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1.   On this she led the way, and Ulysses followed in her steps; butnot one of the Phaecians could see him as he passed through the cityin the midst of them; for the great goddess Minerva in her good willtowards him had hidden him in a thick cloud of darkness. He admiredtheir harbours, ships, places of assembly, and the lofty walls ofthe city, which, with the palisade on top of them, were very striking,and when they reached the king's house Minerva said:
2.   She was silent for a few moments in anger.
3.   [SOME difference of opinion exists as to the date at which Chaucer wrote "The Legend of Good Women." Those who would fix that date at a period not long before the poet's death -- who would place the poem, indeed, among his closing labours -- support their opinion by the fact that the Prologue recites most of Chaucer's principal works, and glances, besides, at a long array of other productions, too many to be fully catalogued. But, on the other hand, it is objected that the "Legend" makes no mention of "The Canterbury Tales" as such; while two of those Tales -- the Knight's and the Second Nun's -- are enumerated by the titles which they bore as separate compositions, before they were incorporated in the great collection: "The Love of Palamon and Arcite," and "The Life of Saint Cecile" (see note 1 to the Second Nun's tale). Tyrwhitt seems perfectly justified in placing the composition of the poem immediately before that of Chaucer's magnum opus, and after the marriage of Richard II to his first queen, Anne of Bohemia. That event took place in 1382; and since it is to Anne that the poet refers when he makes Alcestis bid him give his poem to the queen "at Eltham or at Sheen," the "Legend" could not have been written earlier. The old editions tell us that "several ladies in the Court took offence at Chaucer's large speeches against the untruth of women; therefore the queen enjoin'd him to compile this book in the commendation of sundry maidens and wives, who show'd themselves faithful to faithless men. This seems to have been written after The Flower and the Leaf." Evidently it was, for distinct references to that poem are to be found in the Prologue; but more interesting is the indication which it furnishes, that "Troilus and Cressida" was the work, not of the poet's youth, but of his maturer age. We could hardly expect the queen -- whether of Love or of England -- to demand seriously from Chaucer a retractation of sentiments which he had expressed a full generation before, and for which he had made atonement by the splendid praises of true love sung in "The Court of Love," "The Cuckoo and the Nightingale," and other poems of youth and middle life. But "Troilus and Cressida" is coupled with "The Romance of the Rose," as one of the poems which had given offence to the servants and the God of Love; therefore we may suppose it to have more prominently engaged courtly notice at a later period of the poet's life, than even its undoubted popularity could explain. At whatever date, or in whatever circumstances, undertaken, "The Legend of Good Women" is a fragment. There are several signs that it was designed to contain the stories of twenty-five ladies, although the number of the good women is in the poem itself set down at nineteen; but nine legends only were actually composed, or have come down to us. They are, those of Cleopatra Queen of Egypt (126 lines), Thisbe of Babylon (218), Dido Queen of Carthage (442), Hypsipyle and Medea (312), Lucrece of Rome (206), Ariadne of Athens (340), Phiomela (167), Phyllis (168), and Hypermnestra (162). Prefixed to these stories, which are translated or imitated from Ovid, is a Prologue containing 579 lines -- the only part of the "Legend" given in the present edition. It is by far the most original, the strongest, and most pleasing part of the poem; the description of spring, and of his enjoyment of that season, are in Chaucer's best manner; and the political philosophy by which Alcestis mitigates the wrath of Cupid, adds another to the abounding proofs that, for his knowledge of the world, Chaucer fairly merits the epithet of "many-sided" which Shakespeare has won by his knowledge of man.]
4. 埃玛·莫拉诺一生中唯一的成就可能就是坚持。她活了117岁,并把自己的长寿归功于生鸡蛋和没有丈夫。她于4月15日去世。
5. 美国华尔街金融危机在全球蔓延已是不争的事实,据《中国日报》报道,10月8日美联储、英国央行、欧央行等在内的6家央行宣布共同减息50点,以期挽救在美国金融市场动荡影响下日益恶化的世界经济形势。
6.   "I came here," explained Hurstwood, nervously, "because I've beena manager myself in my day. I've had bad luck in a way but I'mnot here to tell you that. I want something to do, if only for aweek."


1.   "It that is all," replied Aladdin, "you shall soon be happy."
2. 我注意到近期来自CVsource(投中数据终端)的一组数据似乎让部分观察者觉得“中关村创业大街的咖啡凉了”。
3. 他在另一项同样由NBER于周一发布的研究中写道:经济大衰退削弱了全球化后留存下来的社区弹性,尤其使那些资源匮乏,又处于中年危机中的弱势群体难以承受冲击。
4. 单词transportation 联想记忆:
5. 白云区法院一审认定,2019年4月17日17时许,徐某洋在广州地铁三号线一列从体育西路开往机场北站方向的列车上,为了满足自己的性欲,趁车上人多拥挤之际,先从后面用手触摸吉某的臀部,继而用身体将吉某推挤至列车车门旁边处,使其无法逃离和反抗,强行将手伸进吉的裙子、内裤及上衣内,抠摸被害人的臀部、阴部及胸部持续约30分钟,直至该车停靠白云区高增站。
6. "You DO look tired, Sara," she said; "you are quite pale."


