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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No. No one can help. It is finished. All is destroyed. Do what Iwill, all is destroyed."
2.  "Ah!"
3.  Holmes sat up abruptly.
4.  "Yes, there is one rough fellow near the door."
5.  There was an agitated knock at the door, and an instant afterwardsDr. Huxtable was in the room. In his hand he held a blue cricket-capwith a white chevron on the peak.
6.  "Not at all," said Holmes. "Let us hear what you have to say.""It's soon told, and, by the Lord, every word of it is truth. I knewBlack Peter, and when he pulled out his knife I whipped a harpoonthrough him sharp, for I knew that it was him or me. That's how hedied. You can call it murder. Anyhow, I'd as soon die with a roperound my neck as with Black Peter's knife in my heart.""How came you there?" asked Holmes.


1.  "You may remember how the affair of the Gloria Scott, and myconversation with the unhappy man whose fate I told you of, firstturned my attention in the direction of the profession which hasbecome my life's work. You see me now when my charge has becomeknown far and wide, and when I am generally recognized both by thepublic and by the official force as being a final court of appeal indoubtful cases. Even when you knew me first, at the time of the affairwhich you have commemorated in 'A Study in Scarlet,' I had alreadyestablished a considerable, though not a very lucrative, connection.You can hardly realize, then, how difficult I found it at first, andhow long I had to wait before I succeeded in making any headway."When I first came up to London I had rooms in Montague Street, justround the corner from the British Museum, and there I waited,filling in my too abundant leisure time by studying all those branchesof science which might make me more efficient. Now and again casescame in my way, principally through the introduction of oldfellow-students, for during my last years at the university therewas a good deal of talk there about myself and my methods. The thirdof these cases was that of the Musgrave Ritual, and it is to theinterest which was aroused by that singular chain of events, and thelarge issues which proved to be at stake, that I trace my first stridetowards the position which I now hold.
2.  The salesman nodded and shot a questioning glance at mycompanion.
3.  "Neither, sir. It was William the coachman. Shot through theheart, sir, and never spoke again."
4.  "Prussic acid?" said I.
5.  All day I was engaged in my professional work, and it was latein the evening before I returned to Baker Street. Sherlock Holmeshad not come back yet. It was nearly ten o'clock before heentered, looking pale and worn. He walked up to the sideboard,and tearing a piece from the loaf he devoured it voraciously,washing it down with a long draught of water.
6.  "The further points, that he is middle-aged, that his hair isgrizzled, that it has been recently cut, and that he useslime-cream, are all to be gathered from a close examination of thelower part of the lining. The lens discloses a large number ofhair-ends, clean cut by the scissors of the barber. They allappear to be adhesive, and there is a distinct odour oflime-cream. This dust, you will observe, is not the gritty, graydust of the street but the fluffy brown dust of the house, showingthat it has been hung up indoors most of the time; while the marksof moisture upon the inside are proof positive that the wearerperspired very freely, and could therefore, hardly be in the bestof training."


1.  .
2.  Moran, Sebastian, Colonel. Unemployed. Formerly 1st BangalorePioneers. Born London, 1840. Son of Sir Augustus Moran, C.B., onceBritish Minister to Persia. Educated Eton and Oxford. Served in JowakiCampaign, Afghan Campaign, Charasiab (despatches), Sherpur, and Cabul.Author of Heavy Game of the Western Himalayas (1881); Three Monthsin the Jungle (1884). Address: Conduit Street. Clubs: TheAnglo-Indian, the Tankerville, the Bagatelle Card Club.On the margin was written, in Holmes's precise hand:
3.  "No, no, Mr. Gilchrist, sir, I never said a word- never one word!"cried the servant.
4.  "Certainly. What is the case?"
5.   "The public don't know how good he is. Sir Robert has been tooclever for the touts. He has the Prince's half-brother out forspins. You can't tell 'em apart. But there are two lengths in afurlong between them when it comes to a gallop. He thinks of nothingbut the horse and the race. His whole life is on it. He's holdingoff the Jews till then. If the Prince falls him he is done.""It seems a rather desperate gamble, but where does the madness comein?"
6.  "The hero of the Long Island cave mystery?" said Holmes. "Sir, Iam pleased to meet you."


