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1.   After that Madame Eliza had made an end of her Song, which sheesealed up with an heart-breaking sigh: they all sate amazedlywondering at her moanes, not one among them being able toconjecture, what should be the reason of her singing in this manner.But the King being in a good and pleasing temper, calling Tindaro,commaunded him to bring his Bagge-pipe, by the sound whereof theydanced divers daunces: And a great part of the night being spent inthis manner, they all gave over, and departed to their Chambers.
2. 直播也是内容的一种形式,短视频也是内容的一种形式,因为有了这些内容,我喜欢了你,最后我从你这买东西,这可能是快手电商和其它的平台最大的不同。
3. 当年,他以437分、全校第一的身份考入福州一中。
4.   Our firste foe, the serpent Satanas, That hath in Jewes' heart his waspe's nest, Upswell'd and said, "O Hebrew people, alas! Is this to you a thing that is honest,* *creditable, becoming That such a boy shall walken as him lest In your despite, and sing of such sentence, Which is against your lawe's reverence?"
5.   "A retired baker?" asked the fruiteress.
6. X


1. 还要有一个持久可以赚钱的商业模式。
2. 联想记忆
3. 没有技术支撑的前提下,教育对人的依赖会越来越重。
4. 希望我们每一个人,包括他(高以翔)最爱的家人、朋友,都要喜喜乐乐的过每一天,唯有如此,他才能安心离开,去最快乐最无忧无虑的地方
5. 然而,理性地追求物质享受只是人类的本能,而不是价值观。价值观不是本能,而是精英们制造的关于社会关系的观念,要求在获取个人利益的同时不能不择手段,不能伤害社会中他人的利益。物质利益是重要的,成为“主义”,则反社会了。个人理性是重要的,成为“主义”,也是反社会的。本能以利己为要,而社会价值观在本质上是利他的。当社会精英把“人类社会”的法则简化为市场法则,甚至简化为动物界法则,普适道德就成了“理性主义者”们的逻辑“累赘”。维系人类社会,靠的是人类成千上万年痛苦积淀的普适道德规则,亦称“正义”或“基本法”,是深深种植在人类心灵里的。
6.   Inquisitive Traveller


1. 1.餐馆老板(visionary)有远见的人经常但并非总是CEO,他们是团队的跳动心脏。
2.   'The lady who built the new part of this house as that tabletrecords, and whose son overlooks and directs everything here.'
3.   `Monseigneur? That?'
4. 无论几次元,好的东西大家都会喜欢。
5.   Camaralzaman was obliged to stay and pay him the last offices, so having dug a grave in the garden he wrapped the kind old man up and buried him. He then locked the door, gave up the key to the owner of the garden, and hurried to the quay only to hear that the ship had sailed long ago, after waiting three hours for him.
6. 百度取消新闻源制度的消息可谓一石激起千层浪,铺天盖地的新闻报道翻来覆去就那几句话,你粘贴我几句,我copy你几句,估计连你旁边的猫都看烦了吧。


1. 然后,卢瑟福对查德威克讲:“后面的事你自己来跟大家讲一讲……”
2.  “这条零库存的供应链可以说是毕胜一个人撑起来的。
3. 展开全文公司动向SpaceX成为全球最大商业卫星公司,猎鹰一箭60星发射成功SpaceX昨晚在Falcon9火箭上从其Starlink网络发射了另外60颗卫星,该火箭从佛罗里达的CapeCanaveral离开。
4.   "No; and you, Porthos?"
5. 辨析:这段话之后,吴晓波花了一段篇幅分析这三种盈利方式为什么行不通。
6. During last year's LFW, there were 250 anti-fur protesters, The Guardian reported, and a show in February saw an activist storm the stage at a Mary Katrantzou show.


1.   All this she thought of as Drouet rummaged the drawers forcollars and laboured long and painstakingly at finding a shirt-stud. He was in no hurry to rush this matter. He felt anattraction to Carrie which would not down. He could not thinkthat the thing would end by his walking out of the room. Theremust be some way round, some way to make her own up that he wasright and she was wrong--to patch up a peace and shut outHurstwood for ever. Mercy, how he turned at the man's shamelessduplicity.
2.   When the Pilgrim had heard their voluntary confession, he tookehis leave of his Knight, returning secretly to the house of MadamHermelina, and there (because all her people were in their beds) shecarefully awaited his returne, to beare some glad tydings of herfather, and to make a further reconciliation betweene her andTheobaldo, when sitting downe by her, he said: Deare Love, be ofgood cheere, for (upon my word) to morrow you shall have your fatherhome safe, well, and delivered from all further danger: and toconfirme her the more confidently in his words, he declared at largethe whole carriage of the businesse. Hermelina being wondrouslyjoyfull, for two such succesefull accidents to injoy her husband aliveand in health, and also to have her father freed from so great adanger; kissed and embraced him most affectionately, welcomming himlovingly into her bed, whereto so long time hee had beene a stranger.
3.   The latter--a pretty girl of about twenty or twenty-twoyears, active and lively, the true SOUBRETTE of a greatlady--jumped from the step upon which, according to thecustom of the time, she was seated, and took her way towardthe terrace upon which D'Artagnan had perceived Lubin.D'Artagnan followed the soubrette with his eyes, and saw hergo toward the terrace; but it happened that someone in thehouse called Lubin, so that Planchet remained alone, lookingin all directions for the road where D'Artagnan had disappeared.The maid approached Planchet, whom she took for Lubin, andholding out a little billet to him said, "For your master.""For my master?" replied Planchet, astonished.

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      2. On this Tyrwhitt remarks; "I know not how it has happened, that in the principal modern languages, John, or its equivalent, is a name of contempt or at least of slight. So the Italians use 'Gianni,' from whence 'Zani;' the Spaniards 'Juan,' as 'Bobo Juan,' a foolish John; the French 'Jean,' with various additions; and in English, when we call a man 'a John,' we do not mean it as a title of honour." The title of "Sir" was usually given by courtesy to priests.

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    "Miss Amelia," she said in a low voice, "Miss Minchin says I may try to make her stop--may I?"

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      "Sire," replied the bird, before either the princes or the princess could speak, "surely your Highness cannot be so surprised at beholding a cucumber stuffed with pearls, when you believed without any difficulty that the Sultana had presented you, instead of children, with a dog, a cat, and a log of wood."

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    Of course, these same new forces may also trigger a backlash and a reversion to old command-and-control ways of leading. The politicians who dominate the world stage are, depressingly, mostly cut from the old cloth, and the leadership challenges they face, from Brexit to North Korea, are particularly complex.