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1. 从本质上点明了客户第一的使用场景和考核指标,与客户对应的还有什么?还有员工、股东
2.   "I have a cab at the door," said our taciturn companion."It is only a few hundred yards to the station. We will go together.You can stay there, Watson. I shall be back within half an hour."The old colourman had the strength of a lion in that great trunkof his, but he was helpless in the hands of the two experiencedman-handlers. Wriggling and twisting he was dragged to the waitingcab, and I was left to my solitary vigil in the ill-omened house. Inless time than he had named, however, Holmes was back, in company witha smart young police inspector.
3.   Whilst all this was happening in the capital of Schahzaman the two genii had carefully borne the Princess of China back to her own palace and replaced her in bed. On waking next morning she first turned from one side to another and then, finding herself alone, called loudly for her women.
4. 投资者:之前乐视网公告融创所持有的乐视网股票已经解除质押了,是不是融创已经抛售乐视?董事长兼总经理刘延峰:尊敬的投资者您好,截至2019年12月31日,天津嘉睿汇鑫企业管理有限公司所持乐视网股份没有减持,没有变化。
5. 这仅仅只能代表,瑞幸团队在花钱效率这件事上,是比一年前要提升的,而如果通过亏更少的钱,撬动更多的营收,也起码证明团队的管理和运营效率在提升。
6. 早晚气温较低,最低气温零下6℃至零下5℃。


1. 但是,应当指出,中国至少有三项垄断性的制度安排,由于历史的原因和追求另外的政策目标,在全局规模上严重恶化了收入和财富的分配。
2. 宋初田地荒芜的现象仍很严重,太宗时,边远地区不用说,就是京畿附近的二十三州,约数千里的地方,田地的开垦也不过是百分之二三十。宋朝一再命令地方官设法招诱流民归业。经过广大农民群众的辛勤开发,垦田数在不断增长。《文献通考》等书记有来太祖、太宗、真宗三朝垦田数字,九七六年(太祖开宝九年),垦田数量是二百九十五万三千三百多顷。九九六年(太宗至道二年)统一北汉后的数字,是三百一十二万五千二百多顷。一○二一年(真宗天禧五年),增加到五百二十四万七千五百多顷。英宗时,《会计录》编者以为,这些数字只是按租赋得出的田亩数,并不是垦田的实际状况。一○二一年是北宋垦田数的最高额,此后再也没有达到这个数字。一○四九年(仁宗皇祐元年),垦田统计数只有二西一十五万多顷,减少约十分之六。说明这时土地兼并严重,大量土地被隐瞒。《会计录》编者说“不出租赋的田亩有十分之七”,可能即据此而来。此后,田亩统计数又在上升,或许是数字来源不同。
3. 人类合作网络评价自我时,常常用的就是自己发明的标准,屡获好评也就毫不意外。特别是以虚构实体之名(例如神、国家和公司)而建立的人类网络,自然也就是从虚构实体的角度来判断是否成功。这样一来,宗教的成功就在于信众彻底遵循神的旨意,国家的成功就在于提升国家的利益,企业的成功就在于钱财滚滚而来。
4.   Hailing his softened tone and manner, his daughter fell upon her knees before him, with her appealing hands upon his breast.
5. 多年游离于移动互联网主航道之外的上海,似乎第一次踏在了点上,手里的每一张牌不再是陪跑,而是单一赛道的主角和挑战者。
6. 2014年,尽管汽车销量自2007年以来首次超过1600万辆,但占据媒体头条的还是各类召回事故。在召回舞台上最活跃的是通用汽车公司,由于不断曝出点火开关故障,通用今年已经召回了几百万辆汽车。这家汽车制造商选择勇敢曝光自己的失误,并公开发布了一份自查报告。而日本气囊生产商高田公司却对“气囊门”三缄其口,转而把补救措施留给其深陷困境的客户本田和丰田来实施。有问题的气囊爆炸后,会向驾驶室弹出致命碎片。