1.  "Very simply. When those packets were sealed up, Jonas Oldacre gotMcFarlane to secure one of the seals by putting his thumb upon thesoft wax. It would be done so quickly and so naturally, that I daresaythe young man himself has no recollection of it. Very likely it justso happened, and Oldacre had himself no notion of the use he would putit to. Brooding over the case in that den of his, it suddenly struckhim what absolutely damning evidence he could make against McFarlaneby using that thumb-mark. It was the simplest thing in the world forhim to take a wax impression from the seal, to moisten it in as muchblood as he could get from a pin-prick, and to put the mark upon thewall during the night, either with his own hand or with that of hishousekeeper. If you examine among those documents which he took withhim into his retreat, I will lay you a wager that you find the sealwith the thumb-mark upon it."
2.  "At what hour was the office closed on Monday?"
3.  At the sight of these newcomers our client had sprung from hisseat and stood very erect, with his eyes cast down and his hand thrustinto the breast of his frock-coat, a picture of offended dignity.The lady had taken a quick step forward, but had held out her handto him, but he still refused to raise his eyes. It was as well for hisresolution, perhaps, for her pleading face was one which it was hardto resist.
4、  "I think that it is fairly obvious. What do you say, Watson?"I shrugged my shoulders. "I must confess that I am out of mydepths," said I.
5、  "It means that I can make neither head nor tail of it. So far as Ican see, it is just as tangled a business as ever I handled, and yetat first it seemed so simple that one couldn't go wrong. There's nomotive, Mr. Holmes. That's what bothers me- I can't put my hand on amotive. Here's a man dead- there's no denying that- but, so far as Ican see, no reason on earth why anyone should wish him harm."Holmes lit his cigar and leaned back in his chair.




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      "I simply wrote: 'Shall it be the police, then?' I think that shouldpass us in."

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      Count Sylvius cast a somewhat unflattering glance at his associateand disregarded the unwashed hand which was extended towards him."What- d'ye think I'm going to snitch it off you? See here,mister, I'm getting a bit tired of your ways."

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       "Yes, only one."

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      "It is no reflection upon your professional knowledge," said he,"for I believe that, save for one sample in a laboratory at Buda,there is no other specimen in Europe. It has not yet found its wayeither into the pharmacopoeia or into the literature of toxicology.The root is shaped like a foot, half human, half goatlike; hence thefanciful name given by a botanical missionary. It is used as an ordealpoison by the medicine-men in certain districts of West Africa andis kept as a secret among them. This particular specimen I obtainedunder very extraordinary circumstances in the Ubangi country." Heopened the paper as he spoke and disclosed a heap of reddish-brown,snuff-like powder.

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    {  There is no use writing the details of that dreadful event. In theevent of your acceding to my request it is probable that I shallhave to narrate them to you. I have only just recovered from nineweeks of brain-fever and am still exceedingly weak. Do you thinkthat you could bring your friend Mr. Holmes down to see me? I shouldlike to have his opinion of the case, though the authorities assure methat nothing more can be done. Do try to bring him down, and as soonas possible. Every minute seems an hour while I live in this stateof horrible suspense. Assure him that if I have not asked his advicesooner it was not because I did not appreciate his talents, butbecause I have been off my head ever since the blow fell. Now I amclear again, though I dare not think of it too much for fear of arelapse. I am still so weak that I have to write, as you see, bydictating. Do try to bring him.

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      "My researches!"}

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      "And that recommendation, with the exaggerated estimate of myability with which he prefaced it, was, if you will believe me,Watson, the very first thing which ever made me feel that a professionmight be made out of what had up to that time been the merest hobby.At the moment, however, I was too much concerned at the sudden illnessof my host to think of anything else.

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      "Never," said our client.

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       Inspector Martin and I had listened with the utmost interest tothe full and clear account of how my friend had produced results whichhad led to so complete a command over our difficulties."What did you do then, sir?" asked the inspector.

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    {  "Well, we have nothing else to go upon-no evidence of any kind.""Have you formed any theory about how that bell rang?"

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      "Can you see them in your mind's eye?"