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1. 我们今天分享一个朋友T君的创业小插曲,他们公司已经完成A+轮融资,目前正筹备B轮。
2. 这也是为什么茅台会大发雷霆,CIO们会因为盲目上中台而下台。
3. docu[=doc教]+ment→用来教的东西→文件;证书
4. 展开全文消息一经发布,顿时引发机构朋友圈疯狂刷屏。
5. Both claim to represent the people against foreigners and traitors.
6.   'If he is not a beggar himself, his near relation's one,' said Steerforth. 'It's all the same.'


1. 杀人后,余某翔还将被害人的手机变卖,并取走了被害人银行卡内的款项。
2.   The rest agreed, and Leiodes son of OEnops was the first to rise. Hewas sacrificial priest to the suitors, and sat in the corner nearthe mixing-bowl. He was the only man who hated their evil deeds andwas indignant with the others. He was now the first to take the bowand arrow, so he went on to the pavement to make his trial, but hecould not string the bow, for his hands were weak and unused to hardwork, they therefore soon grew tired, and he said to the suitors,"My friends, I cannot string it; let another have it; this bow shalltake the life and soul out of many a chief among us, for it isbetter to die than to live after having missed the prize that wehave so long striven for, and which has brought us so long together.Some one of us is even now hoping and praying that he may marryPenelope, but when he has seen this bow and tried it, let him wooand make bridal offerings to some other woman, and let Penelopemarry whoever makes her the best offer and whose lot it is to winher."
3. Sara did not expect much, and was far too proud to try to continue to be intimate with girls who evidently felt rather awkward and uncertain about her. The fact was that Miss Minchin's pupils were a set of dull, matter-of-fact young people. They were accustomed to being rich and comfortable, and as Sara's frocks grew shorter and shabbier and queerer-looking, and it became an established fact that she wore shoes with holes in them and was sent out to buy groceries and carry them through the streets in a basket on her arm when the cook wanted them in a hurry, they felt rather as if, when they spoke to her, they were addressing an under servant.
4. 她吸氧的那个声音像是在呻吟,听着都能感觉到她很难受,(那个)声音我忘不掉。
5. 纽约州是另外一个华人人口大州,目前虽然没有出现确诊案例,但已经进入全城备战状态。
6. The dumbest 'smart' objects of 2016


1. 有关材料摘录来源于青岛医学院附属医院病理科尸体解剖报告记录(尸检号A1930,报告日期:93.12.28)。
2. 5。新疆的坎儿井汉代尤其是汉武帝的主要功绩之一是开发了广大的西北地区。当时把移民实边和修渠屯田作为抗击匈奴侵扰的组成部分,这时西北地区成为仅次于关中的水利重点地区,水利工程技术也大大提高。新疆特殊的水利工程型式——坎儿井也创始于西汉。据《汉书?西域传》记载:宣帝时汉遣破羌将军辛武贤将兵万五千人至敦煌,遣使者按行表,穿卑鞮侯井以西,欲通渠转谷,积居庐仓以讨之,三国人孟康注解卑鞮侯井说:大井六,通渠也,下流涌出,在白龙堆东土山下.可以看出,这个工程有6个竖井,井下通渠引水,显然是近代的坎儿井。坎儿井是新疆特有的灌溉取水工程型式。
3. 原标题:美妆博主宇芽遭遇家暴男方友人:沱沱也被他父亲家暴过荔枝特报专稿记者/周诗婕实习生/周凯航11月25日,国际反家暴日,papi酱旗下美妆博主宇芽微博控诉前男友沱沱家暴,引发舆论热议。
4. 根据别人提供的线索,我们看了几个孩子,DNA比对过几个,都没有成功,不是我家的。
5. 生活需求能满足买菜前,我们会让居民列个单子,也建议她尽量买些能够储存时间长一些的菜。
6.   As he spoke he handed her the cup. Minerva thought it very right andproper of him to have given it to herself first; she accordingly beganpraying heartily to Neptune. "O thou," she cried, "that encirclest theearth, vouchsafe to grant the prayers of thy servants that call uponthee. More especially we pray thee send down thy grace on Nestor andon his sons; thereafter also make the rest of the Pylian people somehandsome return for the goodly hecatomb they are offering you. Lastly,grant Telemachus and myself a happy issue, in respect of the matterthat has brought us in our to Pylos."


