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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No more ships!" returned Penelon; "well, then, you'll buildsome; we'll wait for you."
2.  "Nay," answered the countess, "I know no more of him thanyourself."
3.  "Yes, you saw him the day I had the honor of receiving you;he has been a soldier, a smuggler -- in fact, everything. Iwould not be quite sure that he has not been mixed up withthe police for some trifle -- a stab with a knife, forinstance."
4.  "Then," said the young man, with anxiety, "I shall be sureto be placed in an agreeable position."
5.  "Indeed?" said Danglars, becoming pale.
6.  "Do not speak to me of that," said Monte Cristo, with thefirst movement of anger he had betrayed; "I will make himsuffer." Morrel, amazed, let fall Monte Cristo's hand."Count, count!" said he.


1.  "That will do -- that will do, Monsieur Bertuccio; sparethese gentlemen all such domestic arrangements. You have thewindow, that is sufficient. Give orders to the coachman; andbe in readiness on the stairs to conduct us to it." Thesteward bowed, and was about to quit the room. "Ah,"continued the count, "be good enough to ask Pastrini if hehas received the tavoletta, and if he can send us an accountof the execution."
2.  "That is precisely the fault of the age."
3.  "In what part of the house?"
4.  "Because then the affair will rest between you andBeauchamp."
5.  "And you will always love him?"
6.  "How so? The fortune is not her gift, but is inherited frommy relations."


1.  Albert had proceeded no farther than the door, where heremained rooted to the spot, being completely fascinated bythe sight of such surpassing beauty, beheld as it was forthe first time, and of which an inhabitant of more northernclimes could form no adequate idea.
2.  Danglars retreated a step or two. "I wished to inquire whyyou stopped at the Island of Elba?"
3.  "You are a good fellow and a kind-hearted messmate," repliedEdmond, "and heaven will recompense you for your generousintentions; but I do not wish any one to stay with me. A dayor two of rest will set me up, and I hope I shall find amongthe rocks certain herbs most excellent for bruises."
4.  "That's better," cried the abbe; "now we are on the rightscent. Did you take anybody with you when you put into theport of Elba?"
5.   "Yes, madame, M. de Villefort spoke of it to me -- aparalysis, I think."
6.  "And you know I am to marry Mademoiselle Danglars," saidAlbert, laughing.


1.  The major passed his hand across his brow. "Ah, per Bacco,indispensable, were they?"
2.  "Holidays?"
3.  "Certainly," he said, "your receipt is money."
4、  The night-light continued to burn on the chimney-piece,exhausting the last drops of oil which floated on thesurface of the water. The globe of the lamp appeared of areddish hue, and the flame, brightening before it expired,threw out the last flickerings which in an inanimate objecthave been so often compared with the convulsions of a humancreature in its final agonies. A dull and dismal light wasshed over the bedclothes and curtains surrounding the younggirl. All noise in the streets had ceased, and the silencewas frightful. It was then that the door of Edward's roomopened, and a head we have before noticed appeared in theglass opposite; it was Madame de Villefort, who came towitness the effects of the drink she had prepared. Shestopped in the doorway, listened for a moment to theflickering of the lamp, the only sound in that desertedroom, and then advanced to the table to see if Valentine'sglass were empty. It was still about a quarter full, as webefore stated. Madame de Villefort emptied the contents intothe ashes, which she disturbed that they might the morereadily absorb the liquid; then she carefully rinsed theglass, and wiping it with her handkerchief replaced it onthe table.
5、  "In person."




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      Fernand's paleness appeared to have communicated itself toDanglars. As for Fernand himself, he seemed to be enduringthe tortures of the damned; unable to rest, he was among thefirst to quit the table, and, as though seeking to avoid thehilarious mirth that rose in such deafening sounds, hecontinued, in utter silence, to pace the farther end of thesalon.

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      "Would you pass in his eyes for a prophet?"

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       "But you who are a reasonable being, Lucien, and who knowhow little dependence is to be placed on the news, since youare at the fountain-head, surely you ought to prevent it,"said Morcerf, with a smile.

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      "Ah, that is something," said Albert; "to-day is Thursday,and who knows what may arrive between this and Sunday?"

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    {  "Your excellency does not require a permit, for the islandis uninhabited."

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      "No, sir, he died of brain-fever in dreadful agony." Thenturning to the crew, he said, "Bear a hand there, to take insail!"}

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      "Excuse me, excellency, but these details are necessary, andyou promised to be patient."

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      "Why do you wish to know?" asked Cavalcanti.

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       "It would be a difficult matter to arrange," said MonteCristo.

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    {  "A visitor?" inquired Valentine, much agitated; "who is it?"

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      "Are you the first that this hand has stricken? Have you notseen M. de Saint-Meran, Madame de Saint-Meran, Barrois, allfall? would not M. Noirtier also have fallen a victim, hadnot the treatment he has been pursuing for the last threeyears neutralized the effects of the poison?"