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大家旺在线娱乐【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "But during my visit to you the day before yesterday, sir,which you appear to recollect so well," replied Eugenie, "Isaw you arranging a deposit -- is not that the term? -- offive millions and a half; you even pointed it out to me intwo drafts on the treasury, and you were astonished that sovaluable a paper did not dazzle my eyes like lightning."   "Yes," said he, "I made a vow, to our Lady of the Grotto notto cut my hair or beard for ten years if I were saved in amoment of danger; but to-day the vow expires."

    "No," said Villefort, rising hastily; "stay where you are.It is for me to give orders here, and not you."

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   "You love? -- whom?" cried Monte Cristo, starting to hisfeet, and seizing the two hands which Morrel was raisingtowards heaven.

   "Near the barrels stood Selim, my father's favorite, whom Imentioned to you just now. He stood watch day and night witha lance provided with a lighted slowmatch in his hand, andhe had orders to blow up everything -- kiosk, guards, women,gold, and Ali Tepelini himself -- at the first signal givenby my father. I remember well that the slaves, convinced ofthe precarious tenure on which they held their lives, passedwhole days and nights in praying, crying, and groaning. Asfor me, I can never forget the pale complexion and blackeyes of the young soldier, and whenever the angel of deathsummons me to another world, I am quite sure I shallrecognize Selim. I cannot tell you how long we remained inthis state; at that period I did not even know what timemeant. Sometimes, but very rarely, my father summoned me andmy mother to the terrace of the palace; these were hours ofrecreation for me, as I never saw anything in the dismalcavern but the gloomy countenances of the slaves and Selim'sfiery lance. My father was endeavoring to pierce with hiseager looks the remotest verge of the horizon, examiningattentively every black speck which appeared on the lake,while my mother, reclining by his side, rested her head onhis shoulder, and I played at his feet, admiring everythingI saw with that unsophisticated innocence of childhood whichthrows a charm round objects insignificant in themselves,but which in its eyes are invested with the greatestimportance. The heights of Pindus towered above us; thecastle of Yanina rose white and angular from the blue watersof the lake, and the immense masses of black vegetationwhich, viewed in the distance, gave the idea of lichensclinging to the rocks, were in reality gigantic fir-treesand myrtles.


    "There are special reports on every prisoner."

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   "What is that?" said the Englishman. "What is the meaning ofthat noise?"

    Dantes, as we have said, had traced the marks along therocks, and he had noticed that they led to a small creek.which was hidden like the bath of some ancient nymph. Thiscreek was sufficiently wide at its mouth, and deep in thecentre, to admit of the entrance of a small vessel of thelugger class, which would be perfectly concealed fromobservation.

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   "Calm yourself, my friend," said the count, with the smilewhich he made at will either terrible or benevolent, andwhich now expressed only the kindliest feeling; "I am not aninspector, but a traveller, brought here by a curiosity hehalf repents of, since he causes you to lose your time."

    "And you will probably find your theme ill-chosen."

<  The evening passed on; Madame de Villefort expressed adesire to return to Paris, which Madame Danglars had notdared to do, notwithstanding the uneasiness she experienced.On his wife's request, M. de Villefort was the first to givethe signal of departure. He offered a seat in his landau toMadame Danglars, that she might be under the care of hiswife. As for M. Danglars, absorbed in an interestingconversation with M. Cavalcanti, he paid no attention toanything that was passing. While Monte Cristo had begged thesmelling-bottle of Madame de Villefort, he had noticed theapproach of Villefort to Madame Danglars, and he soonguessed all that had passed between them, though the wordshad been uttered in so low a voice as hardly to be heard byMadame Danglars. Without opposing their arrangements, heallowed Morrel, Chateau-Renaud, and Debray to leave onhorseback, and the ladies in M. de Villefort's carriage.Danglars, more and more delighted with Major Cavalcanti, hadoffered him a seat in his carriage. Andrea Cavalcanti foundhis tilbury waiting at the door; the groom, in every respecta caricature of the English fashion, was standing on tiptoeto hold a large iron-gray horse.   "Yes."

    "That assassination was a mysterious affair," saidVillefort, "and the perpetrators have hitherto escapeddetection, although suspicion has fallen on the head of morethan one person." Noirtier made such an effort that his lipsexpanded into a smile.


<  "Very well; I prefer complete histories; but tell me how youmade his acquaintance? Did any one introduce you to him?"   "And so," continued the Englishman who first gained hiscomposure, "he was drowned?"

    "So you will say nothing?" asked the abbe.





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