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1. 然后在广东东莞、惠州、河源等地若无其事吃喝玩乐四处游玩,其中2017年8月在广东河源吸食毒品被行政拘留。
2. [ik'sentrik]
3.   This answere was very welcome to the Marquesse, as apparantlyperceiving hereby, that the dignity whereto hee had exalted her, orany particular favours beside, could not infect her with any pride,coynesse, or disdaine. Not long after, having told her in plaine andopen speeches, that his subjects could not endure her so late bornedaughter: he called a trusty servant of his, and having instructed himwhat he should doe, sent him to Grizelda, and he being alone with her,looking very sadde, and much perplexed in mind, he saide. Madame,except I intend to loose mine owne life, I must accomplish what myLord hath strictly enjoyned me, which is, to take this your yongdaughter, and then I must: So breaking off abruptly, the Ladyhearing his words, and noting his frowning lookes, remembring alsowhat the Marquesse himselfe had formerly said; she presently imagined,that he had commanded his servant to kill the childe. Suddenlytherefore, she tooke it out of the Cradle, and having sweetlykissed, and bestowne her blessing on it (albeit her heart throbbed,with the inward affection of a Mother) without any alteration ofcountenance, she tenderly laid it in the servants armes, and said.Here friend, take it, and doe with it as thy Lord and mine hathcommanded thee: but leave it in no rude place, where birds or savagebeasts may devour it, except it be his will to have it so.
4. n. 土耳其
5.   Comfort and hope to the poor orphan child.
6.   My brother! God! what can this mean?


1. 蒋家从他的祖父时代起,就务农兼经商,在靖港开了一家经营铁器的店铺,由他的父亲和二伯父轮流看管[3]。祖父死后,留下一个店铺和12亩田地。三个儿子连同老娘各分得三亩,店铺则由三兄弟各占一份[4]。由于他的大伯父是个抽鸦片的瘾君子[5],所以靖港的店铺仍由他的父亲和二伯父轮流掌管。
2. 邮轮乘客讲述海上隔离新京报记者通过社交媒体推特联系到钻石公主号邮轮上的日本乘客,网名为だぁ。
3.   "I have looked at it with all possible attention," saidDantes, "and I only see a half-burnt paper, on which aretraces of Gothic characters inscribed with a peculiar kindof ink."
4. 当时警察找我的时候,我说不认,当时的朱小虎还相信着是亲生父母2万块钱把他卖掉的传言,后来警方向他讲述了事情的真相以及朱海龙夫妻二人19年来为了找他所付出的一切。
5.   Edmond thus had the advantage of knowing what the owner was,without the owner knowing who he was; and however the oldsailor and his crew tried to "pump" him, they extractednothing more from him; he gave accurate descriptions ofNaples and Malta, which he knew as well as Marseilles, andheld stoutly to his first story. Thus the Genoese, subtle ashe was, was duped by Edmond, in whose favor his milddemeanor, his nautical skill, and his admirabledissimulation, pleaded. Moreover, it is possible that theGenoese was one of those shrewd persons who know nothing butwhat they should know, and believe nothing but what theyshould believe.
6. 但公众号不会告诉你的是,光3月22号那天,IPO终止审查的就有9家。


