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1.   And with that word this falcon gan to cry, And swooned eft* in Canacee's barme** *again **lap Great was the sorrow, for that hawke's harm, That Canace and all her women made; They wist not how they might the falcon glade.* *gladden But Canace home bare her in her lap, And softely in plasters gan her wrap, There as she with her beak had hurt herselve. Now cannot Canace but herbes delve Out of the ground, and make salves new Of herbes precious and fine of hue, To heale with this hawk; from day to night She did her business, and all her might. And by her bedde's head she made a mew,* *bird cage And cover'd it with velouettes* blue,<36> *velvets In sign of truth that is in woman seen; And all without the mew is painted green, In which were painted all these false fowls, As be these tidifes,* tercelets, and owls; *titmice And pies, on them for to cry and chide, Right for despite were painted them beside.
2.   "Look at that man over there," laughed Lola, who had caught sightof some one falling down. "How sheepish men look when they fall,don't they?"
3.   "Men of Ithaca, it is all your own fault that things have turned outas they have; you would not listen to me, nor yet to Mentor, when webade you check the folly of your sons who were doing much wrong in thewantonness of their hearts- wasting the substance and dishonouring thewife of a chieftain who they thought would not return. Now, however,let it be as I say, and do as I tell you. Do not go out againstUlysses, or you may find that you have been drawing down evil onyour own heads."
4.   "My political opinions!" replied Dantes. "Alas, sir, I neverhad any opinions. I am hardly nineteen; I know nothing; Ihave no part to play. If I obtain the situation I desire, Ishall owe it to M. Morrel. Thus all my opinions -- I willnot say public, but private -- are confined to these threesentiment, -- I love my father, I respect M. Morrel, and Iadore Mercedes. This, sir, is all I can tell you, and yousee how uninteresting it is." As Dantes spoke, Villefortgazed at his ingenuous and open countenance, and recollectedthe words of Renee, who, without knowing who the culpritwas, had besought his indulgence for him. With the deputy'sknowledge of crime and criminals, every word the young manuttered convinced him more and more of his innocence. Thislad, for he was scarcely a man, -- simple, natural, eloquentwith that eloquence of the heart never found when soughtfor; full of affection for everybody, because he was happy,and because happiness renders even the wicked good --extended his affection even to his judge, spite ofVillefort's severe look and stern accent. Dantes seemed fullof kindness.
5. 换言之,一些部门和干部没有真正将实事当做好事来办,没有真心扛起肩上的责任,而是急于完成任务,导致好事没办好,实事没落实,暖心的事却让百姓寒了心。
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1. "And how about this danger theory all our guides were so sure of?"
2.   `Yes,' she said slowly.
3. 史密斯落笔打三更,因为一开头他就谈到钻石与水的反论(paradox)。他说一件用值很高之物,其换值可能很低,而换值很高的,其用值可能很低。他举例:水的用值很高,但换值(市价)很低;钻石的换值很高,但用值很低。这个有名的「水与钻石反论」,错了三点。
4. 目前,两人已被警方依法刑事拘留,此案正在进一步调查中。
5. 原标题:重庆火灾致一家六口死亡家属:死者包括四代人尸检正在进行来源:北京青年报12月30日早晨6点多,重庆涪陵区马鞍街道踏水桥小区一居民楼12-1发生火灾致一家六口死亡,包括四代人,年龄最大的是80多岁,最小的还不到6岁。
6. 当硬汉兵哥哥碰上柔美广场舞会产生出怎样的效果?近日,记者实地探访军营广场舞背后的创作故事。


1. 微信读书在一些小细节上也非常地细致贴心,但是在书籍资源这块还需要不断丰富,在有的模块上面需要提高内容质量,避免低俗化。
2. 到目前为止,我们没有投资影院。
3. 据彭博社最新发布的数据显示,在过去1年中,美国初创企业上市和融资数量都有所下降。
4. "You will have no time for dolls in future," she said. "You will have to work and improve yourself and make yourself useful."
5. 大学排行榜数量激增的背后是其关注度的水涨船高,它的火爆程度从每次USNews、QS、THE、ARWU等大学排行榜发榜之日各方铺天盖地的宣传可见一斑,有的高校甚至以某排行榜的位次进步作为阶段目标。
6. 我今天先不说北京。


