back,and something on very much the same lines at Munich the year after theFranco-Prussian War. It is one of these cases-but, hello, here isLestrade! Good-afternoon, Lestrade! You will find an extra tumblerupon the sideboard, and there are cigars in the box."
5、  I remained in my hiding-place, and it was well that I did so, forpresently the man reappeared, cycling slowly back. He turned in at theHall gates, and dismounted from his machine. For some minutes Icould see him standing among the trees. His hands were raised, andhe seemed to be settling his necktie. Then he mounted his cycle, androde away from me down the drive towards the Hall. I ran across theheath and peered through the trees. Far away I could catch glimpses ofthe old gray building with its bristling Tudor chimneys, but the driveran through a dense shrubbery, and I saw no more of my man.However, it seemed to me that I had done a fairly good morning'swork, and I walked back in high spirits to Farnham. The local houseagent could tell me nothing about Charlington Hall, and referred me toa well known firm in Pall Mall. There I halted on my way home, and metwith courtesy from the representative. No, I could not haveCharlington Hall for the summer. I was just too late. It had beenlet about a month ago. Mr. Williamson was the name of the tenant. Hewas a respectable, elderly gentleman. The polite agent was afraid hecould say no more, as the affairs of his clients were not matterswhich he could discuss.




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      "Our learned friend's nerves are somewhat out of order," said he."Perhaps our intrusion was a little crude, and yet we have gained thatpersonal contact which I desired. But, dear me, Watson, he is surelyat our heels. The villain still pursues us."

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      "It looks like it," said I ruefully, pointing to a huge bundle inthe corner. "I have had nothing else to do."

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       "Good-morning, Mr. Holmes," said he; "good-morning. May I ask if youare very busy just now?"

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      I thought he was joking, for the view was sordid enough, but he soonexplained himself.

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    {  "There, that's enough," said Lestrade. "I am a practical man, Mr.Holmes, and when I have got my evidence I come to my conclusions. Ifyou have anything to say, you will find me writing my report in thesitting-room."

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      "Excellent. Let me give you a short sketch of what I have done, withsome indication of what we are about to do. Now it must be evidentto you, Watson, that this young man's body was placed on the roof ofthe train. That was clear from the instant that I determined thefact that it was from the roof, and not from a carriage, that he hadfallen."}

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      "Halloa! Stop there!" he shouted, holding his bicycle to block ourroad. "Where did you get that dog-cart? Pull up, man!" he yelled,drawing a pistol from his side "Pull up, I say, or, by George, I'llput a bullet into your horse."

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      "Just one hint to you, Lastrade," drawled Holmes before his rivalvanished; "I will tell you the true solution of the matter. Lady St.Simon is a myth. There is not, and there never has been, any suchperson."

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       "I am afraid not," said Holmes, shaking his head. "I think I mustask you to remain sitting exactly where you are."

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    {  "Well."

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      "And the box," said Holmes.