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1.   `What do you mean?' she asked.
2.   8. Antiphonere: A book of anthems, or psalms, chanted in the choir by alternate verses.
3.   When the Women (being then awake) heard his trampling, as also hisjustling against the doores and windowes; they demaunded, Who wasthere? Ruggiero, not knowing their voyces, made them no answer;wherefore they called to their husbands, who lay very soundly sleepingby them, by reason of their so late walking abroad, and thereforeheard not this noise in the house. This made the Women much moretimorous, and therefore rising out of their beddes, they opened theCasement towards the streete, crying out aloude, Theeves, Theeves. Theneighbours arose upon this outcry, running up and downe from placeto place, some engirting the house, and others entering into it: bymeans of which troublesome noise, the two Lombards awaked, and seizingthere upon poore Ruggiero (who was well-neere affrighted out of hiswittes, at so strange an accident, and his owne ignorance, how hehappened thither, and how to escape from them) he stood gazing on themwithout any answer.
4. 497
5.   Commending her admirable constancy, exceliency of wit, and sprightlycourage, in making such a bold adventure; he kissed the two sweeteboyes, and to keepe his promise, whereto he was earnestlyimportuned, by all his best esteemed friends there present, especiallythe honourable Ladies, who would have no deniall, but by forgettinghis former harsh and uncivill carriage towards her, to accept herfor ever as his lawfull wife, folding her in his armes, and sweetlykissing her divers times together, he bad her welcome to him, as hisvertuous, loyall, and most loving wife, and so (for ever after) hewould acknowledge her. Well knew hee that she had store of betterbeseeming garments in the house, and therefore requested the Ladies towalke with her to her Chamber, to uncase her of those Pilgrimes weeds,and cloath her in her owne more sumptuous garments, even those whichshee wore on her wedding day, because that was not the day of hiscontentment, but onely this; for now he confessed her to be his wifeindeede, and now he would give the king thanks for her, and now wasCount Bertrand truly married to the faire Juliet of Narbona.
6. 因此,每年8月都有几百万镑,大多数是金,从英格兰银行进入国内流通,以支付收获时期的各种费用;因为这主要是为了支付


1. 近日,HTC卖手机制造工厂,并将所得6.3亿投入到VR领域的新闻,引发行业内外的广泛关注。
2. adj. 浓缩的;扼要的 vt. 浓缩(condense
3. 四、口罩有脏污、变形、损坏、有异味等情况。
4.   "You informed the police, I suppose?"
5.   I've everywhere been well received, I own.
6. 而苏州元初的股东之一为杭州阿里巴巴创业投资管理有限公司。


1. 他们就是想套我话,要我说出来‘堵车造成死亡的事件那么严重,为什么如果有死亡危险还要去登山。
2. 根据艾瑞咨询,荔枝是中国最大的UGC音频社区、中国最大的互动音频娱乐平台。
3. He rather had us there. The drama of the country was--to our taste--rather flat. You see, they lacked the sex motive and, with it, jealousy. They had no interplay of warring nations, no aristocracy and its ambitions, no wealth and poverty opposition.
4. 归根结底,脱贫攻坚还是要在激发贫困户内生动力上下功夫。
5. 因为他的组织能力,这个松散的协会将他推为会长。
6.   `Killed!' shrieked the man, in wild desperation, extending both arms at their length above his head, and staring at him. `Dead!'


1. 我这里最缺的就是普通姑娘和男大学生。
2.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3. “<1847年>10月底,公众手中的银行券共有2080万镑。那时,要在货币市场上获得银行券是极其困难的。这是因为人们普遍担心由于1844年银行法的限制而得不到银行券。现在<1848年3月>公众手中的银行券数额为……1770万镑,但是因为现在没有任何商业上的恐慌,所以,大大超过了需要的数额。在伦敦,没有哪个银行家或货币经营者不是持有比他能够使用的数额更多的银行券。”——(第2650号)“如果不同时把……商业界状况和信用状况考虑进去,英格兰银行以外的……银行券数额,就是流通的实际状况的一个十分不足的指数。”——(第2651号)“我们对公众手中现有的通货
4. 当然,正如刘强东所说人才永远都是核心中的核心。
5. 此外,一旦更重视线下世界而非季度财报,也会影响脸谱网的税收政策。一如亚马逊、谷歌、苹果和其他几家科技巨头,脸谱网一再遭到逃税指控。11由于各种在线活动课税较为困难,也就让这些全球企业更容易运用各种“创造性会计”手法。如果你认为人类主要生活在网络上,觉得自己为他们提供了存在于网络的所有必要工具,简直是一种有益的社会服务,那么逃税似乎也就无伤大雅。但如果你又想起人类还是有身体的,需要真实的道路、医院和下水道系统,那么再为逃税找借口就难多了。你怎么能一边赞颂着社群,一边拒绝为最重要的社群服务提供财务支持呢?
6.   "After her I saw Iphimedeia wife of Aloeus who boasted the embraceof Neptune. She bore two sons Otus and Ephialtes, but both wereshort lived. They were the finest children that were ever born in thisworld, and the best looking, Orion only excepted; for at nine yearsold they were nine fathoms high, and measured nine cubits round thechest. They threatened to make war with the gods in Olympus, and triedto set Mount Ossa on the top of Mount Olympus, and Mount Pelion on thetop of Ossa, that they might scale heaven itself, and they wouldhave done it too if they had been grown up, but Apollo, son of Leto,killed both of them, before they had got so much as a sign of hairupon their cheeks or chin.


1.   In reply the captain told her all he knew of the place where the young man lived, and how, after engaging his passage, he came to be left behind.
2.   `My meaning,' answered the man of business, `is, of course, friendly and appreciative, and that it does you the greatest credit, and--in short, my meaning is everything you could desire. But--really, you know, Mr. Stryver ---' Mr. Lorry paused, and shook his head at him in the oddest manner, as if he were compelled against his will to add, internally, `you know there really is so much too much of you!'`Well!' said Stryver, slapping the desk with his contentious hand, opening his eyes wider, and taking a long breath, `if I understand you, Mr. Lorry, I'll be hanged!'
3.   "Whereabouts downstairs?"

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