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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "How! You don't know him?"
2.  "Oh, I cannot believe you!"
3.  "Well?" asked the cardinal, on seeing La Houdiniere return."Well, monseigneur," replied the latter, "three Musketeersand a Guardsman laid a wager with Monsieur de Busigny thatthey would go and breakfast in the bastion St. Gervais; andwhile breakfasting they held it for two hours against theenemy, and have killed I don't know how many Rochellais.""Did you inquire the names of those three Musketeers?""Yes, monseigneur."
4.  D'Artagnan looked much disconcerted.
5.  "To be sure they may; and this very day we will write theletters," said Aramis. "Give the lackeys money, and theywill start."
6.  "All sorts of misfortunes."


1.  "I know it well."
2.  Bonacieux called a long time; but as such cries, on account oftheir frequency, brought nobody in the Rue des Fossoyeurs, and aslately the mercer's house had a bad name, finding that nobodycame, he went out continuing to call, his voice being heardfainter and fainter as he went in the direction of the Rue duBac.
3.  And D'Artagnan set the example. Then, turning toward Planchet,he made him a sign to uncock his musketoon.
4.  "Pardon for what?" asked she.
5.  The procurator's wife waited tremblingly.
6.  "That is what I am not at liberty to tell you, gentlemen; youmust trust to me."


1.  "Well," said Felton, "only promise till you have seen me again.If, when you have seen me again, you still persist--well, thenyou shall be free, and I myself will give you the weapon youdesire."
2.  "So much the better! Come, tell me his name!"
3.  "I believe it."
4.  "And you think that your wife--"
5.   "AU REVOIR," said the Musketeer, making a sign to Grimaud touncork the bottle he had just brought.
6.  The first and the most natural was that it might be anambuscade of the Rochellais, who might not be sorry to killone of his Majesty's Guards, because it would be an enemythe less, and this enemy might have a well-furnished pursein his pocket.


1.  "Force her door!" said the cardinal, "and for what purpose?""To do her violence, without doubt," said Athos. "I havehad the honor of informing your Eminence that these men weredrunk."
2.  "She is gone," said he; "she must have returned to the Louvre.""You are sure," replied the stranger, "that she did not suspectthe intentions with which you went out?"
3.  "By US, you mean!" cried D'Artagnan.
4、  D'Artagnan thought this was the moment to interfere. Heapproached the other door, and taking off his hatrespectfully, said, "Madame, will you permit me to offer youmy services? It appears to me that this cavalier has madeyou very angry. Speak one word, madame, and I take uponmyself to punish him for his want of courtesy."
5、  "Very well," said the cardinal; "and you, Monsieur Aramis?""Monseigneur, being of a very mild disposition, and being,likewise, of which Monseigneur perhaps is not aware, aboutto enter into orders, I endeavored to appease my comrades,when one of these wretches gave me a wound with a sword,treacherously, across my left arm. Then I admit my patiencefailed me; I drew my sword in my turn, and as he came backto the charge, I fancied I felt that in throwing himselfupon me, he let it pass through his body. I only know for acertainty that he fell; and it seemed to me that he wasborne away with his two companions."




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      "Who told you of it?"

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      This was the price of the queen's diamond.

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       When they were within ten paces of him, D'Artagnan, who infalling had taken care not to let go his sword, sprang upclose to them.

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      "He sent for me," answered the mercer, proudly.

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    {  "How did you fare?"

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      "Meanwhile, do you know where the Duchesse de Chevreuse and theDuke of Buckingham are now concealed?"}

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      "Why, upon the frontiers of Artois and of Flanders. The siegeonce over, we shall be able to make a tour in that direction.""And that will not be long, it is to be hoped," said Porthos;"for they have this morning hanged a spy who confessed that theRochellais were reduced to the leather of their shoes. Supposingthat after having eaten the leather they eat the soles, I cannotsee much that is left unless they eat one another.""Poor fools!" said Athos, emptying a glass of excellent Bordeauxwine which, without having at that period the reputation it nowenjoys, merited it no less, "poor fools! As if the Catholicreligion was not the most advantageous and the most agreeable ofall religions! All the same," resumed he, after having clickedhis tongue against his palate, "they are brave fellows! But whatthe devil are you about, Aramis?" continued Athos. "Why, you aresqueezing that letter into your pocket!"

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      Milady dreamed that she at length had D'Artagnan in her power,that she was present at his execution; and it was the sight ofhis odious blood, flowing beneath the ax of the headsman, whichspread that charming smile upon her lips.

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       "I have no time to lose. Tomorrow is the twenty-third, andBuckingham sets sail tomorrow with his fleet."

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    {  What he had clearly gained in all this was the diamond,worth five or six thousand livres, which he wore on hisfinger; and even this diamond--supposing that D'Artagnan, inhis projects of ambition, wished to keep it, to make itsomeday a pledge for the gratitude of the queen--had not inthe meanwhile, since he could not part with it, more valuethan the gravel he trod under his feet.

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      The host obeyed. Athos called Grimaud, pointed to a largebasket which lay in a corner, and made a sign to him to wrapthe viands up in the napkins.