1. 公开资料显示,白立新毕业于浙江大学,获工学博士学位,2005年入职IBM公司。
2. 小猿口算家长用户已超3000万。
3.   Each picture told a story; mysterious often to my undevelopedunderstanding and imperfect feelings, yet ever profoundly interesting:as interesting as the tales Bessie sometimes narrated on winterevenings, when she chanced to be in good humour; and when, havingbrought her ironing-table to the nursery hearth, she allowed us to sitabout it, and while she got up Mrs. Reed's lace frills, and crimpedher nightcap borders, fed our eager attention with passages of loveand adventure taken from old fairy tales and other ballads; or (asat a later period I discovered) from the pages of Pamela, and Henry,Earl of Moreland.
4.  乐淘前副总裁陈虎回忆,当时导航网站的价格很高,直接从20万一个月,跳涨到120万一个月,打完折也要80万元。
5.   "Therefore, sire, your Majesty sees that they are come, quitecontrite and repentant, to offer you their excuses.""Quite contrite and repentant! Hem!" said the king. "I place noconfidence in their hypocritical faces. In particular, there isone yonder of a Gascon look. Come hither, monsieur."D'Artagnan, who understood that it was to him this compliment wasaddressed, approached, assuming a most deprecating air."Why you told me he was a young man? This is a boy, Treville, amere boy! Do you mean to say that it was he who bestowed thatsevere thrust at Jussac?"
6. It was really unpleasant sometimes to see the notions he had.


1. 现在看来,市场格局不会一下子就变了天。
2. 刘丝桦介绍,刘海之前在绵阳还有过一个女人,是邻县射洪的,还给他生了一个孩子,但养不起送人了。
3. 平曲方面臧宫统领的汉军,在岑彭率主力走后,一度因军粮不济,引起慌乱,降卒多欲逃走。臧宫想引军退回,又怕蜀军趁势追杀。正在危急时分,刘秀派来增援岑彭的军队路过,臧宫急中生智,假传命令,截留这些军队及700匹军马和物资,补充自己。随后命令军队星夜进兵,出击蜀军,沿途派小股部队多张旗帜,登山击鼓以为疑兵,大军沿江而进,右岸为步兵,左岸为骑兵,水军乘船居中,声势浩大,人呼马嘶,震天动地。延岑正在布防,不意汉军突然杀到,急忙登山瞭望,见汉军漫山遍野,如潮涌来,更加震恐。

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      "I did not think of asking about that," replied Eumaeus, "when I wasin the town. I thought I would give my message and come back as soonas I could. I met a man sent by those who had gone with you toPylos, and he was the first to tell the new your mother, but I can saywhat I saw with my own eyes; I had just got on to the crest of thehill of Mercury above the town when I saw a ship coming into harbourwith a number of men in her. They had many shields and spears, and Ithought it was the suitors, but I cannot be sure."

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      They had been sent to Dresden at the age of fifteen, for music among other things. And they had had a good time there. They lived freely among the students, they argued with the men over philosophical, sociological and artistic matters, they were just as good as the men themselves: only better, since they were women. And they tramped off to the forests with sturdy youths bearing guitars, twang-twang! They sang the Wandervogel songs, and they were free. Free! That was the great word. Out in the open world, out in the forests of the morning, with lusty and splendid-throated young fellows, free to do as they liked, and---above all---to say what they liked. It was the talk that mattered supremely: the impassioned interchange of talk. Love was only a minor accompaniment.