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1. Sara laughed.
2. 11. MailChimp
3. 晓蕾(化名)写的借条拿到手3000元,两周后却要还10000元,相当于两周利率为233.33%,年利率为6066.67%。
4.   A long list could easily be given of 'sporting plants;' by this term gardeners mean a single bud or offset, which suddenly assumes a new and sometimes very different character from that of the rest of the plant. Such buds can be propagated by grafting, &c., and sometimes by seed. These 'sports' are extremely rare under nature, but far from rare under cultivation; and in this case we see that the treatment of the parent has affected a bud or offset, and not the ovules or pollen. But it is the opinion of most physiologists that there is no essential difference between a bud and an ovule in their earliest stages of formation; so that, in fact,'sports' support my view, that variability may be largely attributed to the ovules or pollen, or to both, having been affected by the treatment of the parent prior to the act of conception. These cases anyhow show that variation is not necessarily connected, as some authors have supposed, with the act of generation.
5.   On the landing they were no longer fighting, but amusedthemselves with stories about women, and in the antechamber, withstories about the court. On the landing D'Artagnan blushed; inthe antechamber he trembled. His warm and fickle imagination,which in Gascony had rendered formidable to young chambermaids,and even sometimes their mistresses, had never dreamed, even inmoments of delirium, of half the amorous wonders or a quarter ofthe feats of gallantry which were here set forth in connectionwith names the best known and with details the least concealed.But if his morals were shocked on the landing, his respect forthe cardinal was scandalized in the antechamber. There, to hisgreat astonishment, D'Artagnan heard the policy which made allEurope tremble criticized aloud and openly, as well as theprivate life of the cardinal, which so many great nobles had beenpunished for trying to pry into. That great man who was sorevered by D'Artagnan the elder served as an object of ridiculeto the Musketeers of Treville, who cracked their jokes upon hisbandy legs and his crooked back. Some sang ballads about Mme.d'Aguillon, his mistress, and Mme. Cambalet, his niece; whileothers formed parties and plans to annoy the pages and guards ofthe cardinal duke--all things which appeared to D'Artagnanmonstrous impossibilities.
6.   In man's methodical selection, a breeder selects for some definite object, and free intercrossing will wholly stop his work. But when many men, without intending to alter the breed, have a nearly common standard of perfection, and all try to get and breed from the best animals, much improvement and modification surely but slowly follow from this unconscious process of selection, notwithstanding a large amount of crossing with inferior animals. Thus it will be in nature; for within a confined area, with some place in its polity not so perfectly occupied as might be, natural selection will always tend to preserve all the individuals varying in the right direction, though in different degrees, so as better to fill up the unoccupied place. But if the area be large, its several districts will almost certainly present different conditions of life; and then if natural selection be modifying and improving a species in the several districts, there will be intercrossing with the other individuals of the same species on the confines of each. And in this case the effects of intercrossing can hardly be counterbalanced by natural selection always tending to modify all the individuals in each district in exactly the same manner to the conditions of each; for in a continuous area, the conditions will generally graduate away insensibly from one district to another. The intercrossing will most affect those animals which unite for each birth, which wander much, and which do not breed at a very quick rate. Hence in animals of this nature, for instance in birds, varieties will generally be confined to separated countries; and this I believe to be the case. In hermaphrodite organisms which cross only occasionally, and likewise in animals which unite for each birth, but which wander little and which can increase at a very rapid rate, a new and improved variety might be quickly formed on any one spot, and might there maintain itself in a body, so that whatever intercrossing took place would be chiefly between the individuals of the same new variety. A local variety when once thus formed might subsequently slowly spread to other districts. On the above principle, nurserymen always prefer getting seed from a large body of plants of the same variety, as the chance of intercrossing with other varieties is thus lessened.Even in the case of slow-breeding animals, which unite for each birth, we must not overrate the effects of intercrosses in retarding natural selection; for I can bring a considerable catalogue of facts, showing that within the same area, varieties of the same animal can long remain distinct, from haunting different stations, from breeding at slightly different seasons, or from varieties of the same kind preferring to pair together.


1. Physiology, hygiene, sanitation, physical culture--all that line of work had been perfected long since. Sickness was almost wholly unknown among them, so much so that a previously high development in what we call the "science of medicine" had become practically a lost art. They were a clean-bred, vigorous lot, having the best of care, the most perfect living conditions always.
2. 融资时间及投资方分别为:2019年5月,投资方为酉金资本。
3. 蔡云涛和老伴的主治医生和方伟介绍,两人因食欲缺乏、腹泻等,起初收入消化内科治疗。
4. 既然谈互联网创业,我们应该看一下,现实中什么样的需求,比较容易互联网化。
5. 云南一直是全国生猪外调重点省份之一。
6.   "Silence!" then exclaimed another stern voice which Miladyrecognized as that of Felton. "What are you meddling with,stupid? Did anybody order you to prevent that woman fromsinging? No. You were told to guard her--to fire at her if sheattempted to fly. Guard her! If she flies, kill her; but don'texceed your orders."