1. 小弟追上来,拦着车门不让她走。
2. 小电科技于2018年3月完成了B+轮数亿元人民币融资。
3.   A part developed in any species in an extraordinary degree or manner, in comparison with the same part in allied species, tends to be highly variable.
4. 就算利润率更低(比如40%),并且替代率为1/3(即全价iPhone的客户流失三分之一),低价iPhone也能提高苹果的营收和毛利润(见上表)。
5. 湖北红会连夜召开党组会议,深刻查找捐赠物资接受分配中的管理问题,对存在的审核把关不严、执行程序不严格、工作不细致、作风不扎实等问题,会党组作出深刻检讨,并将对直接责任人依纪依规追责。
6. 这意味着,即使是学员的收入也超过了上海当地工厂工人的平均工资。


1. 李鸿章出生在合肥瑶海区的磨店乡,这里是李家的祖居。
2.   Noureddin, not hoping for so great indulgence, thanked his father, and vowed to do as he desired. Khacan was at great pains frequently to speak to the king of the difficulties attending the commission he had given him, but some whispers of what had actually taken place did reach Saouy's ears.
3. iPhone需求强劲自iPhone推出,十多年来是全球最受欢迎智能手机,也让苹果成为全球最赚钱的企业。
4.   Any variation which is not inherited is unimportant for us. But the number and diversity of inheritable deviations of structure, both those of slight and those of considerable physiological importance, is endless. Dr Prosper Lucas's treatise, in two large volumes, is the fullest and the best on this subject. No breeder doubts how strong is the tendency to inheritance: like produces like is his fundamental belief: doubts have been thrown on this principle by theoretical writers alone. When a deviation appears not unfrequently, and we see it in the father and child, we cannot tell whether it may not be due to the same original cause acting on both; but when amongst individuals, apparently exposed to the same conditions, any very rare deviation, due to some extraordinary combination of circumstances, appears in the parent say, once amongst several million individuals and it reappears in the child, the mere doctrine of chances almost compels us to attribute its reappearance to inheritance. Every one must have heard of cases of albinism, prickly skin, hairy bodies, &c. appearing in several members of the same family. If strange and rare deviations of structure are truly inherited, less strange and commoner deviations may be freely admitted to be inheritable. Perhaps the correct way of viewing the whole subject, would be, to look at the inheritance of every character whatever as the rule, and non-inheritance as the anomaly.The laws governing inheritance are quite unknown; no one can say why the same peculiarity in different individuals of the same species, and in individuals of different species, is sometimes inherited and sometimes not so; why the child often reverts in certain characters to its grandfather or grandmother or other much more remote ancestor; why a peculiarity is often transmitted from one sex to both sexes or to one sex alone, more commonly but not exclusively to the like sex. It is a fact of some little importance to us, that peculiarities appearing in the males of our domestic breeds are often transmitted either exclusively, or in a much greater degree, to males alone. A much more important rule, which I think may be trusted, is that, at whatever period of life a peculiarity first appears, it tends to appear in the offspring at a corresponding age, though sometimes earlier. In many cases this could not be otherwise: thus the inherited peculiarities in the horns of cattle could appear only in the offspring when nearly mature; peculiarities in the silkworm are known to appear at the corresponding caterpillar or cocoon stage. But hereditary diseases and some other facts make me believe that the rule has a wider extension, and that when there is no apparent reason why a peculiarity should appear at any particular age, yet that it does tend to appear in the offspring at the same period at which it first appeared in the parent. I believe this rule to be of the highest importance in explaining the laws of embryology. These remarks are of course confined to the first appearance of the peculiarity, and not to its primary cause, which may have acted on the ovules or male element; in nearly the same manner as in the crossed offspring from a short-horned cow by a long-horned bull, the greater length of horn, though appearing late in life, is clearly due to the male element.Having alluded to the subject of reversion, I may here refer to a statement often made by naturalists namely, that our domestic varieties, when run wild, gradually but certainly revert in character to their aboriginal stocks. Hence it has been argued that no deductions can be drawn from domestic races to species in a state of nature. I have in vain endeavoured to discover on what decisive facts the above statement has so often and so boldly been made. There would be great difficulty in proving its truth: we may safely conclude that very many of the most strongly-marked domestic varieties could not possibly live in a wild state. In many cases we do not know what the aboriginal stock was, and so could not tell whether or not nearly perfect reversion had ensued. It would be quite necessary, in order to