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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Then, turning toward the door, and seeing that the young officerwas waiting for his last orders, he said. "All is well, I thankyou; now leave us alone, Mr. Felton."
2.  "You impose upon justice. Monsieur d'Artagnan made a compactwith you; and in virtue of that compact put to flight the policewho had arrested your wife, and has placed her beyond reach.""Fortunately, Monsieur d'Artagnan is in our hands, and you shallbe confronted with him."
3.  "Oh, you beautiful, good little creature!" said Milady. "How delightedI am to have found you! Let me look at you!" and while saying thesewords, she absolutely devoured her by her looks. "Oh, yes it is youindeed! From what he has told me, I know you now. I recognize youperfectly."
4.  "With women, perhaps; but not with men. I know something ofhim."
5.  "With the curate of Montdidier and the superior of the Jesuits ofAmiens."
6.  "Hold! I must have lost it," said the young man maliciously,pretending to search for it. "But fortunately the world is asepulcher; the men, and consequently the women, are but shadows,and love is a sentiment to which you cry, 'Fie! Fie!'""D'Artagnan, D'Artagnan," cried Aramis, "you are killing me!""Well, here it is at last!" said D'Artagnan, as he drew theletter from his pocket.


1.  "I wish to speak with Monsieur Aramis. Is that your name,monsieur?"
2.  At nine o'clock D'Artagnan was at the Hotel des Gardes; he foundPlanchet all ready. The fourth horse had arrived.Planchet was armed with his musketoon and a pistol. D'Artagnanhad his sword and placed two pistols in his belt; then bothmounted and departed quietly. It was quite dark, and no one sawthem go out. Planchet took place behind his master, and kept ata distance of ten paces from him.
3.  "You may."
4.  Then she broke the silence to cry out, "You are cowards, miserableassassins--ten men combined to murder one woman. Beware! If I am notsaved I shall be avenged."
5.  "How badly? What do you mean by that, you idiot?" askedD'Artagnan. "What has happened?"
6.  "Then you are ignorant of what has become of your wife since herflight."


1.  "Whether by chance or mistrust, the queen made Madame de Surgissleep in her chamber, and detained her all day."
2.  "I do not accuse them, sire; but I leave your Majesty to judgewhat five armed men could possibly be going to do in such adeserted place as the neighborhood of the Convent des Carmes.""Yes, you are right, Treville, you are right!"
3.  "I am at quite a loss how to answer you, I admit," said Mme.Bonacieux. "My intention was to inform Monsieur Laporte, throughmy husband, in order that Monsieur Laporte might tell usprecisely what he taken place at the Louvre in the last threedays, and whether there is any danger in presenting myselfthere."
4.  "You will observe, gentlemen," said Athos, "that Porthos has madethe best bargain of any of us."
5.   "You know that very well, as I gave my order to saddle my horse.Have they not obeyed me?"
6.  "Of that which I am ready to feel toward you."


1.  "To London."
2.  "Ah, wooi, a vager!" cried the Swiss.
3.  "Well, then, I am your servant, Monsieur Baron," saidD'Artagnan, "though you have names rather difficult torecollect." And touching his horse with the spur, hecantered back to Paris. As he was accustomed to do in allcases of any consequence, D'Artagnan went straight to theresidence of Athos.
4、  The procurator's wife was piqued.
5、  Meantime the young woman continued to advance, counting thehouses and windows. This was neither long nor difficult. Therewere but three hotels in this part of the street; and only twowindows looking toward the road, one of which was in a pavilionparallel to that which Aramis occupied, the other belonging toAramis himself.




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      Porthos fancied they were mystifying him, and began to curlhis mustache and knit his eyebrows; but the knee of Mme.Coquenard gently advised him to be patient.

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      "Good Lord! In the most simple and natural manner possible.Three of my best soldiers, whom your Majesty knows by name, andwhose devotedness you have more than once appreciated, and whohave, I dare affirm to the king, his service much at heart--threeof my best soldiers, I say, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, had madea party of pleasure with a young fellow from Gascony, whom I hadintroduced to them the same morning. The party was to take placeat St. Germain, I believe, and they had appointed to meet at theCarmes-Deschaux, when they were disturbed by De Jussac, Cahusac,Bicarat, and two other Guardsmen, who certainly did not go therein such a numerous company without some ill intention against theedicts."

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       "Eh, monsieur!" said he, addressing D'Artagnan, "don't youremember that face which is blinking yonder?"

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      "Perfectly," said the dragoon.

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    {  "Listen," said the young man to the sentinel. "On no pretenseleave the door, for you know that last night my Lord punished asoldier for having quit his post for an instant, although I,during his absence, watched in his place."

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      "Presently," said D'Artagnan.}

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      "Madame, those men were more dangerous than any robbers couldhave been, for they are the agents of the cardinal; and as toyour husband, Monsieur Bonacieux, he is not here because he wasyesterday evening conducted to the Bastille."

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      Aramis then reperused the letter, and perceived apostscript:

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       "And whose room is this, my dear child?"

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      "Don't waste time in swearing," said D'Artagnan; "let us gallop,if our horses will consent."