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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No, it would delay me, and I need the fatigue you warn meof; it will do me good." Albert reeled as if he had beenshot, and fell on a chair near the door. Monte Cristo didnot see this second manifestation of physical exhaustion; hewas at the window, calling, "Ali, a horse for M. de Morcerf-- quick! he is in a hurry!" These words restored Albert; hedarted from the room, followed by the count. "Thank you!"cried he, throwing himself on his horse. "Return as soon asyou can, Florentin. Must I use any password to procure ahorse?"
2.  "Help," cried Caderousse; "I am murdered!"
3.  "And what are his claims to the peerage?"
4.  Then he ran to one of the cupboards in Valentine's room,which had been transformed into a medicine closet, andtaking from its silver case a small bottle of nitric acid,dropped a little of it into the liquor, which immediatelychanged to a blood-red color. "Ah," exclaimed d'Avrigny, ina voice in which the horror of a judge unveiling the truthwas mingled with the delight of a student making adiscovery. Madame de Villefort was overpowered, her eyesfirst flashed and then swam, she staggered towards the doorand disappeared. Directly afterwards the distant sound of aheavy weight falling on the ground was heard, but no onepaid any attention to it; the nurse was engaged in watchingthe chemical analysis, and Villefort was still absorbed ingrief. M. d'Avrigny alone had followed Madame de Villefortwith his eyes, and watched her hurried retreat. He lifted upthe drapery over the entrance to Edward's room, and his eyereaching as far as Madame de Villefort's apartment, hebeheld her extended lifeless on the floor. "Go to theassistance of Madame de Villefort," he said to the nurse."Madame de Villefort is ill."
5.  "Well, sir," said the abbe, "you have spoken unreservedly;and thus to accuse yourself is to deserve pardon."
6.  "Oh, heavens!"


1.  Then he drew from his waistcoat-pocket the little emeraldbox, raised the golden lid, and took from it a pastilleabout the size of a pea, which he placed in her hand. Shetook it, and looked attentively on the count; there was anexpression on the face of her intrepid protector whichcommanded her veneration. She evidently interrogated him byher look. "Yes," said he. Valentine carried the pastille toher mouth, and swallowed it. "And now, my dear child, adieufor the present. I will try and gain a little sleep, for youare saved."
2.  The sun, red and flaming, was sinking into the embrace ofthe welcoming ocean. The sea, smooth as crystal, was now andthen disturbed by the leaping of fish, which were pursued bysome unseen enemy and sought for safety in another element;while on the extreme verge of the horizon might be seen thefishermen's boats, white and graceful as the sea-gull, orthe merchant vessels bound for Corsica or Spain.
3.  "I perceive what you are intending to propose to me; but Icannot accept it, Edmond -- my son would not permit it."
4.  "Oh, M. de Villefort," cried a beautiful young creature,daughter to the Comte de Salvieux, and the cherished friendof Mademoiselle de Saint-Meran, "do try and get up somefamous trial while we are at Marseilles. I never was in alaw-court; I am told it is so very amusing!"
5.  Danglars, seeing his daughter smiling, and proud even toinsolence, could not entirely repress his brutal feelings,but they betrayed themselves only by an exclamation. Underthe fixed and inquiring gaze levelled at him from underthose beautiful black eyebrows, he prudently turned away,and calmed himself immediately, daunted by the power of aresolute mind. "Truly, my daughter," replied he with asmile, "you are all you boast of being, excepting one thing;I will not too hastily tell you which, but would ratherleave you to guess it." Eugenie looked at Danglars, muchsurprised that one flower of her crown of pride, with whichshe had so superbly decked herself, should be disputed. "Mydaughter," continued the banker, "you have perfectlyexplained to me the sentiments which influence a girl likeyou, who is determined she will not marry; now it remainsfor me to tell you the motives of a father like me, who hasdecided that his daughter shall marry." Eugenie bowed, notas a submissive daughter, but as an adversary prepared for adiscussion.
6.  "Perhaps he knows you, though you do not know him; M. deMonte Cristo knows everybody."


