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1.   "You must be thinking," he said.
2. 体育的可靠性经常会受到威胁。在赫尔辛基机场,监管人员查出的药物的数量让人震惊。非法运输药物在芬兰是犯罪的行为。有一些运输药物的人是体育部的官员,他们被怀疑通过销售兴奋剂来获利。
3. 1月16日,贵州省铜仁市松桃县民政局、县委宣传部联系后向中华儿慈会回复说,花燕弟弟因姐姐去世,心情不好,很多人联系他压力大,已经外出务工散心,联系不上。
4.   "Get that thing off the track," shouted the two policemen.
5.   'Now let us see,' said Mrs. Markleham, putting her glass to her eye, 'where the passage is. "The remembrance of old times, my dearest Annie" - and so forth it's not there. "The amiable old Proctor" - who's he? Dear me, Annie, how illegibly your cousin Maldon writes, and how stupid I am! "Doctor," of course. Ah! amiable indeed!' Here she left off, to kiss her fan again, and shake it at the Doctor, who was looking at us in a state of placid satisfaction. 'Now I have found it. "You may not be surprised to hear, Annie," - no, to be sure, knowing that he never was really strong; what did I say just now? - "that I have undergone so much in this distant place, as to have decided to leave it at all hazards; on sick leave, if I can; on total resignation, if that is not to be obtained. What I have endured, and do endure here, is insupportable." And but for the promptitude of that best of creatures,' said Mrs. Markleham, telegraphing the Doctor as before, and refolding the letter, 'it would be insupportable to me to think of.'
6. 30万元的兴滇人才奖奖金,捐给了华坪县丁王民族小学。


1.   And yet, as she could scarcely breathe, she rose and wenttowards a looking-glass. "I am frightful to-night," shesaid. Debray rose, smiling, and was about to contradict thebaroness upon this latter point, when the door openedsuddenly. M. Danglars appeared; Debray reseated himself. Atthe noise of the door Madame Danglars turned round, andlooked upon her husband with an astonishment she took notrouble to conceal. "Good-evening, madame," said the banker;"good-evening, M. Debray."
2. 【Q】明年的资本开支?大的资本开支就是现在在建一个基地,其他比较少,正常情况下和今年差不多。
3.   "To the man who loves art for its own sake," remarked SherlockHolmes, tossing aside the advertisement sheet of the DailyTelegraph, "it is frequently in its least important and lowliestmanifestations that the keenest pleasure is to be derived. It ispleasant to me to observe, Watson, that you have so far grasped thistruth that in these little records of our cases which you have beengood enough to draw up, and, I am bound to say, occasionally toembellish, you have given prominence not so much to the many causescelebres and sensational trials in which I have figured but ratherto those incidents which may have been trivial in themselves, butwhich have given room for those faculties of deduction and oflogical synthesis which I have made my special province.""And yet," said I, smiling, "I cannot quite hold myself absolvedfrom the charge of sensationalism which has been urged against myrecords."
4. 东汉后期,在政治腐败黑暗的同时,统治集团的生活极其腐化奢侈。桓、灵二帝时,仅后宫彩女就多至数千人,衣食费用每天高达数百金。上有所好,下必甚焉。住在京师的官僚贵戚们,衣服饮食,车舆庐第,奢过王制;家中器物,金银错镂,穷极丽靡,连他们的徒御仆妾,都穿锦■绮纨;甚至他们死后的棺材,也必须用江南檽梓预章之木,伐之高山,引之穷谷,工匠雕刻,连累日月,费力伤农于万里之地①。桓帝时,由于挥霍无度,以至于田野空,朝廷空,仓库空,是谓三空②的地步。
5.   Perhaps' a little angry with himself as well as with the barrister, Mr. Lorry hustled into the chair, and was carried off to Tellson's. Carton, who smelt of port wine, and did not appear to be quite sober, laughed then, and turned to Darnay:
6. 国外艺人平时可能有这方面的锻炼,但国内或许就不适合,因为本身每个人擅长的东西就不一样。


1.   There had been no welcome home for the young squire, no festivities, no deputation, not even a single flower. Only a dank ride in a motor-car up a dark, damp drive, burrowing through gloomy trees, out to the slope of the park where grey damp sheep were feeding, to the knoll where the house spread its dark brown facade, and the housekeeper and her husband were hovering, like unsure tenants on the face of the earth, ready to stammer a welcome.
2. 据称这是上周出现的第三起类似事件暗杀事件。
3.   Mellors took the chair again, looking perfectly unheeding, yet Connie felt he noted everything. As he pushed the chair up the steepish rise of the knoll in the park, he breathed rather quickly, through parted lips. He was rather frail really. Curiously full of vitality, but a little frail and quenched. Her woman's instinct sensed it.
4. 随着生活质量的改善和营养观念的普及,市场对奶制品的需求激增,而散户供奶的产业蓬勃兴起。据报道,今天全国奶制品消费量中,大约仍有七成来自于散户的供应。散户供奶,优点是供给者的进入门槛低,饲料便宜,农户家里有什么就给奶牛喂什么,千千万万散户汇集起来的总量大,能比较迅速地满足市场上不断上扬的需求;其缺点,则是饲料质量的差异导致生奶质量参差。简言之,那是“淡奶”的情境。
5. 想一想再看
6. 没有料到的是,回到老家不久,当地就有村民被确诊为新冠肺炎。


