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1. 向荷兰输出……………………………………247743镑
2. 阮宗泽认为,对中美关系有些担心,但中美关系是艘大船,不会说翻就翻……中美关系总体呈上升趋势,这表明这种关系对两国都有利,而不是单方面的。
3.   Mephistopheles
4. 一九四六年,家父在广州的海珠中路有一家分店,在佛山念小六时周末我住在那里。该店的门旁坐一个替顾客修补衣物的男子。这男子双脚残废,不能走动,其他工作不容易找到。只坐修补衣物,虽然生意不错,但邻近一带的需求他一个人应付有余。因为行动不便,他修补衣物的机会成本比其他人低,没有谁考虑与他竞争。这个修补的男子是赚到一点归属租值的。
5. 联想记忆
6.   "Why, she is the old wife of a procurator* of the Chatelet,monsieur, named Madame Coquenard, who, although she is at leastfifty, still gives herself jealous airs. It struck me as veryodd that a princess should live in the Rue aux Ours."*Attorney


1. 据了解,Keep联合每日瑜伽、露露柠檬等10余家品牌推出的全网联盟运动直播进行时活动,累计参与人数突破5600万,每日参与人数平均提升145%。
2. 在事发工地,红星新闻记者发现警方遗留下的警戒线和橡胶手套、口罩等物。
3. "And they ran like marathon winners--you'll admit that, Terry," he added.
4. 第二年,散文《灯火闪闪》刊发于《陕西文艺》第一期。
5. 一六六三年初,清廷调集陕西、湖北、四川省兵力,进攻夔东十三家军。陕西总督白如梅、提督王一正,进攻房竹一带,遭到郝摇旗的阻击;四川总督李国英进攻昌宁一带,遭到刘体纯、袁宗第的阻击;湖广总督张长庚、提督董学礼由彝陵进攻西山,遭到李来亨的阻击。秋季,战争逐渐集中在湖广郧襄西山一带。清军由楚、蜀两路夹攻,李来亨等退守山寨,清军无法前进。李来亨命战士剃发,夹杂在商贩中,混入清军兵营。李来亨从山寨出兵攻击,清军迎战,大营中忽立大旗,呼号起火,清兵溃败。张长庚的楚军退守彝陵,李国英的蜀军也被郝摇旗打退。八月,清廷任命穆里玛为靖西将军、图海为定西将军,又调西安将军傅喀禅,率领八旗兵围攻西山。十月,李来亨、郝摇旗等向四川巫山发动进攻,川督李国英乞兵增援。十二月二十三日,请军集中八旗主力攻击天池寨,与十三家军决战。刘体纯战败自杀,郝摇旗、袁宗第在黄草坪被俘牺牲,明东安王被擒。李来亨军三万人陷入敌人包围,在缺粮断水的情况下,坚持斗争。穆里玛、图海指挥八旗兵和三省绿营兵进攻茅麓山,攻破山寨。李来亨全家举火自焚,壮烈牺牲。自李自成退出北京以来,大顺农民军坚持抗清斗争近二十年。李来亨、郝摇旗失败牺牲,农民军被最后消灭了。
6.   'I beg your pardon,' observed my aunt with a keen look. 'You are the Mr. Murdstone who married the widow of my late nephew, David Copperfield, of Blunderstone Rookery! - Though why Rookery, I don't know!'


