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1. The morning after the interview with Ram Dass and his monkey, Sara was in the schoolroom with her small pupils. Having finished giving them their lessons, she was putting the French exercise-books together and thinking, as she did it, of the various things royal personages in disguise were called upon to do: Alfred the Great, for instance, burning the cakes and getting his ears boxed by the wife of the neat-herd. How frightened she must have been when she found out what she had done. If Miss Minchin should find out that she--Sara, whose toes were almost sticking out of her boots--was a princess--a real one! The look in her eyes was exactly the look which Miss Minchin most disliked. She would not have it; she was quite near her and was so enraged that she actually flew at her and boxed her ears--exactly as the neat-herd's wife had boxed King Alfred's. It made Sara start. She wakened from her dream at the shock, and, catching her breath, stood still a second. Then, not knowing she was going to do it, she broke into a little laugh.
2. 比如说:把特别依赖的用户单独筛选出来,建一个用户运营的专项项目,去运营用户。
3. 据李女士和邻居们粗略估算,扩建后的别墅超过1000平米,光是车库就有两个,其中一个可以停放4辆车。
4. 距长春市政府不足2公里。
5.   "Look out, Kitty," called another, "you'll jar your back hair."
6. 以年纪大小作分配的准则,会鼓励人们不惜花费金钱、心力作虚报年龄之举,或使他们增加宁愿虚度时光而急待老来的意向。弱肉强食的社会,以武力定胜负,会促使人民在武器上投资。数十年前,冰天雪地的阿拉斯加发现了金矿,出现寻金热潮,当地的竞争者于是定下规例,每天以速度竞赛的方式,能较先抵达某个矿地的,就有权在那一天那一处采掘。如此一来,大家就抢着花费大量金钱,将拖雪车的狗养得又强又壮。这些行为都是浪费的。


1. 最后,消费习惯、一杯咖啡的成本结构也都在发生改变。
2.   "Do you mean to say that anyone holding these three papers, andwithout the seven others, could construct a Bruce-Partingtonsubmarine?"
3. 很多极限运动,相当于让身体的各种器官都接受压力测试,让它们适应压力到来的时候,身体应该如何保证正常工作,这样随时有一个备战的状态就有利于健康。
4. 张楠还说,针对抖音火山版的创作者,会推出一个专门的云梯计划,提供100亿流量,以及全方位的创作者服务,帮助创作者在平台更好地创作
5. 家长们则为了给孩子兑换免费的礼品,忙着扫码、填写登记表。
6. AT&T和时代华纳(Time Warner)会在不作出大的妥协(比如出售美国有线新闻网(CNN))的情况下完成合并吗?


1. 我们敦促美方摒弃冷战思维和零和博弈的过时观念,正确看待并维护中美在科技、人文领域的交流合作,多做有利于增进中美互信与合作的事,要拉手而不是松手,要拆墙而不是筑墙。
2.   'How can you keep in good health? Children younger than you diedaily. I buried a little child of five years old only a day or twosince,- a good little child, whose soul is now in heaven. It is tobe feared the same could not be said of you were you to be calledhence.'
3. "Yesterday, when she was out," he said, "I entered, bringing with me small, sharp nails which can be pressed into the wall without blows from a hammer. I placed many in the plaster where I may need them. They are ready."
4. 而企业本质是一个由一群有共同目标、使命、价值观的人形成的组织。
5. 丝绸之路上的交通运输十分困难。《汉书?西域传》载:驴畜负粮,须诸国禀食,得以自赡。国或贫小不能食,或桀黠不肯给,拥强汉之节,馁山谷之间,乞丐无所得,离一二旬则人畜弃捐旷野而不反(返)。又历大头痛、小头痛之山,赤土、身热之阪,令人身热无色,头痛呕吐,驴畜尽然。
6. The Internet has flattened the world, and Facebook has banded us together as one big family. Our grandfathers inherited regions, my generation inherited nations, you have inherited the world. You are now only 4.74 people away from any human being and an average of two days away from any inhabited corner of the world. So travel. Africa, Europe, India, China or Brazil, go where you can learn the most, embrace what can teach you the most.


1.   "But Polyphemus shouted to them from inside the cave, 'Noman iskilling me by fraud! Noman is killing me by force!'
2. 汤姆·伯恩特,你就是我的一切。
3.   "Certainly, I might have lived happily amongst those goodpeople, who adored me, but my perverse disposition prevailedover the virtues which my adopted mother endeavored toinstil into my heart. I increased in wickedness till Icommitted crime. One day when I cursed providence for makingme so wicked, and ordaining me to such a fate, my adoptedfather said to me, `Do not blaspheme, unhappy child, thecrime is that of your father, not yours, -- of your father,who consigned you to hell if you died, and to misery if amiracle preserved you alive.' After that I ceased toblaspheme, but I cursed my father. That is why I haveuttered the words for which you blame me; that is why I havefilled this whole assembly with horror. If I have committedan additional crime, punish me, but if you will allow thatever since the day of my birth my fate has been sad, bitter,and lamentable, then pity me."
4. 支持农业资源保护利用和污染防治 草原生态保护补助奖励在内蒙古、四川、云南、西藏、甘肃、宁夏、青海、新疆等8个省(区)和新疆生产建设兵团实施禁牧补助、草畜平衡奖励和绩效评价奖励。
5. 截至2019年9月末,优客工场运营着120处USpace,共有6万个工位可供出租。
6.   "Laugh if you please -- I really think so. So I will notabandon this bouquet."


1.   With ladies one should ne'er presume to jest.
2.   'Troublesome, careless child! and what are you doing now? Youlook quite red, as if you have been about some mischief: what were youopening the window for?'
3. 第二,在充分市场竞争的行业领域内,跟随效应还是很有意义的。

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