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1.   A marquis whilom lord was of that land, As were his worthy elders* him before, *ancestors And obedient, aye ready to his hand, Were all his lieges, bothe less and more: Thus in delight he liv'd, and had done yore,* *long Belov'd and drad,* through favour of fortune, *held in reverence Both of his lordes and of his commune.* *commonalty
2. 她死在教职工宿舍的住所内。
3.   Mr. Stryver then called his few witnesses, and Mr. Cruncher had next to attend while Mr. Attorney-General turned the whole suit of clothes Mr. Stryver had fitted on the jury, inside out; showing how Barsad and Cly were even a hundred times better than he had thought them, and the prisoner a hundred times worse. Lastly, came my Lord himself turning the suit of clothes, now inside out, now outside in, but on the whole decidedly trimming and shaping them into grave-clothes for the prisoner.
4. 想一想再看
5. 随着移动互联网时代的到来,互联网+、大数据、分享经济等风口相继爆发,在不少人还在犹豫观望之时,天搜股份坚定地加码技术创新,紧握这些风口,屡次占得先机。
6.   'And nice people they were, who had the audacity to call him mad,' pursued my aunt. 'Mr. Dick is a sort of distant connexion of mine - it doesn't matter how; I needn't enter into that. If it hadn't been for me, his own brother would have shut him up for life. That's all.'


1. Wages will finally accelerate after years of stagnation
2. 当时李女士母女俩商量:既然想买房子,也不差这点,反正都是自己掏钱,于是跟房产中介商量,再次给了房主36万,用于结清房屋贷款。
3. 暂停期间,滴滴表示会重新梳理和完善新司机准入流程,同时对已有司机师傅的租车买车情况进行调研核查,及时止损,必要时协助司机进行维权。
4. 要想影响这5亿人的,互联网大数据、用户画像、精准投放……这些广告投放形式,远没有诙谐幽默、诚恳接地气的刷墙广告来得有效果,关键的是刷墙广告成本极低、影响人口极多。
5. 停在路边的途歌共享汽车奔驰smart款,手机APP上显示出该车信息。
6.   The next morning he looked over the papers and waded through along list of advertisements, making a few notes. Then he turnedto the male-help-wanted column, but with disagreeable feelings.The day was before him--a long day in which to discoversomething--and this was how he must begin to discover. Hescanned the long column, which mostly concerned bakers,bushelmen, cooks, compositors, drivers, and the like, finding twothings only which arrested his eye. One was a cashier wanted ina wholesale furniture house, and the other a salesman for awhiskey house. He had never thought of the latter. At once hedecided to look that up.


1. 当年我想,卸责是因为有交易费用而起,验证假说我们可选「卸责」或交易费用。二者可选其一,但不可二者兼选。我选交易费用。这些费用是约束行为的局限,虽然考查其高低或转变往往不容易,但可以做到。卸责不是局限,而是行为本身的自私假设。像自私一样,其或大或小或转变就不容易考证了。
2. 图片信息显示,上述新型冠状病毒预防用中药规格为250ml,主要成分为黄芪、太子参、白术、柴胡、藿香、防风、紫蔻、麦冬、金银花、板蓝根、黄岑、甘草等,适应人群为正常体质者。
3. 使用时请佩戴好口罩和手套84消毒液具有较强腐蚀性和刺激性,在使用前,使用者必须要佩戴手套和口罩,不要用手接触原液或近距离闻原液,避免对人的皮肤和黏膜造成较大的刺激,造成不良反应。
4. 升级的战争:打压与卧底相比之下,不得不承认,微信和今日头条和标题党、低质内容的竞争早领先一个时代。
5. 马山县人多,我那时决定住在第五客栈不走了,定在那里,就在客栈大厅里摆摊,不用只是集日出摊,平时每天都能出摊。
6.   'Edward,' replied my mother, timidly, 'you are a far better judge of all questions than I pretend to be. Both you and Jane are. I only said -'


1. 事实上,不但这种特殊的债务雇佣、典当雇工和年限女婿是处于低人一等的地位,就是一般所谓雇工人,他们的身份地位,也与平民不同。在明清两朝的法典中,凡是被称为“雇工人”的,他们和雇主之间的关系,就具有“主仆名分”的关系。而一旦套上了这种关系,雇主和雇工在法律面前就表现出极端的不平等。譬如雇主打死“雇工人”,罪止徒刑三年;而“雇工人”哪怕只是打伤雇主,就要受到绞监候的判决。不仅如此,在这种主仆关系中,雇主被赋与“家长”的地位,“雇工人”的劳动报酬,被看作是雇主对他的“恩养”。“雇工人”除了遵守“国法”以外,还必须遵守雇主的“家法”。雇主对“雇工人”施行“家长”的权力,得到法律的承认和保护。
2. 如果异物进入呼吸道,可以用拳头的大拇指侧和食指侧对准患者的上腹部,肚脐和胃之间的部位,另一只手握在拳头上,向上、向里使劲压。
3.   Messer Guiglielmo Rossiglione, alighting from his horse, andhaving a keene knife ready drawne in his hand; opened therewith thebrest of dead Guardastagno, and taking foorth his heart with hisowne hands, wrapped it in the Bandelote belonging to his Lance,commanding one of his men to the charge thereof, and never to disclosethe deed. So, mounting on horse-backe againe, and darke nightdrawing on apace, he returned home to his Castle. The Lady, who hadheard before of Guardastagnoes intent, to suppe there that night,and (perhaps) being earnestly desirous to see him; marvailing at hisso long tarrying, saide to her husband: Beleeve me Sir (quoth she)me thinkes it is somewhat strange, that Messer Guiglielmo Guardastagnodelayes his comming so long, he never used to do so till now. Ireceived tidings from him wife (saide he) that he cannot be heretill to morrow. Whereat the Lady appearing to be displeased, concealedit to herselfe, and used no more words.
4.   Margaret
5. 公立医院还存在着盲目追求规模、忽视制度改革的问题,这加剧了医疗费用的不合理化,也加重了公立医院的举债压力。
6. 在农民军胜利的形势下,元河南行省平章周全据怀庆路叛元,投附刘福通,率怀庆民众渡河,入汴梁。刘福通命周全领兵攻打察罕帖木儿占据的洛阳城。周全在城下,追巡不进,刘福通斩周全。


1. 他针对鸦片战争失败后中国仍不觉悟不图改革,妄费了民族二十年光阴的史实,指出:"鸦片战争的军事失败还不是民族致命伤。失败后还不明白失败的理由,力图改革,那才是民族的致命伤。"[131]这是批评国人昧于世界大势,不思上进的麻木状态和苟且因循。
2.   Sniffs; then very affectedly in a piping voice: `Connie Mellors!'
3. 口扫仪iTero的创新是隐适美成长道路上非常关键的一环,因为口扫仪是隐形正畸的核心仪器,仪器适配隐适美的系统,可以提高生产效率。

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