1. 拉姆·莫汉·罗伊不仅是印度宗教复兴的最早的领袖,也是印度政治觉醒即民族主义运动的最早的领袖。这在印度是一种新现象;以往,印度一向存在着文化统一和地区忠诚,但是,不存在全印度的爱国主义感情。民族主义能在英国统治下发展起来,有着几方面的原因。一个原因在于英国人的“优越感”——英国人深信他们是种族的精华,由神注定要永久地统治印度。正如英国政治家约翰·斯特雷奇所说的:
2.   When they had dined, to their own liking and contentment, they began(in continuation of their former order) to exercise divers dances, andafterward voyces to their instruments, and many pretty Madrigals andRoundelayes. Upon the finishing of these delights, the Queene gavethem leave to take their rest, when such as were so minded, went tosleep, others solaced themselves in the Garden. But after midday wasoverpast, they met (according to their wonted manner) and as theQueene had commanded, at the faire Fountaine; where she being placedin her seate royall, and casting her eye upon Pamphilus, she bad himbegin the dayes discourses, of happy successe in love, afterdisastrous and troublesome accidents; who yeelding thereto with humblereverence, thus began.
3.   *Pars Quinta.* *Fifth Part*
4.   Certaldo, as (perhaps) you know, or have heard, is a Village inthe Vale of Elsa, and under the authority and commaund of ourFlorence, which although it be but small: yet (in former times) ithath bin inhabited with Gentlemen, and people of especiall respect.A religious Friar of S. Anthonies Order, named Friar Onyon, had longtime used to resort thither, to receive the benevolent almes, whichthose charitably affected people in simplicity gave him, and chieflyat divers daies of the year, when their bounty and devotion wouldextend themselves more largely then at other seasons. And so muchthe rather, because they thought him to be a good Pastor of holylife in outward appearance, and carried a name of much greater matter,then remained in the man indeed; beside, that part of the countryyeilded far more plentifull abundance of Onyons, then all other inTuscany elsewhere, a kinde of foode greatly affected by thoseFriars, as men alwaies of hungry and good appetite. This Friar Onyonwas a man of litle stature red haire, a chearfull countenance, and theworld afforded not a more crafty companion, then he. Moreover,albeit he had very little knowledge or learning, yet he was so prompt,ready and voluble of speech, uttering often he knew not what himselfe:that such as were not wel acquainted with his qualities, supposedhim to be a singular Rhetoritian, excelling Cicero or Quintilianthemselves; and he was a gossip, friend, or deerely affected, by everyone dwelling in those parts. According to his wonted custome, one timehe went thither in the month of August, and on a Sunday morning,when all the dwellers thereabout, were present to heare Masse, andin the chiefest Church above all the rest: when the Friar saw timeconvenient for his purpose, he advanced himselfe, and began tospeake in this manner.
5. 警方立即赶过去进行抓捕。
6. 据悉,他们把车偷走后,发现了车里睡着的小婴儿,于是直接把孩子放在附近的一个公园里,然后离开。


1.   "And of your newe wife, God of his grace So grant you weal and all prosperity: For I will gladly yield to her my place, In which that I was blissful wont to be. For since it liketh you, my Lord," quoth she, "That whilom weren all mine hearte's rest, That I shall go, I will go when you lest.
2.   Then give me back youth's golden prime, When my own spirit too wasgrowing, When from my heart th' unbidden rhyme Gush'd forth, a fount forever flowing; Then shadowy mist the world conceal'd, And every bud sweetpromise made, Of wonders yet to be reveal'd, As through the vales, withblooms inlaid, Culling a thousand flowers I stray'd. Naught had I, yet a richprofusion! The thirst for truth, joy in each fond illusion. Give me unquell'dthose impulses to prove; Rapture so deep, its ecstasy was pain, The power ofhate, the energy of love, Give me, oh give me back my youth again!Merryman
3. 把它译成汉文。据梁僧祐《出三藏记集?道行经后记》说:光和二年十月八日,河南洛阳孟元士口授天竺菩萨竺朔佛。时传言者月支菩萨支谶,时侍者南阳张少安、南海子碧,劝助者孙和、周提立。由此可知,《般若道行经》是由竺佛朔宣读梵文,支娄迦谶译为汉语,孟元士笔录成文的。此书为一卷本。同年十月,竺佛朔在洛阳与支娄迦谶还共同翻译了《般舟三昧经》。
4. strain
5.   多部门协作定下抓捕方案  经初步鉴定:这批枪支零部件基本肯定是美国制式某知名品牌火药枪支部件,均由专业军火商锻造。
6. 其一,是从展示的角度,能否支持高并发情况下的数据快速访问。


1. 此次,对于科技公司在创新和竞争方面的问题,盖茨表示:毫无疑问,中国会在很多领域拥有世界领先的公司,这对世界是好事。
2. 原标题:河南长垣严打制售假冒口罩等医疗耗材,1人涉非法经营已拘留1月30日,河南省长垣市公安局发布消息称,1月28日,长垣微警局接网民举报微信昵称止于亭下在微信中发布制售伪劣口罩牟取暴利的线索,警方立即联合市场监督管理局采取行动
3. 小结

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