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1.   Let us now see what had become during this time of the Princess Badoura.
2. 而股东在得知这样晴天霹雳的坏消息后,虽然意外,但出于投资者的眼光和决断,并没有直接放弃,而是将目光聚集到了现有的资源上:公司还有个磨料厂。
3. 腾讯游戏表示,旗下4款试点产品《我叫MT4》、《天龙八部手游》、《和平精英》、《自由幻想手游》将围绕实名认证、游戏时长限制、游戏消费限制等方面进行相关落实。
4.   "He carried off the corpse, which he placed in his own bedwith its face to the wall; then he entered the emptydungeon, closed the entrance, and slipped into the sackwhich had contained the dead body. Did you ever hear of suchan idea?" Monte Cristo closed his eyes, and seemed again toexperience all the sensations he had felt when the coarsecanvas, yet moist with the cold dews of death, had touchedhis face. The jailer continued: "Now this was his project.He fancied that they buried the dead at the Chateau d'If,and imagining they would not expend much labor on the graveof a prisoner, he calculated on raising the earth with hisshoulders, but unfortunately their arrangements at theChateau frustrated his projects. They never buried the dead;they merely attached a heavy cannon-ball to the feet, andthen threw them into the sea. This is what was done. Theyoung man was thrown from the top of the rock; the corpsewas found on the bed next day, and the whole truth wasguessed, for the men who performed the office then mentionedwhat they had not dared to speak of before, that at themoment the corpse was thrown into the deep, they heard ashriek, which was almost immediately stifled by the water inwhich it disappeared." The count breathed with difficulty;the cold drops ran down his forehead, and his heart was fullof anguish.
5. 线上办公期间,我没给员工制定硬性工作标准,毕竟创意型工作属于结果导向类,需要一定的灵活度。
6.   This horrible sight turned me faint, but, to my surprise, my uncle did not show so much surprise as anger.


1.   "Hate you, blame you -- you, Edmond! Hate, reproach, the manthat has spared my son's life! For was it not your fatal andsanguinary intention to destroy that son of whom M. deMorcerf was so proud? Oh, look at me closely, and discoverif you can even the semblance of a reproach in me." Thecount looked up and fixed his eyes on Mercedes, who arosepartly from her seat and extended both her hands towardshim. "Oh, look at me," continued she, with a feeling ofprofound melancholy, "my eyes no longer dazzle by theirbrilliancy, for the time has long fled since I used to smileon Edmond Dantes, who anxiously looked out for me from thewindow of yonder garret, then inhabited by his old father.Years of grief have created an abyss between those days andthe present. I neither reproach you nor hate you, my friend.Oh, no, Edmond, it is myself that I blame, myself that Ihate! Oh, miserable creature that I am!" cried she, claspingher hands, and raising her eyes to heaven. "I once possessedpiety, innocence, and love, the three ingredients of thehappiness of angels, and now what am I?" Monte Cristoapproached her, and silently took her hand. "No," said she,withdrawing it gently -- "no, my friend, touch me not. Youhave spared me, yet of all those who have fallen under yourvengeance I was the most guilty. They were influenced byhatred, by avarice, and by self-love; but I was base, andfor want of courage acted against my judgment. Nay, do notpress my hand, Edmond; you are thinking, I am sure, of somekind speech to console me, but do not utter it to me,reserve it for others more worthy of your kindness. See"(and she exposed her face completely to view) -- "see,misfortune has silvered my hair, my eyes have shed so manytears that they are encircled by a rim of purple, and mybrow is wrinkled. You, Edmond, on the contrary, -- you arestill young, handsome, dignified; it is because you have hadfaith; because you have had strength, because you have hadtrust in God, and God has sustained you. But as for me, Ihave been a coward; I have denied God and he has abandonedme."
2. 若是罗伯斯庇尔对丹东的选举,那么前者会以2比1的比分胜出。若是罗伯斯庇尔对拉法日的选举,后者会以2比1胜出。不过,换了是拉法日对丹东的选举,则丹东会以2比1胜出。因此,这里并不存在全面超出的胜者。谁将最后胜出,取决于哪一场选举最后进行。更常见的情况是,这样没完没了的循环使我们没有办法确认究竟哪种选择代表了人民的意愿。
3. 有千亿房企营销负责人告诉第一财经记者,后期集团将以政策相关细则做指导,依项目及平台具体方向调整传播。
4. 在其制假窝点里,既有国家机关印章、医院印章、部队印章,还有毕业证、房产证、结婚证、驾驶证、身份证、营业执照等各类证件,可谓应有尽有,数量之多令人惊叹。
5.   The eighth statute, to my rememberance, Was, For to speak and pray my lady dear, With hourly labour and great entendance,* *attention Me for to love with all her heart entere,* *entire And me desire and make me joyful cheer, Right as she is, surmounting every fair; Of beauty well,* and gentle debonair. *the fountain
6.   A brute!


