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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Now in some puddle will he take his station, Such is his mode of seekingconsolation; Where leeches, feasting on his rump, will drain Spirits alike andspirit from his brain.
2.  Cling to these ancient ribs of granite rock, Else to yon depths profound it youwill hurl. A murky vapour thickens night. Hark! Through the woods thetempests roar! The owlets flit in wild affright. Hark! Splinter'd are the columnsthat upbore The leafy palace, green for aye: The shivered branches whirr andsigh, Yawn the huge trunks with mighty groan. The roots upriven, creak andmoan! In fearful and entangled fall, One crashing ruin whelms them all, Whilethrough the desolate abyss, Sweeping the wreck - strewn precipice, Theraging storm - blasts howl and hiss! Aloft strange voices dost thou hear?Distant now and now more near? Hark! the mountain ridge along, Streametha raving magic - song!
3.  Mephistopheles
4.  (braiding and binding up her hair)
5.  Poet
6.  Snake! Serpent vile!


1.  Altmayer (aside)
2.  (Mephistopheles knocks.)
3.  But take heed! Hover round, above, below,
4.  To the hunting - lodge we're on our way.
5.  I feel oppressed! The pillars of the wall Imprison me! The vaulted roofWeighs down upon me! - air!
6.  Can we go now?


1.  I feel oppressed! The pillars of the wall Imprison me! The vaulted roofWeighs down upon me! - air!
2.  How?
3.  Margaret
4.  Mephistopheles
5.   If nature boon, or subtle sprite, Endow your soul with pinions; Then follow toyon rosy height, Through ether's calm dominions!Orchestra (pianissimo)
6.  And if he is, what matters it to me! With you he'll walk, he'll dance with nonebut you, And with your pleasures what have I to do?The Second


1.  Doctor, 'tis really kind of you, To condescend to come this way, A highlylearned man like you, To join our mirthful throng to - day. Our fairest cup Ioffer you, which we with sparkling drink have crown'd, And pledging you, Ipray aloud, That every drop within its round, While it your present thirstallays, May swell the number of your days.
2.  Faust
3.  But how shall we begin?
4、  Most willingly! And here I have a flask, From which I've sipp'd myself erenow; What's more, it doth no longer stink; To you a glass I joyfully will give.(Aside.)
5、  The Lord.




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      Joy still must sorrow, sorrow joy attend.

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      In chief, of incident enough prepare! A show they want, they come to gapeand stare. Spin for their eyes abundant occupation, So that the multitude maywondering gaze, You by sheer bulk have won your reputation, The man youare all love to praise. By mass alone can you subdue the masses, Each thenselects in time what suits his bent. Bring much, you something bring for variousclasses, And from the house goes every one content. You give a piece,abroad in pieces send it! 'Tis a ragout - success must needs attend it; 'Tis easyto serve up, as easy to invent. A finish'd whole what boots it to present! Fullsoon the public will in pieces rend it.

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    {  Faust

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      I have, alas! Philosophy, Medicine, Jurisprudence too, And to my costTheology, With ardent labour, studied through. And here I stand, with all mylore, Poor fool, no wiser than before. Magister, doctor styled, indeed,Already these ten years I lead, Up, down, across, and to and fro, My pupilsby the nose, - and learn, That we in truth can nothing know! That in my heartlike fire doth burn. 'Tis true I've more cunning than all your dull tribe, Magisterand doctor, priest, parson, and scribe; Scruple or doubt comes not to enthrallme, Neither can devil nor hell now appal me Hence also my heart must allpleasure forego! I may not pretend, aught rightly to know, I may not pretend,through teaching, to find A means to improve or convert mankind. Then Ihave neither goods nor treasure, No worldly honour, rank, or pleasure; Nodog in such fashion would longer live! Therefore myself to magic I give, Inhope, through spirit - voice and might, Secrets now veiled to bring to light,That I no more, with aching brow, Need speak of what I nothing know; ThatI the force may recognise That binds creation's inmost energies; Her vitalpowers, her embryo seeds survey, And fling the trade in empty words away.O full - orb'd moon, did but thy rays Their last upon mine anguish gaze!Beside this desk, at dead of night, Oft have I watched to hail thy light: Then,pensive friend! o'er book and scroll, With soothing power, thy radiance stole!In thy dear light, ah, might I climb, Freely, some mountain height sublime,Round mountain caves with spirits ride, In thy mild haze o'er meadows glide,And, purged from knowledge - fumes, renew My spirit, in thy healing dew!Woe's me! still prison'd in the gloom Of this abhorr'd and musty room! Whereheaven's dear light itself doth pass, But dimly through the painted glass!Hemmed in by volumes thick with dust, Worm - eaten, hid 'neath rust andmould, And to the high vault's topmost bound, A smoke - stained papercompassed round; With boxes round thee piled, and glass, And many auseless instrument, With old ancestral lumber blent This is thy world! a world!alas! And dost thou ask why heaves thy heart, With tighten'd pressure in thybreast? Why the dull ache will not depart, By which thy life - pulse isoppress'd? Instead of nature's living sphere, Created for mankind of old,Brute skeletons surround thee here, And dead men's bones in smoke andmould.}

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      Mortal! the loftiest attributes of men, Reason and Knowledge, only thuscontemn, Still let the Prince of lies, without control, With shows, and mockingcharms delude thy soul, I have thee unconditionally then! Fate hath endow'dhim with an ardent mind, Which unrestrain'd still presses on for ever, Andwhose precipitate endeavour Earth's joys o'erleaping, leaveth them behind.Him will I drag through life's wild waste, Through scenes of vapid dulness,where at last Bewilder'd, he shall falter, and stick fast; And, still to mock hisgreedy haste, Viands and drink shall float his craving lips beyond Vainly he'llseek refreshment, anguish - tost, And were he not the devil's by his bond, Yetmust his soul infallibly be lost!

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      Faust, Mephistopheles. Wagner, a Student.

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       You'd better not repeat those words again!

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    {  Youth, my good friend, you certainly require When foes in battle round arepressing, When a fair maid, her heart on fire, Hangs on your neck with fondcaressing, When from afar, the victor's crown, To reach the hard - won goalinciteth; When from the whirling dance, to drown Your sense, the night'scarouse inviteth. But the familiar chords among Boldly to sweep, with gracefulcunning, While to its goal, the verse along Its winding path is sweetly running;This task is yours, old gentlemen, to - day; Nor are you therefore less inreverence held; Age does not make us childish, as folk say, It finds us genuinechildren e'en in eld.

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      Clouds gather over me The moon conceals her light The lamp is quench'dVapours are rising - Quiv'ring round my head Flash the red beams - Downfrom the vaulted roof A shuddering horror floats, And seizes me! I feel it,spirit, prayer - compell'd, 'tis thou Art hovering near! Unveil thyself! Ha! Howmy heart is riven now! Each sense, with eager palpitation, Is strain'd to catchsome new sensation! I feel my heart surrender'd unto thee! Thou must! Thoumust! Though life should be the fee!