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1. 不妨再把视野放大一些。
2.   On this pale fear seized every one; they were so frightened thattheir arms dropped from their hands and fell upon the ground at thesound of the goddess's voice, and they fled back to the city for theirlives. But Ulysses gave a great cry, and gathering himself togetherswooped down like a soaring eagle. Then the son of Saturn sent athunderbolt of fire that fell just in front of Minerva, so she said toUlysses, "Ulysses, noble son of Laertes, stop this warful strife, orJove will be angry with you."
3. 3. Economy is already crashing, GDP will get even worse in 2014-2016
4.   Anne of Austria was then twenty-six or twenty-seven years of age;that is to say, she was in the full splendor of her beauty.Her carriage was that of a queen or a goddess; her eyes, whichcast the brilliancy of emeralds, were perfectly beautiful, andyet were at the same time full of sweetness and majesty.Her mouth was small and rosy; and although her underlip, likethat of all princes of the House of Austria, protruded slightlybeyond the other, it was eminently lovely in its smile, but asprofoundly disdainful in its contempt.
5. 苍宝忠感慨道:展阅校史,聘请过多少有名先生,造就出多少有用同学,对国家人民暨地方社会,直接间接,均不无若干贡献和裨益。
6. 一审判无期徒刑董淑英发现,前后两次起诉的起诉书中,对单波的尸检报告结果表述不一。


1. A flush had risen to her face and there was an expression in her green-gray eyes as if she had just recognized someone she was intimate with and fond of.
2. 就算在线上,三个微信群里,也卖不了货。
3. 例如,当年联想发展房地产业务就没有达到预订的目标。
4. 刘向则是这样解释的:君臣乱于朝,政令亏于外,则上浊三光之精,五星赢缩,变色逆行,甚则为孛。北斗,人君象,孛星,乱臣矣,篡杀之表也。《星传》曰:'魁者,贵人之牢。'又曰:'孛星见北斗中,大臣诸侯有受诛者。'……夫彗星较然在北斗中,天之视人显矣,史之有占明矣,时君终不改寤,是后,宋、鲁、莒、晋、郑、陈六国咸杀其君,齐再弑焉……②。
5. 吴瑾告诉懂懂笔记,尽管近两年来双11期间,部门都在忙着筹划内购群活动,做短视频和直播营销。
6. We held a consultation.


1. 这个求拥抱的女孩,正是红星新闻此前两度报道的14岁问题少女罗某京(化名)。
2. 当地已开展多方搜寻,desc:截至4月26日,计划徒步穿越羌塘无人区的杭州90后驴友冯浩,已失联42天。
3. 马王堆黄老帛书①的出土,使我们看到,在汉初盛极一时的黄老之学有着丰富的思想内涵。对此,学术界已有不少学者在这方面做过许多研究,但这些研究多局限于微观方面;如有的学者对《黄帝四经》的道进行了详细探讨,又有的学者对《黄帝四经》的无为进行了专门的分析,而真正从宏观的角度对黄老之学的思想体系进行剖析的还为数甚少。本人试图在这方面做一些尝试性的努力。本人认为,以《黄帝四经》与《老子》为代表的黄老之学与重人事、轻自然而专注于对形而下的社会政治、伦理等问题进行探讨的先秦儒家不同,道家黄老非常注重对形而上的宇宙的本源、宇宙的生化图式、宇宙的根本法则等问题的研究,它们虽然也有一系列关于社会政治、经济、道德伦理的主张,但在它们看来,形而下的社会秩序乃不过是形而上的宇宙秩序在人间的体现,宇宙秩序才是建立人间秩序的根据与凭借。也就是说,道家黄老之学的思想体系是由形而上的宇宙图式与形而下的社会秩序两部分组成的②,而其中前者是后者的依据,后者是前者在社会领域的直接推演。为了说明这个问题,首先让我们看一下黄老之学的宇宙图式。
4.   'He starved us when he had the sole superintendence of theprovision department, before the committee was appointed; and he boredus with long lectures once a week, and with evening readings frombooks of his own inditing, about sudden deaths and judgments, whichmade us afraid to go to bed.'
5. (2)用户和平台都需要一个低成本开关一个有趣的信息是绝大多数的娱乐活动都发生在晚上,优酷的数据也显示用户在夜间的分时活跃度和使用时长高于白天。
6.   And all they waren, after their degrees, Chapelets newe made of laurel green, Some of the oak, and some of other trees; Some in their handes bare boughes sheen,* *bright Some of laurel, and some of oakes keen, Some of hawthorn, and some of the woodbind, And many more which I had not in mind.


1.   The carriage pursued its way, still going at a great pace,till it dashed into Paris, and disappeared.
2. "Why do you keep us shut up so closely?"
3.  苹果搜索广告关键字上传错误经过蝉大师团队的不断测试,我们发现每个广告组的限制为500个关键字,每个广告系列为2,000个关键字。
4. 19、12:11,自海拉尔大街十字路口——沿呼伦路一直向南到南二环——向西沿南二环至昭君路——挑头沿南二环向东走到园丁文明小区附近下车,下车时间:12:27。
5. 各地活动的需求增大,但可以购买汉服的渠道并不多。
6.   "I lent it him," answered Noemon, "what else could I do when a manof his position said he was in a difficulty, and asked me to obligehim? I could not possibly refuse. As for those who went with himthey were the best young men we have, and I saw Mentor go on boardas captain- or some god who was exactly like him. I cannotunderstand it, for I saw Mentor here myself yesterday morning, and yethe was then setting out for Pylos."


1. 《马关条约》原定赔款二万万两,现在又加三千万两,中国当然不能负担。威特一口答应帮我从法、俄银行借一万万两,年息四厘。数目之大,利率之低,诚使我们受宠若惊。俄国真可算是我们的好朋友!
2.   `He's such a bounder underneath his veneer...just waiting to bounce us.'
3.   "It is well," he answered, "the monsoon will soon bring the ivory ships hither, then I will send you on your way with somewhat to pay your passage."

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      Faire Ladies, the paltry Judge of the Marquisate, whereofyesterday I made relation to you; hindred mee then of anotherNovell, concerning silly Calandrino, wherewith I purpose now toacquaint you. And because whatsoever hath already bin spoken of him,tended to no other end but matter of meriment, hee and hiscompanions duly considered; the Novel which I shal now report, keepethwithin the selfesame compasse, and aimeth also at your contentment,according to the scope of imposed variety.

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      `There, there, don't you cry! Tell me what they've done to you!'...an intense tenderness of tone. At the same time she felt in the pocket of her knitted jacket, and luckily found a sixpence.