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1. 新创立的国际贷款机构以石油作为记账单位,由于这种贷款可以抵御通货膨胀,因此它的利率可以比较低,比如说,3%。利息收入(3%)与利息支出之间的差额可以用来解冻该封闭账户。到封闭账户解冻的时候,贷款机构已经建成了自己的资本储备。
2. 你看这只中间连接的肌肉还在,说明是刚死的。
3.   'You might have gone farther off,' I said, brightening a little, 'and been as bad as lost. I shall see you sometimes, my dear old Peggotty, there. You won't be quite at the other end of the world, will you?'
4.   'No.'
5. Then there was a thicker variety of union suit, a lot of them in the closet, of varying weights and somewhat sturdier material --evidently they would do at a pinch with nothing further. Then there were tunics, knee-length, and some long robes. Needless to say, we took tunics.
6. 不管最终责任如何划分,小新终究是回不来了。


1. 在新冠肺炎确诊患者持续增加的现实之下,瑞德西韦似乎给人们带来了希望
2. 男子一直说他是市政府的领导,能把医院咋了咋了的。
3.   "It is probable; but there is no occasion to squeeze sohard."
4. 或许确实有这种成分在内,但不能完全代表手机厂商的意图。
6.   It was now Young Jerry's turn to approach the gate: which he did, holding his breath. Crouching down again in a corner there, and looking in, he made out the three fishermen creeping through some rank grass, and all the gravestones in the churchyard--it was a large churchyard that they were in looking--on like ghosts in white, while the church tower itself looked on like the ghost of a monstrous giant. They did not creep far, before they stopped and stood upright. And then they began to fish.


1.   "He took care not to do so, monsieur; on the contrary, he came upto me and said, 'It is your master that needs his liberty at thismoment and not I, since he knows everything and I know nothing.They will believe he is arrested, and that will give him time; inthree days I will tell them who I am, and they cannot fail to letme go.'"
2.   Then Telemachus said, "Eurymachus, and you other suitors, I shallsay no more, and entreat you no further, for the gods and the peopleof Ithaca now know my story. Give me, then, a ship and a crew oftwenty men to take me hither and thither, and I will go to Spartaand to Pylos in quest of my father who has so long been missing.Some one may tell me something, or (and people often hear things inthis way) some heaven-sent message may direct me. If I can hear of himas alive and on his way home I will put up with the waste yousuitors will make for yet another twelve months. If on the otherhand I hear of his death, I will return at once, celebrate his funeralrites with all due pomp, build a barrow to his memory, and make mymother marry again."
3. 「紧急通知发布」功能则可以将未读的钉钉信息转成短信或电话,防疫期间硬核保证信息通知到位。
4. 不过,知道自己要退市后的易车好像还挺开心的,它立马就在10月份发布了自己的新品牌推广计划。
5. 一开始,《责令改正通知书》是向慧丰楼原开发商金城房地产开发公司下达的,但这家开发商名存实亡,可以说已经破产。
6. 通知从国家层面确定,自5月1日起,社保缴费新政正式落地。


1. 算命无非两种结果:一是运势不错,二是运势不好,需要改命。
2. 保守经营也意味着业务量收缩。
3. 俗话说得好,皮之不存毛将焉附。
4. 像售货、餐饮、外卖等行业中,依然是人工的天下。
5. 自2020年1月3日以来未发现新发病例。
6. 警方说,他们正在仔细查看视频以获取更多证据,调查正在进行中


1. 小团队的虽然灵活,也面临了巨大的压力和挑战。
2.   'There's plenty of string,' said Mr. Dick, 'and when it flies high, it takes the facts a long way. That's my manner of diffusing 'em. I don't know where they may come down. It's according to circumstances, and the wind, and so forth; but I take my chance of that.'
3. 如果说一个领导者在创新、创造力的高峰,我们要鼓励你做更多的创造,给更多的资源让你去创新。

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      The Friar laugh'd when he had heard all this: "Now, Dame," quoth he, "so have I joy and bliss, This is a long preamble of a tale." And when the Sompnour heard the Friar gale,* *speak "Lo," quoth this Sompnour, "Godde's armes two, A friar will intermete* him evermo': *interpose <33> Lo, goode men, a fly and eke a frere Will fall in ev'ry dish and eke mattere. What speak'st thou of perambulation?* *preamble What? amble or trot; or peace, or go sit down: Thou lettest* our disport in this mattere." *hinderesst "Yea, wilt thou so, Sir Sompnour?" quoth the Frere; "Now by my faith I shall, ere that I go, Tell of a Sompnour such a tale or two, That all the folk shall laughen in this place." "Now do, else, Friar, I beshrew* thy face," *curse Quoth this Sompnour; "and I beshrewe me, But if* I telle tales two or three *unless Of friars, ere I come to Sittingbourne, That I shall make thine hearte for to mourn: For well I wot thy patience is gone." Our Hoste cried, "Peace, and that anon;" And saide, "Let the woman tell her tale. Ye fare* as folk that drunken be of ale. *behave Do, Dame, tell forth your tale, and that is best." "All ready, sir," quoth she, "right as you lest,* *please If I have licence of this worthy Frere." "Yes, Dame," quoth he, "tell forth, and I will hear."

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