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1. 为了逃避监管,机器人研发公司更是挖空心思。
2.   He drew a ring from his finger and gave it to Aladdin, bidding him prosper.
3. 但需要明确的是,即便申贫被拒,冰花男孩的父亲王刚奎也有权利申请贫困户。
4. 最困难的决定通常是围绕价值的,因为价值是整体的函数。
5.   The two sisters at once called on Mrs Bolton, in a newish house in a row, quite select for Tevershall. They found a rather good-looking woman of forty-odd, in a nurse's uniform, with a white collar and apron, just making herself tea in a small crowded sitting-room.
6.   Irus was very angry and answered, "You filthy glutton, you run ontrippingly like an old fish-fag. I have a good mind to lay bothhands about you, and knock your teeth out of your head like so manyboar's tusks. Get ready, therefore, and let these people here stand byand look on. You will never be able to fight one who is so muchyounger than yourself."


1.   "No, monsieur, be satisfied; nobody saw her," replied D'Artagnan,and he related to M. de Treville how the affair came to pass."Oh, the women, the women!" cried the old soldier. "I know themby their romantic imagination. Everything that savors of mysterycharms them. So you have seen the arm, that was all. You wouldmeet the queen, and she would not know who you are?""No; but thanks to this diamond," replied the young man."Listen," said M. de Treville; "shall I give you counsel, goodcounsel, the counsel of a friend?"
2.   And then the Queene, somewhat offended at the folly of the formercontroversie, commanded Madame Philomena, that she should givebeginning to the dayes Novels: which (in dutifull manner) sheeundertooke to doe, and seating her selfe in formall fashion, withmodest and very gracious gesture, thus she began.
3.   The critics of the daily papers completed her triumph. Therewere long notices in praise of the quality of the burlesque,touched with recurrent references to Carrie. The contagiousmirth of the thing was repeatedly emphasised.
4. 总有一种力量它让我们泪流满面
5. 车本身在我们实现人工智能巨大突破之前,有可能还不具备像人一样的直觉或者意识,比如说像中国的道路,其实原来大部分道路设计并不是以汽车为主要交通工具设计的。
6. 以包庇罪判处林某滨有期徒刑七个月。


1. 长安街知事发现,该买家提供的相册中,共有男性身份证399张,女性身份证82张。
2.   The rain was abating. It was hardly making darkness among the oaks any more. Connie wanted to go; yet she sat on. But she was getting cold; yet the overwhelming inertia of her inner resentment kept her there as if paralysed.
3. 不过,在旧石器时代,由于生产力十分低下,象后来的等级森严的僧侣统治集团,那时还供养不起。也就是说,那时还不可能产生有很大的社会凝聚力的神学。人们着重于个人的幻想,对上帝和神灵的概念很模糊。宗教还没有被当作控制社会的一种工具。人们的利益不是取决于个人的品行,而是受到了超自然现象的抑制。一位爱斯基摩人对北极探险家努特·拉斯穆森说的话清楚地表明了这一点。他说:“我们相信我们的巫医、我们的魔法师。我们相信他们,是因为我们希望自己能活得长久些,是因为我们不愿受到饥荒和饿死的威胁。我们相信他们,是为了使自己的生活安全、食物有保障。如果我们不相信魔法师,我们要狩猎的动物就会全无踪影。如果我们不听从他们的劝告,我们就会生病、死亡。”
4. platform
5.   "Thank you, I have just returned from sea."
6.   2. Seculeres: of the laity; but perhaps, since the word is of two- fold meaning, Chaucer intends a hit at the secular clergy, who, unlike the regular orders, did not live separate from the world, but shared in all its interests and pleasures -- all the more easily and freely, that they had not the civil restraint of marriage.


1.   Playing in New York one evening on this her return, Carrie wasputting the finishing touches to her toilet before leaving forthe night, when a commotion near the stage door caught her ear.It included a familiar voice.
2.   It chanced within some few months after, that the kinred of Gisippuscame to see him, and (before Titus) avised him to marriage, and with ayong Gentlewoman of singular beauty, derived from a most noble housein Athens, and she named Sophronia, aged about fifteen years. Thismariage drawing neere, Gisippus on a day, intreated Titus to walkalong with him thither, because (as yet) he had not seene her.Commingto the house, and she sitting in the midst betweene them, Titusmaking himselfe a considerator of beauty, and especially on hisfriends behalfe; began to observe her very judicially, and everypart of her seemed so pleasing in his eie, that giving them al aprivat praise, yet answerable to their due deserving; he becam soenflamed with affection to her, as never any lover could bee moreviolentlie surprized, so sodainly doth beauty beguile our best senses.
3. 蒙古贵族在掠夺战争中特别重视工匠,每攻下一地,就要把工匠挑选出来,带回各自的领地为他们制作武器和其它各种用品。和林是工匠集中的地方。称海城初建时,就有俘掳来的工匠万余口在这里设局制作。阿不罕山南有许多汉族工匠,设有阿不罕部工匠总管府。和林附近的毕里纥都是“弓匠积养之地”。据考古发掘的报道,仅和林一地就曾发现过十座冶炼炉和大量金属制造品,有供军用的破城机和其它机械,有铁犁、铁锄等农具,有适于牧民使用的带脚生铁锅釜,有商人使用的铜、铁权及车毅等。出土白生铁经过化验,可断定是在摄氏一千三百五十度高温下熔铸成的,估计当时的工匠已用水力鼓风了。当地烧造的陶瓷器也被大量发现,其中多有从事烧造的汉族工匠名氏。宫廷建筑和各种奢侈用品,都有许多精美的创造。和林特产一种名叫碧甸子的玉石,忽必烈即位后就在此设局开采,以后正式设和林玉局提举司。
4. @奏耐天津:上周用ETC走了一次高速,8公里的距离,收费不到5元,给我分着开了10张收款方不同的发票,最低的只有1分钱,这也太麻烦了。
5. 陪审团同时宣布将具体量刑的宣判日期延后至2020年1月2日。
6. 发展到当前,据了解,一些中小学教师禁止学生在课间休息、午休时离开教室到学校操场活动,还有的中小学体育场馆也大门紧闭,不向学生开放。


1. 从亚述帝国和秦朝开始,各大帝国通常都依靠暴力征服而建立。1914年也是如此,各主要强权都是因为打了成功的战争,才得到当时的地位。举例来说,日本分别击败中国和俄国,于是成为地区强权;德国击败奥匈帝国和法国,于是在欧洲居于领导地位;英国则在全球打出一系列精彩的小型战争,于是创造了全球最大、最繁荣的帝国。1882年,英军占领埃及,并且在决定性的泰勒凯比尔战役(BattleofTelel-Kebir)中只损失了57名士兵。3在我们这个时代,西方国家如果占领某个伊斯兰国家,后果只会是一场噩梦;但想当初,在泰勒凯比尔战役后,英军几乎没有受到任何武装抵抗,就控制了尼罗河河谷和战略要地苏伊士运河超过60年。当时其他欧洲强权也模仿英国,不论是法国、意大利,还是比利时,当它们的军队打算踏上越南、利比亚或刚果的土地时,唯一担心的只是被别人捷足先登。
2. 查德威克道:“以头等荣誉……”
3. ”找准方向、找对人这种能力,或许来源于天赋,但更多是后天长期思考、训练的结果。

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