1.  "Yes, count, you know what I told you?"
2.  Four hours passed by and the giant was replaced by anotherbandit. Danglars, who really began to experience sundrygnawings at the stomach, arose softly, again applied his eyeto the crack of the door, and recognized the intelligentcountenance of his guide. It was, indeed, Peppino who waspreparing to mount guard as comfortably as possible byseating himself opposite to the door, and placing betweenhis legs an earthen pan, containing chick-pease stewed withbacon. Near the pan he also placed a pretty little basket ofVilletri grapes and a flask of Orvieto. Peppino wasdecidedly an epicure. Danglars watched these preparationsand his mouth watered. "Come," he said to himself, "let metry if he will be more tractable than the other;" and hetapped gently at the door. "On y va," (coming) exclaimedPeppino, who from frequenting the house of Signor Pastriniunderstood French perfectly in all its idioms.
3.  He would have added "Edmond Dantes," but the count seizedhis arm and prevented him. Julie threw herself into the armsof the count; Emmanuel embraced him as a guardian angel;Morrel again fell on his knees, and struck the ground withhis forehead. Then the iron-hearted man felt his heart swellin his breast; a flame seemed to rush from his throat to hiseyes, he bent his head and wept. For a while nothing washeard in the room but a succession of sobs, while theincense from their grateful hearts mounted to heaven. Juliehad scarcely recovered from her deep emotion when she rushedout of the room, descended to the next floor, ran into thedrawing-room with childlike joy and raised the crystal globewhich covered the purse given by the unknown of the Alleesde Meillan. Meanwhile, Emmanuel in a broken voice said tothe count, "Oh, count, how could you, hearing us so oftenspeak of our unknown benefactor, seeing us pay such homageof gratitude and adoration to his memory, -- how could youcontinue so long without discovering yourself to us? Oh, itwas cruel to us, and -- dare I say it? -- to you also."
4.  "One only."
5.   "It is but a dream, a nightmare, that has disturbed you."
6.  "I think that the adventure is assuming a very agreeableappearance."


1.  "Why, that is the very worst offence they could possiblycommit; for, don't you see, Renee, the king is the father ofhis people, and he who shall plot or contrive aught againstthe life and safety of the parent of thirty-two millions ofsouls, is a parricide upon a fearfully great scale?"
2.  "Ecco!" said the guide, and pushing Danglars into the cell,he closed the door upon him. A bolt grated and Danglars wasa prisoner. If there had been no bolt, it would have beenimpossible for him to pass through the midst of the garrisonwho held the catacombs of St. Sebastian, encamped round amaster whom our readers must have recognized as the famousLuigi Vampa. Danglars, too, had recognized the bandit, whoseexistence he would not believe when Albert de Morcerfmentioned him in Paris; and not only did he recognize him,but the cell in which Albert had been confined, and whichwas probably kept for the accommodation of strangers. Theserecollections were dwelt upon with some pleasure byDanglars, and restored him to some degree of tranquillity.Since the bandits had not despatched him at once, he feltthat they would not kill him at all. They had arrested himfor the purpose of robbery, and as he had only a few louisabout him, he doubted not he would be ransomed. Heremembered that Morcerf had been taxed at 4,000 crowns, andas he considered himself of much greater importance thanMorcerf he fixed his own price at 8,000 crowns. Eightthousand crowns amounted to 48,000 livres; he would thenhave about 5,050,000 francs left. With this sum he couldmanage to keep out of difficulties. Therefore, tolerablysecure in being able to extricate himself from his position,provided he were not rated at the unreasonable sum of5,050,000 francs, he stretched himself on his bed, and afterturning over two or three times, fell asleep with thetranquillity of the hero whose life Luigi Vampa wasstudying.
3.  "I will offer myself as floor-polisher."
4、  "If I were sole owner we'd shake hands on it now, my dearDantes, and call it settled; but I have a partner, and youknow the Italian proverb -- Chi ha compagno ha padrone --`He who has a partner has a master.' But the thing is atleast half done, as you have one out of two votes. Rely onme to procure you the other; I will do my best."
5、  "The person to whom you were conducted yesterday."