1.   31. Shapen was my death erst than my shert: My death was decreed before my shirt ws shaped -- that is, before any clothes were made for me, before my birth.
2.   Nevertheless, by the time I had buried the last of my companions my stock of provisions was so small that I hardly thought I should live long enough to dig my own grave, which I set about doing, while I regretted bitterly the roving disposition which was always bringing me into such straits, and thought longingly of all the comfort and luxury that I had left. But luckily for me the fancy took me to stand once more beside the river where it plunged out of sight in the depths of the cavern, and as I did so an idea struck me. This river which hid itself underground doubtless emerged again at some distant spot. Why should I not build a raft and trust myself to its swiftly flowing waters? If I perished before I could reach the light of day once more I should be no worse off than I was now, for death stared me in the face, while there was always the possibility that, as I was born under a lucky star, I might find myself safe and sound in some desirable land. I decided at any rate to risk it, and speedily built myself a stout raft of drift-wood with strong cords, of which enough and to spare lay strewn upon the beach. I then made up many packages of rubies, emeralds, rock crystal, ambergris, and precious stuffs, and bound them upon my raft, being careful to preserve the balance, and then I seated myself upon it, having two small oars that I had fashioned laid ready to my hand, and loosed the cord which held it to the bank. Once out in the current my raft flew swiftly under the gloomy archway, and I found myself in total darkness, carried smoothly forward by the rapid river. On I went as it seemed to me for many nights and days. Once the channel became so small that I had a narrow escape of being crushed against the rocky roof, and after that I took the precaution of lying flat upon my precious bales. Though I only ate what was absolutely necessary to keep myself alive, the inevitable moment came when, after swallowing my last morsel of food, I began to wonder if I must after all die of hunger. Then, worn out with anxiety and fatigue, I fell into a deep sleep, and when I again opened my eyes I was once more in the light of day; a beautiful country lay before me, and my raft, which was tied to the river bank, was surrounded by friendly looking black men. I rose and saluted them, and they spoke to me in return, but I could not understand a word of their language. Feeling perfectly bewildered by my sudden return to life and light, I murmured to myself in Arabic, "Close thine eyes, and while thou sleepest Heaven will change thy fortune from evil to good."
3. 警方消息显示,2019年12月27日凌晨,沙坪坝区交巡警支队一大队接到报警,报警人称自己酒后驾车,希望民警处罚自己。
4. 由于路面车多缓慢甚至堵塞,服务区车辆饱和等因素,如果途中发现电量、燃油不足应尽快驶离高速寻找充电器桩、加油站,避免途中抛锚
5. 我相信接下来还是这个趋势。
6. ①假如这个司机想要证明他确实打算少收车钱,他完全可以按乘客的要求打表,等到了目的地之后再按打表数字收取80%的车钱。但他没有按乘客的要求打表,这其实已经扭曲了他的真实动机。参看前面提到的斯凯·马斯特森的故事。


1. Harvard Business School, London Business School (LBS) and MIT Sloan School of Management, three of the MBA ranking’s longstanding heavyweights, all lost ground to their competitors. Harvard drops two places to fourth, the first time in nine years that the Boston school has been outside the top three. London Business School falls three places to sixth, its lowest position in 14 years. MIT Sloan School of Management falls to 13th place, the first time in 10 years that it has been outside the top 10.
2. 读懂君选取了2014年净利润在1000万元及以上,并且2015年净利润增幅排前100的企业。
3. 而未曾喝酒的李先生则认为,这起意外是因为喝酒引起的,他和其他几位没有喝酒的朋友,不该承担责任。
4. 《指南》中明确指出,应当保护个人信息隐私,未经授权地披露在传染病暴发期间收集的个人信息(包括姓名,地址,诊断,家族史等)可能会使个人面临重大风险,包括污名化、歧视、暴力等,相关职能部门应制定有效措施防范此类风险。
5.   Two Citizens of Siena, the one named Tingoccio Mini, and the otherMeucio di Tura, affected both one woman, called Monna Mita, to whomthe one of them was a Gossip. The Gossip dyed, and appearedafterward to his companion, according as he had formerly promisedhim to doe, and tolde him what strange wonders he had seene in theother world.
6. 视频内容是垃圾桶内发现一名女婴,现场画面让人不忍直视。


1. 这样有助于开发人员从产品角度思考自己的工作。
2.   Chapter 5 - Laws of Variation
3.   Before the temple door, full soberly, Dame Peace sat, a curtain in her hand; And her beside, wonder discreetely, Dame Patience sitting there I fand,* *found With face pale, upon a hill of sand; And althernext, within and eke without, Behest,* and Art, and of their folk a rout.** *Promise **crowd

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      I thanked her for her considerate choice, and as I really feltfatigued with my long journey, expressed my readiness to retire. Shetook her candle, and I followed her from the room. First she went tosee if the hall-door was fastened; having taken the key from the lock,she led the way upstairs. The steps and banisters were of oak; thestaircase window was high and latticed; both it and the long galleryinto which the bedroom doors opened looked as if they belonged to achurch rather than a house. A very chill and vault-like air pervadedthe stairs and gallery, suggesting cheerless ideas of space andsolitude; and I was glad, when finally ushered into my chamber, tofind it of small dimensions, and furnished in ordinary, modern style.

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