1. 回想刚到武汉的时候,苦练穿脱防护服,焦急地等待着进入一线的通知。
2. 在这里,绝大多数患者无法自理,由于是隔离病房,没有护工阿姨,除了繁重的治疗外,每两个小时一次测体温、翻身,以及全部的生活护理也都需要我们完成。
3. 韩国文化部一位名叫黄记泳(Wang Ki-young,音译)的主管周五表示,中国当局已要求北京的旅行社从3月中旬起停止韩国游项目。黄记泳表示,此举或扩展至其他省份。
4.   "I agree with you entirely, sir; but all that even you knowwith respect to the French code, I know, not only inreference to that code, but as regards the codes of allnations. The English, Turkish, Japanese, Hindu laws, are asfamiliar to me as the French laws, and thus I was right,when I said to you, that relatively (you know thateverything is relative, sir) -- that relatively to what Ihave done, you have very little to do; but that relativelyto all I have learned, you have yet a great deal to learn."
5. 之后,自己向法院提起了行政诉讼。
6. IPO后,赖奕龙持股为22.7%,拥有64.7%的投票权。


1. 10.Lofree复古原点机械键盘lofree复古原点机械键盘是深圳洛斐客文化有限公司的产品,公司创始团队为一群设计师,经过多年创业积累,最终在复古风格3C周边产品爆发。
2. 就在我们调查的第二天,第五小学校长和我联系说是他们的教师捡到了这笔款,希望民警能帮忙找到失主。
3.   `I wondered what the hammering was,' she said, feeling weak and breathless, and a little afraid of him, as he looked so straight at her.
4. 建议为公共交通立法在市十五届人大三次会议上,王春杰代表还带来了一条关于北京市城市公共交通发展条例的立法建议。
5. Mr. Carmichael watched him anxiously. It was necessary to ask some questions, but they must be put quietly and with caution.
6.   'Mr. Rochester would be glad if you and your pupil would take teawith him in the drawing-room this evening,' said she: 'he has beenso much engaged all day that he could not ask to see you before.'


1. 劳动力价格和剩余价值的量的变化
2. 1. How to make pancakes
3.   "Never."

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      Intercrossing plays a very important part in nature in keeping the individuals of the same species, or of the same variety, true and uniform in character. It will obviously thus act far more efficiently with those animals which unite for each birth; but I have already attempted to show that we have reason to believe that occasional intercrosses take place with all animals and with all plants. Even if these take place only at long intervals, I am convinced that the young thus produced will gain so much in vigour and fertility over the offspring from long-continued self-fertilisation, that they will have a better chance of surviving and propagating their kind; and thus, in the long run, the influence of intercrosses, even at rare intervals, will be great. If there exist organic beings which never intercross, uniformity of character can be retained amongst them, as long as their conditions of life remain the same, only through the principle of inheritance, and through natural selection destroying any which depart from the proper type; but if their conditions of life change and they undergo modification, uniformity of character can be given to their modified offspring, solely by natural selection preserving the same favourable variations.Isolation, also, is an important element in the process of natural selection. In a confined or isolated area, if not very large, the organic and inorganic conditions of life will generally be in a great degree uniform; so that natural selection will tend to modify all the individuals of a varying species throughout the area in the same manner in relation to the same conditions. Intercrosses, also, with the individuals of the same species, which otherwise would have inhabited the surrounding and differently circumstanced districts, will be prevented. But isolation probably acts more efficiently in checking the immigration of better adapted organisms, after any physical change, such as of climate or elevation of the land, &c.; and thus new places in the natural economy of the country are left open for the old inhabitants to struggle for, and become adapted to, through modifications in their structure and constitution. Lastly, isolation, by checking immigration and consequently competition, will give time for any new variety to be slowly improved; and this may sometimes be of importance in the production of new species. If, however, an isolated area be very small, either from being surrounded by barriers, or from having very peculiar physical conditions, the total number of the individuals supported on it will necessarily be very small; and fewness of individuals will greatly retard the production of new species through natural selection, by decreasing the chance of the appearance of favourable variations.If we turn to nature to test the truth of these remarks, and look at any small isolated area, such as an oceanic island, although the total number of the species inhabiting it, will be found to be small, as we shall see in our chapter on geographical distribution; yet of these species a very large proportion are endemic, that is, have been produced there, and nowhere else. Hence an oceanic island at first sight seems to have been highly favourable for the production of new species. But we may thus greatly deceive ourselves, for to ascertain whether a small isolated area, or a large open area like a continent, has been most favourable for the production of new organic forms, we ought to make the comparison within equal times; and this we are incapable of doing.

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