prevent the effects of intercrossing, that only a single variety should be turned loose in its new home. Nevertheless, as our varieties certainly do occasionally revert in some of their characters to ancestral forms, it seems to me not improbable, that if we could succeed in naturalising, or were to cultivate, during many generations, the several races, for instance, of the cabbage, in very poor soil (in which case, however, some effect would have to be attributed to the direct action of the poor soil), that they would to a large extent, or even wholly, revert to the wild aboriginal stock. Whether or not the experiment would succeed, is not of great importance for our line of argument; for by the experiment itself the conditions of life are changed. If it could be shown that our domestic varieties manifested a strong tendency to reversion, that is, to lose their acquired characters, whilst kept under unchanged conditions, and whilst kept in a considerable body, so that free intercrossing might check, by blending together, any slight deviations of structure, in such case, I grant that we could deduce nothing from domestic varieties in regard to species. But there is not a shadow of evidence in favour of this view: to assert that we could not breed our cart and race-horses, long and short-horned cattle and poultry of various breeds, and esculent vegetables, for an almost infinite number of generations, would be opposed to all experience. I may add, that when under nature the conditions of life do change, variations and reversions of character probably do occur; but natural selection, as will hereafter be explained, will determine how far the new characters thus arising shall be preserved.When we look to the hereditary varieties or races of our domestic animals and plants, and compare them with species closely allied together, we generally perceive in each domestic race, as already remarked, less uniformity of character than in true species. Domestic races of the same species, also, often have a somewhat monstrous character; by which I mean, that, although differing from each other, and from the other species of the same genus, in several trifling respects, they often differ in an extreme degree in some one part, both when compared one with another, and more especially when compared with all the species in nature to which they are nearest allied. With these exceptions (and with that of the perfect fertility of varieties when crossed, a subject hereafter to be discussed), domestic races of the same species differ from each other in the same manner as, only in most cases in a lesser degree than, do closely-allied species of the same genus in a state of nature. I think this must be admitted, when we find that there are hardly any domestic races, either amongst animals or plants, which have not been ranked by some competent judges as mere varieties, and by other competent judges as the descendants of aboriginally distinct species. If any marked distinction existed between domestic races and species, this source of doubt could not so perpetually recur. It has often been stated that domestic races do not differ from each other in characters of generic value. I think it could be shown that this statement is hardly correct; but naturalists differ most widely in determining what characters are of generic value; all such valuations being at present empirical. Moreover, on the view of the origin of genera which I shall presently give, we have no right to expect often to meet with generic differences in our domesticated productions.When we attempt to estimate the amount of structural difference between the domestic races of the same species, we are soon involved in doubt, from not knowing whether they have descended from one or several parent-species. This point, if could be cleared up, would be interesting; if, for instance, it could be shown that the greyhound, bloodhound, terrier, spaniel, and bull-dog, which we all know propagate their kind so truly, were the offspring of any single species, then such facts would have great weight in making us doubt about the immutability of the many very closely allied and natural species for instance, of the many foxes inhabiting different quarters of the world. I do not believe, as we shall presently see, that all our dogs have descended from any one wild species; but, in the case of some other domestic races, there is presumptive, or even strong, evidence in favour of this view.
5. 智人本来就不是一种会满足于现状的动物。他们的快乐很少取决于客观条件,而多半取决于自身的期望。然而,期望又往往会因为各种条件(甚至包括其他人的条件)而不断调整。整体客观条件改善的时候,期望也会随之膨胀,于是虽然客观条件可能已经大幅提升,我们却可能还是像以前一样不满。今天,如果全民基本收入和服务的目标是要改善2050年一般民众享有的客观条件,那么成功的概率应该不小。但如果它的目标是要让人对自己所享有的一切在主观上更满足,并且避免社会产生不满的情绪,那么失败的机会应该就很大。
6.   "Never."


1. 想一想再看
2. 经与现场民警商议,身穿外卖制服的他,借取消订单的理由跟女子搭话。
3.   30. May means January to believe that she is pregnant, and that she has a craving for unripe pears.

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