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1.   She used her feet less heavily, a thing that was brought about byher attempting to imitate the treasurer's daughter's gracefulcarriage. How much influence the presence of that young woman inthe same house had upon her it would be difficult to say. But,because of all these things, when Hurstwood called he had found ayoung woman who was much more than the Carrie to whom Drouet hadfirst spoken. The primary defects of dress and manner hadpassed. She was pretty, graceful, rich in the timidity born ofuncertainty, and with a something childlike in her large eyeswhich captured the fancy of this starched and conventional poseramong men. It was the ancient attraction of the fresh for thestale. If there was a touch of appreciation left in him for thebloom and unsophistication which is the charm of youth, itrekindled now. He looked into her pretty face and felt thesubtle waves of young life radiating therefrom. In that largeclear eye he could see nothing that his blase nature couldunderstand as guile. The little vanity, if he could haveperceived it there, would have touched him as a pleasant thing.
2. 目前的现状是,高通的第二代7nm平台骁龙865预计将在12月3日于夏威夷举办的年度技术峰会上发布,而商用时间可能要等到明年2~3月份,以三星S11、小米10等手机的推出为开端。
3. 这也引得不少互联网公司仿效。
4. 2018年春节,她打电话告诉父亲医院的诊断,父亲起先生气,挂掉后又在微信里发消息给她:人的这一生在宇宙中也就是一粒尘埃,你能做出这样的决定,为自己而活,其实也很不容易。
5. vt. 挖去果核
6.   'Happen an hour and a half.'


1. prosperity
2. 据银保监会数据,2019年前8月健康险保费收入同比增31.5%,远高于其他险种
3. 英国国家安全委员会当天举行了会议并签署了对华为有限参与的协议。
4. 于是春江水暖鸭先知,从今年大张旗鼓的合作态势来看,地平线第四次CES之旅,核心自然也是要展示落地方案和合作案例。
5. (新浪科技)华为:2019年全年智能手机发货超2.4亿台36氪获悉,华为手机官方微博称,华为2019年全年智能手机发货超2.4亿台,Mate和P系列旗舰智能手机同比增长超50%。
6.   The Seven Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor


1.   Her armes small, her straighte back and soft, Her sides longe, fleshly, smooth, and white, He gan to stroke; and good thrift* bade full oft *blessing On her snow-white throat, her breastes round and lite;* *small Thus in this heaven he gan him delight, And therewithal a thousand times her kist, That what to do for joy *unneth he wist.* *he hardly knew*
2. 这无疑让姚林的心情收到巨大打击。
3. 该旅客提出终止行程,而此时飞机已经滑出,准备起飞。
4.   `Changed!'
5. 从一开始,社交网络就被有效地隔离在互联网之外。比如,Facebook的海量内容通常不会显示在谷歌( Google )搜索结果之中。但是否非得是这种情形?比方说,Twitter搜索结果自动出现在一个标准的谷歌搜索显示页面,岂不是更方便?再比如,当你搜索Yelp时,为什么关于某家餐厅的最新Twitter消息没有显现出来呢?由于利益相悖,不同社交网络往往把各自的内容封锁在专利保护墙之内,但也有不少工具致力于创造性地弥合这道鸿沟。需要说明的是,本文作者的公司已经开发出了这样一种工具。
6. 她不是没有想过回老家,可家人早就因为离婚的事情跟她闹掰了,再说自己和赵明有了孩子,回到老家也是无处容身。


1. 若疫情超预期扩散,则市场便面临进一步下行调整的风险。
2.   "Zounds, monsieur! Because he had boasted that he wouldperforate the stranger with whom you left him in dispute; whereasthe stranger, on the contrary, in spite of all his rodomontadesquickly threw him on his back. As Monsieur Porthos is a veryboastful man, he insists that nobody shall know he has receivedthis wound except the duchess, whom he endeavored to interest byan account of his adventure."
3. 去年2月份中国国家旅游局启用一个名为“美丽中国”的标志,意在向海外宣传推广其旅游形象,然而有人讽刺“美丽中国”这一名称与中国城市在严重污染之下那一张张“不太美丽”的照片相比反差太大。希望专家们今后能设计出一个好一点的方案来。
4. 经济发展岂是任务
5. So there we sat, at ease; all in similar dress; our hair, by now, as long as theirs, only our beards to distinguish us. We did not want those beards, but had so far been unable to induce them to give us any cutting instruments.
6. ——《以赛亚》


1. Jessie was not as ill-natured as she was silly. She picked up her book with a little jerk.
2. 现场视频显示,有伤者上身中刀,躺在担架上。
3. 那天有个快递送到以后,客户让我站远一点,然后拿个酒精喷雾喷了再拿进去。

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    They inherited all that the devoted care of that declining band of original ones could leave them. Their little country was quite safe. Their farms and gardens were all in full production. Such industries as they had were in careful order. The records of their past were all preserved, and for years the older women had spent their time in the best teaching they were capable of, that they might leave to the little group of sisters and mothers all they possessed of skill and knowledge.

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    Neither did they start off on predatory excursions to get more land from somebody else, or to get more food from somebody else, to maintain their struggling mass.

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