1. 西湖冰场位于西湖游泳池浅水池,冰上面积近2000平方米,分为娱乐区和训练区,娱乐区面向校内师生和社会公众开放,并提供冰鞋冰车租赁
2. 在这场闹剧中,我们也能看到各大平台对于错误舆论进行正向引导、斧正能力的差距。
3. 从双脚间的缝隙望下去,海拔6000多米的那些冰川铺在下面。
4. 据介绍,现阶段北京市接报医院号贩子警情比前三年同期平均值下降了27%。
5.   Then Amphinomus drew his sword and made straight at Ulysses to tryand get him away from the door; but Telemachus was too quick forhim, and struck him from behind; the spear caught him between theshoulders and went right through his chest, so that he fell heavily tothe ground and struck the earth with his forehead. Then Telemachussprang away from him, leaving his spear still in the body, for hefeared that if he stayed to draw it out, some one of the Achaeansmight come up and hack at him with his sword, or knock him down, so heset off at a run, and immediately was at his father's side. Then hesaid:
6. 外套。来一套贝达弗的大衣和蓝围巾。一套价值1350英镑的大衣,随时准备迎接人生的精彩时刻。


1. 董明珠给格力电器的发展蓝图写下万物互联的注脚,外界目前更为关心的是,自今年4月份开始的格力电器国有股权转让事项尘埃落定后,新股东高瓴资本能给格力电器带来哪些发展上的助力?最起码我现在没有看到。
2.   "That's his bedroom," Holmes whispered. "This door opens straightinto the study. It would suit us best, but it is bolted as well aslocked, and we should make too much noise getting in. Come round here.There's a greenhouse which opens into the drawing-room."The place was locked, but Holmes removed a circle of glass andturned the key from the inside. An instant afterwards he had closedthe door behind us, and we had become felons in the eyes of the law.The thick, warm air of the conservatory and the rich, chokingfragrance of exotic plants took us by the throat. He seized my hand inthe darkness and led me swiftly past banks of shrubs which brushedagainst our faces. Holmes had remarkable powers, carefully cultivated,of seeing in the dark. Still holding my hand in one of his, heopened a door, and I was vaguely conscious that we had entered a largeroom in which a cigar had been smoked not long before. He felt his wayamong the furniture, opened another door, and closed it behind us.Putting out my hand I felt several coats hanging from the wall, andI understood that I was in a passage. We passed along it and Holmesvery gently opened a door upon the right-hand side. Something rushedout at us and my heart sprang into my mouth, but I could havelaughed when I realized that it was the cat. A fire was burning inthis new room, and again the air was heavy with tobacco smoke.Holmes entered on tiptoe, waited for me to follow, and then verygently closed the door. We were in Milverton's study, and a portiereat the farther side showed the entrance to his bedroom.It was a good fire, and the room was illuminated by it. Near thedoor I saw the gleam of an electric switch, but it was unnecessary,even if it had been safe, to turn it on. At one side of thefireplace was a heavy curtain which covered the bay window we had seenfrom outside. On the other side was the door which communicated withthe veranda. A desk stood in the centre, with a turning-chair ofshining red leather. Opposite was a large bookcase, with a marble bustof Athene on the top. In the corner, between the bookcase and thewall, there stood a tall, green safe, the firelight flashing back fromthe polished brass knobs upon its face. Holmes stole across and lookedat it. Then he crept to the door of the bedroom, and stood withslanting head listening intently. No sound came from within. Meanwhileit had struck me that it would be wise to secure our retreat throughthe outer door, so I examined it. To my amazement, it was neitherlocked nor bolted. I touched Holmes on the arm, and he turned hismasked face in that direction. I saw him start, and he was evidentlyas surprised as I.
3. 在对与张志超在临沭县看守所同监舍人员进行调查时,有人证实看到张志超身上有伤。