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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Curious, Mr. Baynes, very curious. I should say almost unique.""Yes, sir, there must have been some very strange people with somevery strange ways in this house. One of them is dead. Did hiscompanions follow him and kill him? If they did we should have them,for every port is watched. But my own views are different. Yes, sir,my own views are very different."
2.  "`Never.'
3.  -THE END-
4.  "I don't know how it is," said he, "but I had hoped for so much fromhis return. But surely his hand was not tied up like that yesterday.What can be the matter?"
5.  unconventional appearance.
6.  "We'll stay at the inn to-night," he continued as he rose andfaced the astonished sergeant. "You will, of course, get agrappling-hook and you will easily restore my friend's revolver. Youwill also find beside it the revolver, string and weight with whichthis vindictive woman attempted to disguise her own crime and tofasten a charge of murder upon an innocent victim. You can let Mr.Gibson know that I will see him in the morning, when steps can betaken for Miss Dunbar's vindication."


1.  Holmes and I rushed out and round the angle of the house, withToller hurrying behind us. There was the huge famished brute, itsblack muzzle buried in Rucastle's throat, while he writhed andscreamed upon the ground. Running up, I blew its brains out, and itfell over with its keen white teeth still meeting in the great creasesof his neck. With much labour we separated them and carried him,living but horribly mangled, into the house. We laid him upon thedrawing-room sofa, and having dispatched the sobered Toller to bearthe news to his wife, I did what I could to relieve his pain. Wewere all assembled round him when the door opened and a tall, gauntwoman entered the room.
2.  Never in my life have I seen such a sight. The man's face peeled offunder the sponge like the bark from a tree. Gone was the coarsebrown tint! Gone, too, was the horrid scar which had seamed it across,and the twisted lip which had given the repulsive sneer to the face! Atwitch brought away the tangled red hair, and there, sitting up in hisbed, was a pale, sad-faced, refined-looking man, black-haired andsmooth-skinned, rubbing his eyes and staring about him with sleepybewilderment. Then suddenly realizing the exposure, he broke into ascream and threw himself down with his face to the pillow."Great heavens!" cried the inspector, "it is, indeed, the missingman. I know him from the photograph."
3.  "No."
4.  "'My dear man,' said he, 'you will only ruin your own
6.  .


1.  Agent.
2.  In recording from time to time some of the curious experiences andinteresting recollections which I associate with my long andintimate friendship with Mr. Sherlock Holmes, I have continuallybeen faced by difficulties caused by his own aversion to publicity. Tohis sombre and cynical spirit all popular applause was alwaysabhorrent, and nothing amused him more at the end of a successful casethan to hand over the actual exposure to some orthodox official, andto listen with a mocking smile to the general chorus of misplacedcongratulation. It was indeed this attitude upon the part of my friendand certainly not any lack of interesting material which has caused meof late years to lay very few of my records before the public. Myparticipation in some of his adventures was always a privilege whichentailed discretion and reticence upon me.
3.  "'Well, that's true enough,' said he. 'You know, Victor,' turning tohis son, 'when we broke up that poaching gang they swore to knifeus, and Sir Edward Holly has actually been attacked. I've alwaysbeen on my guard since then, though I have no idea how you know it.'"'You have a very handsome stick,' I answered. 'By the inscription Iobserved that you had not had it more than a year. But you havetaken some pains to bore the head of it and pour melted lead intothe hole so as to make it a formidable weapon. I argued that you wouldnot take such precautions unless you had some danger to fear.'"'Anything else?' he asked, smiling.
4.  .
5.   His words were cut short by a sudden scream of "Help! Help! Murder!"With a thrill I recognized the voice as that of my friend. I rushedmadly from the room on to the landing. The cries, which had sunkdown into a hoarse, inarticulate shouting, came from the room which wehad first visited. I dashed in, and on into the dressing-roombeyond. The two Cunninghams were bending over the prostrate figureof Sherlock Holmes, the younger clutching his throat with bothhands, while the elder seemed to be twisting one of his wrists. Inan instant the three of us had torn them away from him, and Holmesstaggered to his feet, very pale and evidently greatly exhausted."Arrest these men, Inspector," he gasped.
6.  "What makes you think such a thing?"


1.  "Quite so, it is perfectly possible. What, are you off?"Yes, Mr. Holmes, there is no rest for me until I have got to thebottom of the business. I suppose you have no hint to give me?""I have given you one."
2.  "When did you first meet Miss Hatty Doran?"
3.  "Well, then, you've lost your fiver, for it's town bred,"snapped the salesman.
4、  She looked at me helplessly. "What can I do?"
5、  "I am an early riser and generally take a walk before breakfast.This morning I had hardly started when the doctor in his carriageovertook me. He told me that old Mrs. Porter had sent a boy downwith an urgent message. I sprang in beside him and we drove on. Whenwe got there we looked into that dreadful room. The candles and thefire must have burned out hours before, and they had been sittingthere in the dark until dawn had broken. The doctor said Brenda musthave been dead at least six hours. There were no signs of violence.She just lay across the arm of the chair with that look on her face.George and Owen were singing snatches of songs and gibbering liketwo great apes. Oh, it was awful to see! I couldn't stand it, andthe doctor was as white as a sheet. Indeed, he fell into a chair ina sort of faint, and we nearly had him on our hands as well.""Remarkable- most remarkable!" said Holmes, rising and taking hishat. "I think, perhaps, we had better go down to Tredannick Warthawithout further delay. I confess that I have seldom known a case whichat first sight presented a more singular problem."




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      At last there came one dreadful day when the facts could no longerbe concealed from the husband. The nurse's nerve had given way; shecould stand the strain no longer, and she made a clean breast of itall to the man. To him it seemed as wild a tale as it may now seemto you. He knew his wife to be a loving wife, and, save for theassaults upon her stepson, a loving mother. Why, then, should shewound her own dear little baby? He told the nurse that she wasdreaming, that her suspicions were those of a lunatic, and that suchlibels upon her mistress were not to be tolerated. While they weretalking a sudden cry of pain was heard. Nurse and master rushedtogether to the nursery. Imagine his feelings, Mr. Holmes, as he sawhis wife rise from a kneeling position beside the cot and saw bloodupon the child's exposed neck and upon the sheet. With a cry ofhorror, he turned his wife's face to the light and saw blood all roundher lips. It was she- she beyond all question- who had drunk thepoor baby's blood.

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      "My line of thoughts about dogs is analogous. A dog reflects thefamily life. Whoever saw a frisky dog in a gloomy family, or a sad dogin a happy one? Snarling people have snarling dogs, dangerous peoplehave dangerous ones. And their passing moods may reflect the passingmoods of others."

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       "Well, when he saw that they were indeed the proofs, it was thenthat he yielded to temptation. He put his shoes on the table. What wasit you put on that chair near the window?"

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      Am dining at Goldini's Restaurant, Gloucester Road, Kensington.Please come at once and join me there. Bring with you a jemmy, adark lantern, a chisel, and a revolver.

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    {  "These are the very papers, Watson, which he handed to me, and Iwill read them to you, as I read them in the old study that night tohim. They are endorsed outside, as you see, 'Some particulars of thevoyage of the bark Gloria Scott, from her leaving Falmouth on the8th October, 1855, to her destruction in N. Lat-15' 20', W. Long.25' 14', on Nov. 6th.' It is in the form of a letter, and runs in thisway.

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      "Where is your warrant?"}

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      "Well, I tried one or two leads, but could get at nothing whichwould help our hypothesis, and several points which would make againstit. I gave it up at last and off I went to Norwood.

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      "Because he was handy and would come cheap."

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       "'Within the last five?'

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    {  .

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      "'But, madam,' said I, 'I have not yet done what I came for. Icannot possibly leave until I have seen the machine.'