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1.   `Well! Some whisper this, some whisper that; they sped of nothing else; even the fountain appears to fall to that tune. At length, on Sunday night when all the village is asleep, come soldiers, winding down from the prison, and their guns ring on the stones of the little street. Workmen dig, workmen hammer, soldiers laugh and sing; in the morning, by the fountain, there is raised a gallows forty feet high, poisoning the water.'
2. 一、中东呼吸综合征冠状病毒(MERS-CoV)病原学检测主要包括病毒分离、病毒核酸检测。
3. 据了解被捕男子分别姓彭,李及郭,??三人从小认识,是好友,其中两人已辍学,一人仍在读。
4. 广州涉嫌销售死猪肉的两名猪肉档主也已被控制。
5.   "What have you been doing?" he went on. "Tell me all aboutyourself. How is your sister?"
6.   "They are most curious and interesting," replied the dervish. "If you apply a little of it to your left eye you will behold in an instant all the treasures hidden in the bowels of the earth. But beware lest you touch your right eye with it, or your sight will be destroyed for ever."


1.   `It is so nice here, so restful,' she said. `I have never been here before.'
2. "Will he let me catch him?" she asked.
3. On the other hand, what they lacked in experience, they made up for in genius. Such subtle understanding, such instant recognition of our difficulties, and readiness to meet them, were a constant surprise to us.
4. 他跟10个科研同事用中科院计算所的20万元创办了中国科学院计算技术研究所新技术发展公司,这家公司由中科院持股100%。
5.   "Sir," quoth he to the priest, "let your man gon For quicksilver, that we it had anon; And let him bringen ounces two or three; And when he comes, as faste shall ye see A wondrous thing, which ye saw ne'er ere this." "Sir," quoth the priest, "it shall be done, y-wis."* *certainly He bade his servant fetche him this thing, And he all ready was at his bidding, And went him forth, and came anon again With this quicksilver, shortly for to sayn; And took these ounces three to the canoun; And he them laide well and fair adown, And bade the servant coales for to bring, That he anon might go to his working. The coales right anon weren y-fet,* *fetched And this canon y-took a crosselet* *crucible Out of his bosom, and shew'd to the priest. "This instrument," quoth he, "which that thou seest, Take in thine hand, and put thyself therein Of this quicksilver an ounce, and here begin, In the name of Christ, to wax a philosopher. There be full few, which that I woulde proffer To shewe them thus much of my science; For here shall ye see by experience That this quicksilver I will mortify,<13> Right in your sight anon withoute lie, And make it as good silver, and as fine, As there is any in your purse, or mine, Or elleswhere; and make it malleable, And elles holde me false and unable Amonge folk for ever to appear. I have a powder here that cost me dear, Shall make all good, for it is cause of all My conning,* which that I you shewe shall. *knowledge Voide* your man, and let him be thereout; *send away And shut the doore, while we be about Our privity, that no man us espy, While that we work in this phiosophy." All, as he bade, fulfilled was in deed. This ilke servant right anon out yede,* *went And his master y-shut the door anon, And to their labour speedily they gon.
6.   He only winked lazily, when she kissed his ball of a head.


1.   "You are sure there is nobody there?" said the stranger."I will answer for it," said Bonacieux.
2. 现在,智能物联网正是我们所处的第三个阶段。
3.   Alas! good Martha! don't despair!
4. 话说这么多年,即使中日因为历史问题不共戴天,只要提起另一个邻国,双方总能冰释前嫌,其利断金。
5.   `I think he has a certain sort of generosity.'
6. 来不及做CT,我直奔手术室。


1. 一、城市和集镇
2. experienced
3. 数据显示,贵州茅台2017年至2019年营业收入分别为582亿元、736亿元和885亿元,同比增幅分别为49.61%、26.46%和20.24%。
4. 澎湃新闻记者张伟龙
5. 公告刚一发出,宇信科技立即涨停,背后势能可想而知。
6. 最后一个月的数据目前尚未公布,但一个月完成剩下的20多万个房间签约,似乎不太可能。


1. Are you a Type D personality? Test reveals how the little-known character type is so good at bottling up emotions that even they don't realize they're lonely and anxious.
2. 想得太简单,当时觉得分期后还款并不多。
3. 想一想再看

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