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1.   Covered from head to foot with mire and streaming with blood he rose, and leaning on two of his slaves went straight to the palace, where he demanded an audience of the king, to whom he related what had taken place in these words:
2.   But I waited for none of the landlord's explanation. In a tingleof fear I was already running down the village street, and makingfor the path which I had so lately descended. It had taken me anhour to come down. For all my efforts two more had passed before Ifound myself at the fall of Reichenbach once more. There wasHolmes's Alpine-stock still leaning against the rock by which I hadleft him. But there was no sign of him, and it was in vain that Ishouted. My only answer was my own voice reverberating in a rollingecho from the cliffs around me.
3.   `With the child?' asked Connie.
4. 许多情况下,重要的是要保证决定对社区的合法性。
5. 也没什么别的目的,就是来“戳”你心的,并且防不胜防。
6.   Margaret. Martha, Margaret's Neighbour.


1. 概念上,需求量是指在不同的价格(换值)下,消费者意图换取的最高的量。需求曲线于是成为在不同价格下最高的不同需求量的界线。
2. 虽然如此频繁占用体育课的现象并不多见,但一些学校对体育课缺乏重视是不争的事实。
3. “70%的用户需求还是只能通过B2C的方式来实现,B端有大量的自有车辆,最主要的是,能提供稳定、标准化的服务。
4.   Danglars had, however, protested against showing himself ina ministerial box, declaring that his political principles,and his parliamentary position as member of the oppositionparty would not permit him so to commit himself; thebaroness had, therefore, despatched a note to Lucien Debray,bidding him call for them, it being wholly impossible forher to go alone with Eugenie to the opera. There is nogainsaying the fact that a very unfavorable constructionwould have been put upon the circumstance if the two womenhad gone without escort, while the addition of a third, inthe person of her mother's admitted lover, enabledMademoiselle Danglars to defy malice and ill-nature. Onemust take the world as one finds it.
5.   "Loving is an office of despair, And one thing is therein that is not fair; For who that gets of love a little bliss, *But if he be away therewith, y-wis, He may full soon of age have his hair.* *see note <5>*
6. 此外,任职银行高级管理人员,必须持有银行业专业人员职业资格考试(银行管理类)证书。