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1.   But, because shee would know the certaine houre of his comming,without the least suspition of any: she hung a thred forth of herChamber Window, descending downe, within the compasse of Robertoesreach in the street, and the other end thereof, guided from the Windowto the bed, being conveyed under the Cloathes, and shee being inbed, she fastned it about her left great Toe, wherewith Roberto wassufficiently acquainted, and thus enstructed withall; that at hiscomming, he should plucke the thred, and if her husband was in hisdead sleep, she would let go the thred, and come downe to him: butif he slept not, she would hold it strongly, and then his tarryingwould prove but in vaine, there could be no meeting that night.
2.   "Well, that's delightful," said Hurstwood. "I'm so glad. I mustget over there to see you. When is the next rehearsal?"
3. 脸红血热及脸绛色血黏稠的人不宜吃温补食物;血热的人应吃偏凉性食物,血黏稠的人应吃平性食物。
4.   "This well* of mercy, Christe's mother sweet, *fountain I loved alway, after my conning:* *knowledge And when that I my life should forlete,* *leave To me she came, and bade me for to sing This anthem verily in my dying, As ye have heard; and, when that I had sung, Me thought she laid a grain upon my tongue.
5. │等级│亩│││││││
6. 金国攻占辽东后,周邻的形势是:南接朝鲜,西北有蒙古,北方黑龙江流域有索伦等部。皇太极即位后的十年间,连续进攻周围的邻人,并继续向明朝展开攻掠。


1.   "Don't be noisy, Mr. Gibson. I find that after breakfast even thesmallest argument is unsettling. I suggest that a stroll in themorning air and a little quiet thought will be greatly to youradvantage."
2. 此外,近段时间以来,王燕也忙于为王伟的医药费报销事项而奔走。
3. 基于保护企业和用户利益,头条搜索承诺,用户在今日头条搜索品牌词,出现在搜索结果第一条内容,一定是该品牌的展现,这一原则不会受任何广告投放的影响。
4. 如果他们将50万美元的全部资产都投资于利率为7%的债券,他们每年能够获得35000美元的稳定利息收入。但是如果通货膨胀水平为5%的话,这35000美元利息收入的购买力将在10年内缩水一半,15年内缩水2/3。
5. 因此,愈来愈陷入穷困的农民不得不承担起日益加重的税收负担。当农作物歉收和饥荒也不可避免地到来时,爆炸点降临:反抗政府税吏和地主收租代理人的起义爆发了。这些局部的起义随着时间的推移,扩大为普通的暴动。普遍的暴动、尤其是帝国军队本身到这一阶段已沦于勉强维持的境地,转而又招致游牧民入侵。内部造反和外来侵略相给合。通常预示着新循环的开始——旧皇朝濒临灭亡,新皇朝日渐来临。
6. 首先,危险动作、极限挑战等短视频的制作者,在吸引关注的同时,更应注意生命安全,避免伤己害人。


1. 杨晓林指出,对家庭暴力的防范,不仅体现了对于受害者的关怀,更体现了对于他们人权的尊重。
2.   She saw a secret little clearing, and a secret little hot made of rustic poles. And she had never been here before! She realized it was the quiet place where the growing pheasants were reared; the keeper in his shirt-sleeves was kneeling, hammering. The dog trotted forward with a short, sharp bark, and the keeper lifted his face suddenly and saw her. He had a startled look in his eyes.
3. 所以今天的需要,是我们站在今天新的消费需求上,我们重新定义,重新构建这个mall,这个mall仅仅是我们的尝试,并且我们认为还很不够,我们还会去一代一代地迭代、一代代培养,我们来做这件事情。
4. 从妻子的角度看,一方面有所谓三不去的规定,另一方面在某些情况下也可体现离婚权。
5. 自由不仅可以不依靠民主而存在,民主还可能摧毁自由。……
6.   'Of course you do,' said Mr. Omer. 'Well, sir! Her cousin being, as it appears, in good work, and well to do, thanked me in a very manly sort of manner for this (conducting himself altogether, I must say, in a way that gives me a high opinion of him), and went and took as comfortable a little house as you or I could wish to clap eyes on. That little house is now furnished right through, as neat and complete as a doll's parlour; and but for Barkis's illness having taken this bad turn, poor fellow, they would have been man and wife - I dare say, by this time. As it is, there's a postponement.'


1.   She stirred herself, put back the curtain, and I saw her face,pale, wasted, but quite composed: she looked so little changed that myfear was instantly dissipated.
2. I was inclined to believe that there had to be something, so I took the bull by the horns--the cow, I should say!--and asked Somel.
3. 依据《劳动合同法》和《民事诉讼法》,一审法院判决,瑞农公司和李艳民存在劳动关系。
4. 9月16日,央行全面降准0.5%。
5. ┌─────────┬───────┬───────┬──────┐
6. 2010年12月,3岁的邓世杰在山西省运城市新绛县村里家门口玩耍,爷爷突然听到一阵哭声,跑出来时就发现孩子不见了。


1.   Madam Eliza having ended her Tale, and heard what commendationsthe whole company gave thereof; the Queene commanded Philostratus,to tell a Novell agreeing with his owne minde, smiling thereat, thusreplyed. Faire Ladies, I have bene so often checkt and snapt, for myyesterdayes matter and argument of discoursing, which was both tediousand offensive to you; that if I intended to make you any amends, Ishould now undertake to tell such a Tale, as might put you into amirthfull humour. Which I am determined to do, in relating a briefeand pleasant Novell, not any way offensive (as I trust) butexemplary for some good notes of observation.
2.   "Oh," said Madame de Villefort, "there is not much doubt onthat subject. M. Noirtier tenderly loves his granddaughter,Mademoiselle de Villefort; it is she who has nursed andtended him for six years, and has, by her devoted attention,fully secured the affection, I had almost said thegratitude, of her grandfather, and it is but just that sheshould reap the fruit of her devotion." The eye of Noirtierclearly showed by its expression that he was not deceived bythe false assent given by Madame de Villefort's words andmanner to the motives which she supposed him to entertain."Is it, then, to Mademoiselle Valentine de Villefort thatyou leave these 900,000 francs?" demanded the notary,thinking he had only to insert this clause, but waitingfirst for the assent of Noirtier, which it was necessaryshould be given before all the witnesses of this singularscene. Valentine, when her name was made the subject ofdiscussion, had stepped back, to escape unpleasantobservation; her eyes were cast down, and she was crying.The old man looked at her for an instant with an expressionof the deepest tenderness, then, turning towards the notary,he significantly winked his eye in token of dissent.
3. 就当前来说,AI是一股潮流也是企业决胜未来的一条路径,当然如何走好抢占先机,不同的产业仍有不同的解答。

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      Dan Troilus, as he was wont to guide His younge knightes, led them up and down In that large temple upon ev'ry side, Beholding ay the ladies of the town; Now here, now there, for no devotioun Had he to none, to *reave him* his rest, *deprive him of* But gan to *praise and lacke whom him lest;* *praise and disparage whom he pleased* And in his walk full fast he gan to wait* *watch, observe If knight or squier of his company Gan for to sigh, or let his eyen bait* *feed On any woman that he could espy; Then he would smile, and hold it a folly, And say him thus: "Ah, Lord, she sleepeth soft For love of thee, when as thou turnest oft.

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