1.   On the very first evening after our arrival, Mr. Barkis appeared in an exceedingly vacant and awkward condition, and with a bundle of oranges tied up in a handkerchief. As he made no allusion of any kind to this property, he was supposed to have left it behind him by accident when he went away; until Ham, running after him to restore it, came back with the information that it was intended for Peggotty. After that occasion he appeared every evening at exactly the same hour, and always with a little bundle, to which he never alluded, and which he regularly put behind the door and left there. These offerings of affection were of a most various and eccentric description. Among them I remember a double set of pigs' trotters, a huge pin-cushion, half a bushel or so of apples, a pair of jet earrings, some Spanish onions, a box of dominoes, a canary bird and cage, and a leg of pickled pork.
2. 显然,阿里、人保入场之后,智能洗车赛道不会一枝独秀,反而是百家争鸣。
3. 中国廉价劳动力导致劳动者收入过低,中产阶级难以形成。少数人,主要是廉价劳动力的组织者和使用者,包括资方,无论是内资还是外资,无论是民间资本还是国家资本,都有超高的利润;但是占社会人群绝大部分的廉价劳动者本身收入过低,消费不足,甚至严重不足,在大多数人没有支付能力的情况下,建立消费社会就非常困难。建立消费社会必须制定有效的社会政策和确立社会制度,包括医疗、社会保障、教育等。依赖廉价劳动力,已经成为中国产业升级困难的一个重要原因,因为投资方过多地剥削劳方,通过压低劳动工资赚取巨额的利润。这样的情况下,资方根本不会提高技术和改进管理水平,尤其表现在外资企业,大量的外资涌入中国动机很单纯,就是利用廉价的劳动力,早期还有廉价的土地,现在土地价格上去了,只有利用廉价的劳动力。珠江三角洲从早期就开始使用农民工,现在还是使用农民工,表明什么呢?表明这么多年没有技术上的进步。而“亚洲四小龙”一般每十年有一次重大的产业升级。也就是说从技术升级的角度看,今天的中国,廉价劳动力已经不是优势,而是劣势了。在很多地区,农民工能打败大学生,甚至比大学生更有竞争力,这是一个国家经济畸形的产物。
5.   `Monseigneur, it is nothing. The trees and the night are all that are here.'
6.   "Better go on in," he said. "I'm much obliged, but I won'tbother you any more."


1. 今年我这不弄票了,说实话,成本太高了,每年一张票会多收300元,以往一张票会赚180元,现在才赚100元,没什么意思了。
2. 所有这一切仅仅是东西方之间贸易大发展的序幕。这一大发展于公元前不久开始,约持续了两个世纪。一个重要原因是,中国向西面的大力扩张,打通了好几条陆上商路,促进了地区间贸易的最重要一项丝织品的运销。中国在这方面所起的确切作用将在下文阐述陆上贸易时论及。贸易大发展的另一重要原因是,包括整个地中海区域以及欧洲中部和西北部大部分地区的罗马帝国的统治得到了加强,出现了所谓的“罗马和平”时期;在这一时期里,过去一直阻碍贸易的土匪和海盗行径已绝迹,关税壁垒也几乎全都消除。此外,帝国的富庶也促进了贸易的发展,特别是由于富裕的罗马统治阶级喜爱奇特的外国货,又有钱购置。
3. 在叶先生的遭遇中,由于信息未录入导致乘客无法登机,平台应当负有全部责任,却让消费者承担着损失。
4. LinkedIn的创始人写的《闪电式扩张》这本书非常火,可能你会觉得这本书是教你如何做增长。
5. 单车是纯粹的非机动车,电动单车在是否是机动车方面却有着很大的争议性。
6.   He was very learned in all languages, and knew a great deal about herbs and medicines.


1. 根据官方数据显示,今年前10个月中国对外非金融类投资同比下降40.9%,这反映出中国政府严格的资本管控带来持续影响。
2.   Rather wishing his modest adjective away, Mr. Lorry replied, `No, no, no. Surely not. To return to business:- Is it not remarkable that Doctor Manette, unquestionably innocent of any crime as we are all well assured he is, should never touch upon that question? I will not say with me, though he had business relations with me many years ago, and we are now intimate; I will say with the fair daughter to whom he is so devotedly attached, and who is so devotedly attached to him? Believe me, Miss Pross, I don't approach the topic with you, out of curiosity, but out of zealous interest.'
3. 但对于真正的“超级预言家”来说,他们只会将情绪作为帮手,情绪有助于他们从每一次的结果中获取经验教训,从而在未来做出更好的决策。

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