1. 一二五三年十月,旭烈兀统领大军出发,目标首先指向木刺夷地区。
2.   If I had been round the world since we parted, we could hardly have been better pleased to meet again. My aunt cried outright as she embraced me; and said, pretending to laugh, that if my poor mother had been alive, that silly little creature would have shed tears, she had no doubt.
3. In the near future, a weary Logan (Hugh Jackman) cares for an ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart) at a remote outpost on the Mexican border. His plan to hide from the outside world gets upended when he meets a young mutant (Dafne Keen) who is very much like him. Logan must now protect the girl and battle the dark forces that want to capture her.
4. 不过,公关不能只注重眼前利益,还要注重隐性增长、价值,这些听起来有点虚无飘渺的东西。
5. 根据近期的官方消息,变相为开发商开绿灯的公职人员,如长安区原发展计划委正副主任、区住建局建设管理科原科长等被通报处理,为失职渎职付出了代价。
6.   "Come with me in here a minute," she exclaimed, turning into astore.


1. 但随着玩具花样的不断翻新,质量也出现了参差不齐的问题,甚至有无良商家将黑心玩具以各种形式推向市场
2. 在第八章,我们讨论了追踪CRB期货价格指数,以把握总体商品价格的重要意义。在我们对任何具体的商品市场进行分析之前,首先必须确定总体商品价格的方向。如果总体商品价格正在上涨,那么判断个别市场为上升趋势就有较大的把握。因此,在制订交易策略时,借助CRB指数的10.5个月的周期,我们可以获得极大的优势。因为商品市场的确倾向于进退与共,所以,CRB期货指数何时出现下一轮重要波峰或
3. "I don't know whether I CAN>, answered Sara, still in her half-whisper; "but I will try."
4.   "I mean as though I labour'd me in this To inquire which thing cause of which thing be; As, whether that the prescience of God is The certain cause of the necessity Of thinges that to come be, pardie! Or if necessity of thing coming Be cause certain of the purveying.
5.   `They aren't, of course,' chimed in Berry, a brown, shy young man, who had called to see Dukes, and was staying the night.
6. 12月9日,闻讯而来的商家、客户以及员工堵在了淘集集上海总部五牛控股大厦门口,希望讨要一个说法。


1. 三、因为ToB有获客周期和实施周期,使得ToB公司或ToB业务是线性增长,ToB企业要想实现指数级增长很困难,一年翻一倍,就很不错了。
2.   With the pickaxe he at once began to destroy the empty sepulchre in the middle of the tomb. One by one he took the stones and piled them up in a corner. When he had knocked down the whole sepulchre he proceeded to dig at the earth, and beneath where the sepulchre had been I saw a trap-door. He raised the door and I caught sight of the top of a spiral staircase; then he said, turning to the lady, "Madam, this is the way that will lead you down to the spot which I told you of."
3. Then, as I got on farther, the palace and treasures and snowy mountain ranges opened up. I had never known there could be such a human being. So--great. I don't mean talented. She was a forester--one of the best--but it was not that gift I mean. When I say GREAT, I mean great--big, all through. If I had known more of those women, as intimately, I should not have found her so unique; but even among them she was noble. Her mother was an Over Mother--and her grandmother, too, I heard later.

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