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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You shall have it then. Ring for our boots and tell them to order acab. I'll be back in a moment when I have changed my dressing-gown andfilled my cigar-case."
2.  "Mr. Sutro is most capable."
3.  "'Yes, sir,' I answered, pushing a chair towards him.
4.  "I explained that I was and that I was a friend of Godfrey's."'What a pity that he should be away on his travels, for he wouldhave so liked to see me,' I continued.
5.  "Because she had the money there with which to pay off the brokers.""She has at least an answer for everything. Did you ask herwhether in leaving she met anyone or saw anyone loitering aboutCharles Street?"
6.  "A very clear statement said Holmes, rising and lighting his pipe."I think, Hopkins, that you should lose no time in conveying yourprisoner to a place of safety. This room is not well adapted for acell, and Mr. Patrick Cairns occupies too large a proportion of ourcarpet."


1.  "'Where have you been?' I asked, more sternly.
2.  "`Thank you, Maggie,' says I; `but if it is all the same toyou, I'd rather have that one I was handling just now.'"`The other is a good three pound heavier,' said she, `and wefattened it expressly for you.'
3.  "Has this gentleman gone, then?"
4.  "I think a year at sea would be my prescription for Master Jacky,"said Holmes, rising from his chair. "Only one thing is stillclouded, madame. We can quite understand your attacks upon MasterJacky. There is a limit to a mother's patience. But how did you dareto leave the child these last two days?"
5.  "'Yes, thief!' I roared, shaking him by the shoulder.
6.  "Was it equally pale all over?"


1.  "'Well, matters went from bad to worse with us, and this animalHudson became more and more intrusive, until at last, on his makingsome insolent reply to my father in my presence one day, I took him bythe shoulders and turned him out of the room. He slunk away with alivid face and two venomous eyes which uttered more threats than histongue could do. I don't know what passed between the poor dad and himafter that, but the dad came to me next day and asked me whether Iwould mind apologizing to Hudson. I refused, as you can imagine, andasked my father how he could allow such a wretch to take suchliberties with himself and his household.
2.  Our visitor sank into an armchair and looked from one to the otherof us with questioning eyes.
3.  "On the roof!"
4.  "Mr. Holmes. I implore you not to tell him that I came here." Holmesbowed coldly, and motioned the lady to a chair.
5.   "There shall be no such robbery, MacKinnon. I assure you that Iefface myself from now onward, and as to Barker, he has done nothingsave what I told him."
6.  "Excellent!" said Hopkins.


1.  "Look there!" said he.
2.  "Certainly it will come out."
4、  Here is the candle in the window, Mr. Holmes," said Gregson. "Why,whatever are you doing?"
5、  "Who was he?" asked Holmes.




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      "I'll tell it you from the beginning. just sit me up a little, so asI can speak easy. It was in '83 that it happened- August of that year.Peter Carey was master of the Sea Unicorn, and I was spareharpooner. We were coming out of the ice-pack on our way home, withhead winds and a week's southerly gale, when we picked up a littlecraft that had been blown north. There was one man on her- a landsman.The crew had thought she would founder and had made for theNorwegian coast in the dinghy. I guess they were all drowned. Well, wetook him on board, this man, and he and the skipper had some longtalks in the cabin. All the baggage we took off with him was one tinbox. So far as I know, the man's name was never mentioned, and onthe second night he disappeared as if he had never been. It wasgiven out that he had either thrown himself overboard or fallenoverboard in the heavy weather that we were having. Only one manknew what had happened to him, and that was me, for, with my own eyes,I saw the skipper tip up his heels and put him over the rail in themiddle watch of a dark night, two days before we sighted theShetland Lights.

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      "'Yes, our little place is quite out in the country. It is a goodseven miles from Eyford Station.'

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       "'"I have no idea," said I.

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      "If you were to search all England," said he, "I don't suppose youcould find a household more self-contained or freer from outsideinfluences. Whole weeks would pass, and not one of them go past thegarden gate. The professor was buried in his work and existed fornothing else. Young Smith knew nobody in the neighbourhood, andlived very much as his employer did. The two women had nothing to takethem from the house. Mortimer, the gardener, who wheels the Bathchair, is an army pensioner- an old Crimean man of excellentcharacter. He does not live in the house, but in a three-roomedcottage at the other end of the garden. Those are the only people thatyou would find within the grounds of Yoxley Old Place. At the sametime, the gate of the garden is a hundred yards from the main Londonto Chatham road. It opens with a latch, and there is nothing toprevent anyone from walking in.

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    {  "I cannot explain it, Mr. Holmes," she said. "I have not shut an eyesince the tragedy, thinking, thinking, thinking, night and day, whatthe true meaning of it can be. Arthur was the most single-minded,chivalrous, patriotic man upon earth. He would have cut his right handoff before he would sell a State secret confided to his keeping. It isabsurd, impossible, preposterous to anyone who knew him.""But the facts, Miss Westbury?"

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      "Well, I am an honest man, though not a very rich one. I only gavefifteen shillings for the bust, and I think you ought to know thatbefore I take ten pounds from you.}

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      "J. DAVENPORT.

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       "My Lord, she must have a nerve!"

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    {  "Deserted you?"

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      "It has not excited much attention yet, except locally. The factsare only two days old. Briefly they are these: