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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But I have sworn to kill that man!" said D'Artagnan."Your life is devoted from this moment, and does not belong toyou. In the name of the queen I forbid you to throw yourselfinto any peril which is foreign o that of your journey.""And do you command nothing in your own name?"
2.  "I have an idea," said D'Artagnan.
3.  "So it was for me alone you have taken the trouble to cross theChannel?"
4.  "But is it the custom for the officers in the English navy toplace themselves at the service of their female compatriots whenthey land in a port of Great Britain, and carry their gallantryso far as to conduct them ashore?"
5.  "Say no more of that, madame," said Felton. "There is nosituation, however terrible it may be, which can authorize acreature of God to inflict death upon himself. I have reflected,and I cannot, must not be guilty of such a sin."
6.  "Me?"


1.  "What could I do?" said Porthos. "This horse made my visitorsashamed of theirs, and I don't like to humiliate people.""Then your duchess is still at the waters?" asked D'Artagnan."Still," replied Porthos. "And, my faith, the governor of theprovince--one of the gentlemen I expected today--seemed to havesuch a wish for him, that I gave him to him."
2.  "How? know you again? Did you ever see that man before?""He came twice to Milady's."
3.  The young man departed, laughing at the joke, which he thought healone could comprehend.
4.  "But who, then was this man?" asked Felton.
5.  "Ah, you have reflected!" said the prisoner, sitting down in herarmchair, with a smile of disdain; "and I also have reflected.""Upon what?"
6.  "Why, good God! you will be deceived just the same," saidAthos, who was an optimist when things were concerned, and apessimist when men were in question. "They will promiseeverything for the sake of the money, and on the road fearwill prevent them from acting. Once taken, they will bepressed; when pressed, they will confess everything. Whatthe devil! we are not children. To reach England"--Athoslowered his voice--"all France, covered with spies andcreatures of the cardinal, must be crossed. A passport forembarkation must be obtained; and the party must beacquainted with English in order to ask the way to London.Really, I think the thing very difficult."


1.  "I have paid you five hundred of them."
2.  He went toward the door and opened it hastily.
3.  "Wretch!" cried Milady.
4.  "Monsieur shall see that upon occasion I have some left; only Ibeg Monsieur not to be too prodigal of it if he wishes it to lastlong."
5.   "The aid of a gentleman, not the watchfulness of a spy.""The word is rather hard."
6.  "Let us see," said D'Artagnan. "Are you SURE that the OTHERis dead?"


1.  "Athos," said the king, mechanically; "yes, certainly I know thatname."
2.  "What do you say, sire? God forbid that the queen should sufferthe least inconvenience or uneasiness on my account! She hasalways believed me, sire, to be her enemy; although your Majestycan bear witness that I have always taken her part warmly, evenagainst you. Oh, if she betrayed your Majesty on the side ofyour honor, it would be quite another thing, and I should be thefirst to say, 'No grace, sire--no grace for the guilty!'Happily, there is nothing of the kind, and your Majesty has justacquired a new proof of it."
3.  "This same waiting maid seems to have an agreeable style," saidthe messenger, carelessly.
4、  "I am lost," murmured she; "I am lost! I am in the power of menupon whom I can have no more influence than upon statues ofbronze or granite; they know me by heart, and are steeled againstall my weapons. It is, however, impossible that this should endas they have decreed!"
5、  Athos, whose keen eye lost nothing, perceived a faintly sly smilepass over the lips of the young Gascon as he replied, "We had ashort discussion upon dress."




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      "Without confiding to them the secret which I am not willing toknow?"

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      "Good," thought Milady; "she takes a pleasure in my conversation. Ifshe is a cardinalist, she has no fanaticism, at least.She then went on to describe the persecutions exercised by the cardinalupon his enemies. The abbess only crossed herself, without approving ordisapproving.

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       "Decidedly, this is a clever fellow," murmured Athos."And now you are assembled, gentlemen," said D'Artagnan, "permitme to offer you my apologies.

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      "What do you say?"

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    {  "Your Eminence may perceive that if we had not taken thisprecaution, we should have been exposed to allowing you to passwithout presenting you our respects or offering you our thanksfor the favor you have done us in uniting us. D'Artagnan,"continued Athos, "you, who but lately were so anxious for such anopportunity for expressing your gratitude to Monseigneur, here itis; avail yourself of it."

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      "And in that case, how shall I know where you are?""You do not want your lackey?"}

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      "It may be counterfeit," said Athos. "Between six and seveno'clock the road of Chaillot is quite deserted; you might aswell go and ride in the forest of Bondy."

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      "Because she flew into a great passion on receiving the letter,saying that Monsieur Porthos was a weathercock, and that she wassure it was for some woman he had received this wound.""Has he been wounded, then?"

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       "I must beg your Eminence to observe," said Milady, "thatsince the affair of the diamond studs, about which the dukealways suspected me, his Grace distrusts me."

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    {  The queen made a curtsy, less from etiquette than because herknees were sinking under her. The king went away enchanted."I am lost," murmured the queen, "lost!--for the cardinal knowsall, and it is he who urges on the king, who as yet knows nothingbut will soon know everything. I am lost! My God, my God, myGod!"

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      "Silence, silence!" cried the duke. "If I am happy in an error,do not have the cruelty to lift me from it. You have told meyourself, madame, that I have been drawn into a snare; I,perhaps, may leave my life in it--for, although it may bestrange, I have for some time had a presentiment that I shouldshortly die." And the duke smiled, with a smile at once sad andcharming.