1.   Her room was the only gay, modern one in the house, the only spot in Wragby where her personality was at all revealed. Clifford had never seen it, and she asked very few people up.
2. 据新晃一中多名退休教师证实,当年学校的跑道工程并未对外公开招标,没有建筑工程资质的杜少平,以某建筑公司的名义承包工程。
3. 事实上,针对傍名人现象,2017年,最高法曾出台司法解释《关于审理商标授权确权行政案件若干问题的规定》,明确将政治、经济、文化、宗教、民族等领域公众人物姓名等申请注册为商标,人民法院可以认定其属于商标法第十条第一款第(八)项规定的其他不良影响。
4. 被砸身亡的流浪汉今年60多岁,据称是来宾人,被儿女嫌弃才外出流浪。
5. Then there was a torrent of soft talk tossed back and forth; no savage sing-song, but clear musical fluent speech.
6. 镇江市疾控中心消毒与病媒生物防治科科长姜洪方称,这种蚊虫叫做摇蚊,也是蚊子的一种,但这种蚊虫不吸食人血,主要以植物汁液为食。


1. 一九九八年我对曾荫权打趣说:「你是财爷,经济数据在你手,但我有水晶球。如果香港的公务员不大幅减薪,而政府又推行强积金的话,香港的失业率会超百分之八。」他不相信,而我则没有想到四年之后还差一小点。无论怎样说,上述的局限转变含意著香港的工资与物价会向下作长时期的调整,又因为工资的下调有不同的顽固性,提高了市场工资的讯息费用,失业暴升是后果。
2.   6. This caution is also from Cato "De Moribus," 1. i., dist. 12: "Rumoris fuge ne incipias novus auctor haberi." ("Do not pass on rumours or be the author of new ones")
3. "One of those long easterly spurs," Terry said appraisingly. "May be hundreds of miles from the range. They crop out like that."

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      And so befell, that on a Saturday This carpenter was gone to Oseney, And Hendy Nicholas and Alison Accorded were to this conclusion, That Nicholas shall *shape him a wile* *devise a stratagem* The silly jealous husband to beguile; And if so were the game went aright, She shoulde sleepen in his arms all night; For this was her desire and his also. And right anon, withoute wordes mo', This Nicholas no longer would he tarry, But doth full soft unto his chamber carry Both meat and drinke for a day or tway. And to her husband bade her for to say, If that he asked after Nicholas, She shoulde say, "She wist* not where he was; *knew Of all the day she saw him not with eye; She trowed* he was in some malady, *believed For no cry that her maiden could him call He would answer, for nought that might befall." Thus passed forth all thilke* Saturday, *that That Nicholas still in his chamber lay, And ate, and slept, and didde what him list Till Sunday, that* the sunne went to rest. *when This silly carpenter *had great marvaill* *wondered greatly* Of Nicholas, or what thing might him ail, And said; "I am adrad*, by Saint Thomas! *afraid, in dread It standeth not aright with Nicholas: *God shielde* that he died suddenly. *heaven forbid!* This world is now full fickle sickerly*. *certainly I saw to-day a corpse y-borne to chirch, That now on Monday last I saw him wirch*. *work "Go up," quod he unto his knave*, "anon; *servant. Clepe* at his door, or knocke with a stone: *call Look how it is, and tell me boldely." This knave went him up full sturdily, And, at the chamber door while that he stood, He cried and knocked as that he were wood:* *mad "What how? what do ye, Master Nicholay? How may ye sleepen all the longe day?" But all for nought, he hearde not a word. An hole he found full low upon the board, Where as the cat was wont in for to creep, And at that hole he looked in full deep, And at the last he had of him a sight. This Nicholas sat ever gaping upright, As he had kyked* on the newe moon. *looked <24> Adown he went, and told his master soon, In what array he saw this ilke* man. *same

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      When the servants had washed them and anointed them with oil, theybrought them woollen cloaks and shirts, and the two took their seatsby the side of Menelaus. A maidservant brought them water in abeautiful golden ewer, and poured it into a silver basin for them towash their hands; and she drew a clean table beside them. An upperservant brought them bread, and offered them many good things ofwhat there was in the house, while the carver fetched them plates ofall manner of meats and set cups of gold by their side.

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    Banks just cannot afford to keep up. At Goldman Sachs, for example, net revenues have dropped about a third since 2009, beaten down by structural shifts in trading and new rules crimping risk-taking. The bank tries to keep its pay ratio stable, so that means smaller total packages for the typical employee.

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      "But now *enforce I me not* in shewing *I do not lay stress* How th'order of causes stands; but well wot I, That it behoveth, that the befalling Of thinges wiste* before certainly, *known Be necessary, *all seem it not* thereby, *though it does not appear* That prescience put falling necessair To thing to come, all fall it foul or fair.

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      'Well, and what of John Reed?'

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