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1. She never gave an inch. A big, handsome creature, rather exceptionally strong even in that race of strong women, with a proud head and sweeping level brows that lined across above her dark eager eyes like the wide wings of a soaring hawk.
2. 保单的被保险人均为小洁,投保人和受益人均为张某凡。
3. As "a man among men," he didn't; as a man among--I shall have to say, "females," he didn't; his intense masculinity seemed only fit complement to their intense femininity. But here he was all out of drawing.
4.   "Don't you think we pay too much rent here?" he asked.
5. 最后,他们往往缺乏过程感。
6. 读:炸-震动


1.   They went up slowly and softly. The staircase was short, and they were soon at the top. There, as it had an abrupt turn in it, they came all at once in sight of three men, whose heads were bent down close together at the side of a door, and who were intently looking into the room to which the door belonged, through some chinks or holes in the wall. On hearing footsteps close at hand, these three turned, and rose, and showed themselves to be the three of one name who had been drinking in the wine-shop.
2. 点击进入专题:聚焦新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情。
3.   The princess, sitting in the hall of four-and-twenty windows, sent a slave to find out what the noise was about, who came back laughing, so that the princess scolded her.
4. 二、什么是夸夸群?夸夸群,是互相在那边夸大,嘴来嘴去(说来说去)的感觉嘛?是很夸张的一群人嘛。
5. @西乡塘公安分局微博截图点击进入专题:聚焦新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情。
6. 付费群体不断扩大,欢喜传媒认为主要得益于猫眼微影流量入口的宣传推广。


1. 一一四六年金朝再次割地后,夏国直接统治二十二州。黄河之南,领有九州:灵州、洪州、宥州、银州、夏州、石州、盐州、会州、南威州。黄河之西九州:兴州(兴庆府)、定州、怀州、永州、凉州、甘州、肃州、沙州、瓜州。熙、秦河外领有四州:西宁州、乐州。廓州、积石州。此外,夏国还先后领有静州、胜州、龙州、韦州(灵州东南)、伊州,以及崇宗时领有的陕西北部地和仁宗时金朝割给的德威城定边军。领域的扩展,使政治制度需要改革和统一。仁宗时骨勒茂才撰《番汉合时掌中珠》记载这时的地方官制,在备州设置了州主、通判、正听、都案等官职。
2. 五大发展理念:创新、协调、绿色、开放、共享的发展理念
3.   Wagner
4. 针对幼教市场,他们创立了线上亲子家庭成长社群+线下教育集成空间的教育新零售运营模式。
5.   "I have no doubt of it."
6. We had been urged to give, as fully as we cared to, a sort of synopsis of world history, in brief, and to answer questions.


1.   "`They may do what they like, but I'll checkmate them still,'said he with an oath. `Tell Mary that I shall want a fire in myroom to-day, and send down to Fordham, the Horsham lawyer.'"I did as he ordered, and when the lawyer arrived I was askedto step up to the room. The fire was burning brightly, and in thegrate there was a mass of black, fluffy ashes, as of burned paper,while the brass box stood open and empty beside it. As I glancedat the box I noticed, with a start, that upon the lid was printedthe treble K which I had read in the morning upon the envelope."`I wish you, John,' said my uncle, `to witness my will. Ileave my estate, with all its advantages and all its
2.   D'Artagnan came again on the morrow and the day after that,and each day Milady gave him a more gracious reception.Every evening, either in the antechamber, the corridor, oron the stairs, he met the pretty SOUBRETTE. But, as we havesaid, D'Artagnan paid no attention to this persistence ofpoor Kitty.
3. ——伊本·赫勒敦
4. 面对现实巴尼耶在今天演讲时表示,英国还不了解退出欧盟的后果离开欧盟,离开单一市场,离开关税同盟,这是英国的选择,英国总要承担后果
6. [i'li:g?l]


1. 刘女士在另一家机构给儿子报的寒假线下培训班也宣布转战线上,但明确表示收费标准不变,希望其他机构也能考虑退差价,毕竟线上和线下授课还是有很大区别的,价格上应该体现出差异。
2. 这道出了公众的震惊和愤怒。
3. 陈某:我来给他打火炮民警:谁让你这样干的?陈某:这是他(扫)在这儿的,我是烧在那里的。

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    We discussed it hotly all the way back to camp. We discussed it with care and privacy on the voyage home. We discussed it after that, still only among ourselves, while Terry was making his arrangements.

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    "One of those long easterly spurs," Terry said appraisingly. "May be hundreds of miles from the range. They crop out like that."