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1.   "The gentleman I describe."
2.   The Origin of Species
3. 但这并没有平息球迷们的怒火,经过一晚上的发酵,评论数已经高达5000条,有网友对其认错态度表示了质疑。
4. 电销是几十号人坐在一起,现场管理也比直销销售代表的外勤管理要轻松地多。
5. 经过人类调教的无人驾驶汽车,已经能够非常精确地计算路况以及车流量等信息。
6.   Calandrino, every minute ready to sinke under his weightieburthen, entred into his owne house, where (by great ill luck) hiswife, being a comely and very honest woman, and named Monna Trista,was standing aloft on the stayres head. She being somewhat angry forhis so long absence, and seeing him come in grunting and groaning,frowningly said. I thought that the divell would never let thee comehome, all the whole Citie have dined, and yet wee must remaine withoutour dinner. When Calandrino heard this, and perceived that he wasnot invisible to his Wife: full of rage and wroth, hee began to raile,saying. Ah thou wicked woman, where art thou? Thou hast utterly undoneme: but (as I live) I will pay thee soundly for it. Up the staireshe ascended into a small Parlour, where when he hadde spred all hisburthen of stones on the floore: he ran to his wife, catching frerby the haire of the head, and throwing her at his feete; giving her somany spurns and cruel blowes, as shee was not able to moove eitherarmes or legges, notwithstanding all her teares, and humblesubmission.


1.   A writing, Pedant! dost demand from me? Man, and man's plighted word, arethese unknown to thee? Is't not enough, that by the word I gave, My doomfor evermore is cast? Doth not the world in all its currents rave, And must apromise hold me fast? Yet fixed is this delusion in our heart; Who, of his ownfree will, therefrom would part? How blest within whose breast truth reignethpure! No sacrifice will he repent when made! A formal deed, with seal andsignature, A spectre this from which all shrink afraid. The word its liferesigneth in the pen, Leather and wax usurp the mastery then. Spirits of evil!what dost thou require? Brass, marble, parchment, paper, dost desire? Shall Iwith chisel, pen, or graver write? Thy choice is free; to me 'tis all the same.Mephistopheles
2. 在听证会前,他对仲裁庭表达愿意视频作证,CAS却没有联系他。
3.   46. "Domine Dominus noster:" The opening words of Psalm viii.; "O Lord our Lord."
4.   "But there must be something," persisted Prince Bahman, "for you to have changed so much during the short time we have been absent. Hide nothing from us, I beseech you, unless you wish us to believe that the confidence we have always had in one another is now to cease."
5. "I AM tired," said Sara, dropping on to the lopsided footstool. "Oh, there's Melchisedec, poor thing. He's come to ask for his supper."
6. 但我在这篇文章说的「错位」,其实是相对于「定位」而言的,没有品牌以前的定位,也就不存在错开消费者对品牌原有的心理标杆


1. 不用取票,刷脸即可验票。
2.   "Had M. de Villefort any cause of personal dislike to you?"
3. 小策略则要看客户和对手,要从竞争中找准客户需求和对手软肋对症下药。
4. 2020年1月20日其子从武昌返回昌江,与其同吃住→2月1日被收治隔离治疗→2月2日确诊,目前正在定点医院隔离治疗。
5. 今年2月的时候,玛蒂参加了J.Mendel2015秋冬高级成衣发布秀(图)
6. 而外卖员们只顾完成任务,没有注意到自己的送餐车被人动过。


1. 回顾2019年的剧集市场,虽然《陈情令》《长安十二时辰》口碑不错,但《陈情令》更近乎圈子狂欢,《长安十二时辰》结局烂尾,至于其余的IP剧,多数扑街。
2. 1.明确公司战略目标展开全文组织一切有效的设计和行动都应该是围绕公司战略目标进行的,明确了公司1~2年的战略目标,公司目标才能被合理地拆解为各个部门的阶段目标。
3. 到如今,九合创投管理资金规模近20亿元,投资项目超过200个。
4.   "Are you a born New Yorker?" asked Ames of Carrie.
5. 民警问,这钱给谁了,被谁骗了知道吗?小赵点点头这钱,都给了我的‘儿子和前女友分手时对方说自己怀孕了根据小赵描述,他在16年的时候,通过某社交软件认识了一位90后姑娘,叫小北。
6. 揭阳市公安局交警支队市区二大队副大队长林晓波:她们想在毕业的时候拍视频,一个是做留念,一个就把它拍成抖音,在网上好像做广告那样,推广舞蹈社的知名度。


1.   "Well," he said, jokingly, "I'll come and get you one of theseevenings," and then he laughed.
2.   "HEY! Godde's mercy!" said our Hoste tho,* *then "Now such a wife I pray God keep me fro'. Lo, suche sleightes and subtilities In women be; for aye as busy as bees Are they us silly men for to deceive, And from the soothe* will they ever weive,** *truth **swerve, depart As this Merchante's tale it proveth well. But natheless, as true as any steel, I have a wife, though that she poore be; But of her tongue a labbing* shrew is she; *chattering And yet* she hath a heap of vices mo'. *moreover Thereof *no force;* let all such thinges go. *no matter* But wit* ye what? in counsel** be it said, *know **secret, confidence Me rueth sore I am unto her tied; For, an'* I shoulde reckon every vice *if Which that she hath, y-wis* I were too nice;** *certainly **foolish And cause why, it should reported be And told her by some of this company (By whom, it needeth not for to declare, Since women connen utter such chaffare <1>), And eke my wit sufficeth not thereto To tellen all; wherefore my tale is do.* *done Squier, come near, if it your wille be, And say somewhat of love, for certes ye *Conne thereon* as much as any man." *know about it* "Nay, Sir," quoth he; "but such thing as I can, With hearty will, -- for I will not rebel Against your lust,* -- a tale will I tell. *pleasure Have me excused if I speak amiss; My will is good; and lo, my tale is this."
3. I happened to speak of that river to our last guide, a rather superior fellow with quick, bright eyes.

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