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1.  (以上数据来自东方财富choice金融终端)如今监管部门对上市发行的态度让众多新三板公司看到了希望,终于按捺不住转板的春心。
2. 比如说进行低脂低糖饮食、增加运动、减轻体重、戒除烟酒等生活方式的改善,如果有三高,则要服用相关药物进行良好的控制,这些措施会使血管老化的速度慢下来,使斑块的增长变慢。
3.   "Poor dear Monsieur D'Artagnan," said Kitty, in a voice fullof compassion, and pressing anew the young man's hand."You pity me, little one?" said D'Artagnan.
4.   In the currents of life, in action's storm, I float and I wave With billowymotion! Birth and the grave A limitless ocean, A constant weaving Withchange still rife, A restless heaving, A glowing life Thus time's whirring loomunceasing I ply, And weave the life - garment of deity.Faust
5. 我妈今年70岁了,患有老慢支,跟我们住一起,我还有个11岁的儿子,他们都是感染的高危人群。
6. ['traigl]


1. 公诉认为,陈贵平基于法律规定和社会伦理道德,具有救助义务。
2.   "The man that the whole force has been seeking in vain- ColonelSebastian Moran, who shot the Honourable Ronald Adair with anexpanding bullet from an air-gun through the open window of thesecond-floor front of No. 427 Park Lane, upon the thirtieth of lastmonth. That's the charge, Lestrade. And now, Watson, if you can endurethe draught from a broken window, I think that half an hour in mystudy over a cigar may afford you some profitable amusement."Our old chambers had been left unchanged through the supervisionof Mycroft Holmes and the immediate care of Mrs. Hudson. As Ientered I saw, it is true, an unwonted tidiness, but the old landmarkswere all in their place. There were the chemical corner and theacid-stained, deal-topped table. There upon a shelf was the row offormidable scrap-books and books of reference which many of ourfellow-citizens would have been so glad to burn. The diagrams, theviolin-case, and the pipe-rack- even the Persian slipper whichcontained the tobacco- all met my eyes as I glanced round me. Therewere two occupants of the room- one, Mrs. Hudson, who beamed upon usboth as we entered- the other, the strange dummy which had played soimportant a part in the evening's adventures. It was a waxcolouredmodel of my friend, so admirably done that it was a perfect facsimile.It stood on a small pedestal table with an old dressing-gown ofHolmes's so draped round it that the illusion from the street wasabsolutely perfect.
3. We scrambled along the steep banks and got close to the pool that foamed and boiled beneath the falling water. Here we searched the border and found traces of color beyond dispute. More--Jeff suddenly held up an unlooked-for trophy.
4. 这个模式在各国通用。虽然偶有新思想产生新风潮,打破模式,并引起轰动。但是,信息时代的大部分精英还是跟着其他精英的老路走,沿用他们的模式。信息时代的精英甚至会显露出那种好高骛远,造成了靠残酷剥削致富的资本家时代的那种强烈反冲力。如起诉微软、甲骨文及其他公司的反托拉斯案;对苹果计算机公司股票期权回溯的调查;对中国政府和雅虎、谷歌、微软之间的审查交易的国会听证会;唱片公司起诉博闻网和卡扎网等在线文件共享网;电视台控告YouTube网站。这些冲突不仅发生在美国。在中国,互联网也受到大力反对;在亚洲和欧洲,一些互联网巨子受到审判,被定罪;许多原本看似合理的投资交易和做法,随着市场的下滑,却露出破绽,有些根本就是欺诈和骗局。
5. 经耐心劝说,老人随民警下了车,公交车随后驶离公交站。
6. adamant


1.   "You never asked me," he returned.
2.   It was nearly a mile to the cottage, and Connie senior was well red by Connie junior by the time the game-keeper's picturesque little home was in sight. The child was already as full to the brim with tricks as a little monkey, and so self-assured.
3. 减了60斤后,路遇一些亲戚同学,都认不出来了。
4. 每到夜深人静的时候,我才能做回我自己,冲动是魔鬼啊王某秋忏悔人说
5.   It was in her second winter at Wragby her father said to her: `I hope, Connie, you won't let circumstances force you into being a demi-vierge.'
6. 遵化市新冠肺炎确诊病例夏某某,于2020年1月13日至1月18日间去往云南跟团旅游。


1.   "I left it when I was but five years old," replied Haidee.
2.   Methinks'twere well we pack'd him quietly away.Siebel
3.   "I'm going up the street for a walk," she said after supper.
4.   Carrie was doing better, that he knew. Her clothes were improvednow, even fine. He saw her coming and going, sometimes picturingto himself her rise. Little eating had thinned him somewhat. Hehad no appetite. His clothes, too, were a poor man's clothes.Talk about getting something had become even too threadbare andridiculous for him. So he folded his hands and waited--for what,he could not anticipate.
5. 另一家被打掉的中某时代网络科技公司成立于2013年,服务对象主要是中小企业主,宣称我出团队,我出项目,我出管理,我出成本,而你坐等收益即可,月投资回报100%-3000%,年投资回报100-5000倍。
6. 想一想再看


1. 苏先生说,他带工人做装修工作,30万是用来发工资的。
2. 《37个汽车分时租赁项目全盘点:看一年之后谁还能活着》行业正处在大热的风口,各色玩家们激战正酣,而友友用车的突然溃败则成了这热闹场景中的第一盆冷水。
3.   The two first heads shall be here d

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      Faire Ladies, at such time as the good King William reigned inSicily, there lived within the same Dominion, a young Gentleman, namedSignior Amarigo, Abbot of Trapani, who among his other worldlyblessings, (commonly termed the goods of Fortune) was notunfurnished of children; and therefore having neede of servants, hemade his provision of them the best he might. At that time, certaineGallies of Geneway Pyrates comming from the Easterne parts, whichcoasting along Armenia, had taken divers children; he bought some ofthem, thinking that they were Turkes. They all resembling clownishPeazants, yet there was one among them, who seemed to be of moretractable and gentle nature, yea, and of a more affable countenancethan any of the rest, being named Theodoro: who growing on inyeeres, (albeit he lived in the condition of a servant) was educatedamong Amarigoes Children, and as enstructed rather by nature, thenaccident, his conditions were very much commended, as also the featureof his body, which proved so highly pleasing to his Master Amarigo,that he made him a free man, and imagining him to be a Turke, causedhim to be baptized, and named Pedro, creating him superintendent ofall his affaires, and reposing his-chiefest trust in him.

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      "'Then the matter stands thus. You are probably aware thatfuller's-earth is a valuable product. and that it is only found in oneor two places in England?'