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1. Simply put, bladeless fans are fans without blades. They work by sucking in air at their base and then blowing them out through several holes in their ring. The fan is reported to have been invented by James Dyson, who calls it the "Air Multiplier." Just like the flying jetpack, it earned a spot in Time's list of notable inventions of 2009. And just like the jetpack, it was not the first of its kind. The first bladeless fan was actually patented in 1981 by a Japanese company called Tokyo Shiba Electric. Although Tokyo Shiba's bladeless fan was never manufactured, James Dyson's initial design of a bladeless fan design looked so similar to that of Tokyo Shiba Electric that the patent office refused to grant him a patent. The patent granted to Tokyo Shiba had already expired, but the patent office still required something substantially different before it could grant a new patent to James Dyson. Dyson's patent manager, Gill Smith, did not deny the similarities between both bladeless fans but said the difference between them was the "technology."
2. 年龄:43岁
3. 投资者很容易追踪Netflix的发展情况。
4. 原本他想在小区中庭分发口罩,但考虑到容易引起人员聚集,交叉感染,因此作罢。
5.   `what was he like?'
6.   "From Haidee."


1. 中英鸦片战争期间,有位是中国皇帝的亲戚的军事将领想出一个打败西方蛮族的计划。他建议在猴子的背后挂上鞭炮,然后把猴子抛到停泊在岸边的英国军舰的甲板上。这个计划被批准后,19只猴子关在笼子里被带到了中国人的司令部,但却找不到一个敢到英国军舰的射程内去抛猴子的人。
2. 挫之,因势破之,放言过之(发布檄文声讨敌人的不仁之举),四网罗之,对先秦以来的用兵经验进行了比较完备的概括和总结。④提出了一系列统兵治军原则。《三略》十分强调将帅应与士卒同甘苦、共患难,指出:夫将帅者,必与士卒同滋味而共安危,敌乃可加(交锋),并引用越王勾践洒酒于河,与士卒同流共饮的故事,说明士卒虽不可能品尝出河中的酒香,但他们会因为将帅能与自己同甘共苦而拼死杀敌。《三略》还引用《军谶》的内容,具体指出:军井未达(挖掘到出水处),将不言渴;军幕(帐蓬)
3. 隐形图文雕刻技术是国际造币领域公认的先进公众防伪技术,公众容易识别。
4. 本来,根据B站内部的数据,做出来的方案更加二次元,但由于B站领导希望导演组做一些调整,提出了破圈的诉求,于是宫鹏在第二版方案中对节目做了大量调整。
5.   `At the cottage! And would you like to go back to her?'
6. 记者:你之前是答应他退钱吗?校长任先生:没有,明天再沟通,我现在不做任何回应。


1. 就连出货量也同比减少了18%。
2.   Ulysses was glad when he found he had a friend among the lookers-on,so he began to speak more pleasantly. "Young men," said he, "come upto that throw if you can, and I will throw another disc as heavy oreven heavier. If anyone wants to have a bout with me let him comeon, for I am exceedingly angry; I will box, wrestle, or run, I donot care what it is, with any man of you all except Laodamas, butnot with him because I am his guest, and one cannot compete with one'sown personal friend. At least I do not think it a prudent or asensible thing for a guest to challenge his host's family at any game,especially when he is in a foreign country. He will cut the groundfrom under his own feet if he does; but I make no exception as regardsany one else, for I want to have the matter out and know which isthe best man. I am a good hand at every kind of athletic sport knownamong mankind. I am an excellent archer. In battle I am always thefirst to bring a man down with my arrow, no matter how many more aretaking aim at him alongside of me. Philoctetes was the only man whocould shoot better than I could when we Achaeans were before Troyand in practice. I far excel every one else in the whole world, ofthose who still eat bread upon the face of the earth, but I should notlike to shoot against the mighty dead, such as Hercules, or Eurytusthe Cechalian-men who could shoot against the gods themselves. This infact was how Eurytus came prematurely by his end, for Apollo was angrywith him and killed him because he challenged him as an archer. Ican throw a dart farther than any one else can shoot an arrow. Runningis the only point in respect of which I am afraid some of thePhaecians might beat me, for I have been brought down very low at sea;my provisions ran short, and therefore I am still weak."
3. 但是就我们对荷兰的贸易来说,现在还不是属于这样的情况,这个国家对我们供应了大量殖民地产品,而向我们购人的工业品数量,却少得不成比例。
4. 11月24日上午,很多同事应该会去八宝山,为徐勇送上最后一程。
5.   "We met the dog-cart on the road. There was no one in it. We droveback to help the young lady."
6. 奶粉系冲饮性质的即食性饮品,只需花费少量的人力和时间。


1. 发起方中国人民大学新闻学院现代广告研究中心主任王菲表示,学界不能缺席对新技术的研究,作为发起方,他们将以研究的视角参与传媒区块链产业智库的运行中去。
2. HTC要进入这个行业,仍需要大量的投入去做技术研发、内容生产以及更多的战略布局,才有可能抢占更大的市场份额。
3. The import side of the equation fared worse in both renminbi- and dollar-terms.
4. 立刻停止了即将举办的公司年会,防止感染传播风险。
5.   "Here," said he, "I want to show you the kind of passport which Ihave drawn up, and which will serve you henceforward as the ruleof order in the life I consent to leave you."
6. IBM表示正迅速将其现有业务转向混合云业务,这些转型将使IBM在2020年增强竞争力并增加营收


1. 忍无可忍之下,王聪向媒体反映扶贫资金拨付不如母猪产仔快。
2.   Next Chapter
3.   'Something passed her, all dressed in white, and vanished'- 'Agreat black dog behind him'- 'Three loud raps on the chamber door'-'A light in the churchyard just over his grave,' etc., etc.

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