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1.   Who, as a rule, a treatise now would care To read, of even moderate sense?As for the rising generation, ne'er Has youth displayed such arrogantpretence.
2. 在这场新冠肺炎疫情中,有多少家庭经历了这种伤痛啊。
3.   "Oh, I have heard-Coldstream Guards."
4. What happened to them first was merely a succession of historic misfortunes such as have befallen other nations often enough. They were decimated by war, driven up from their coastline till finally the reduced population, with many of the men killed in battle, occupied this hinterland, and defended it for years, in the mountain passes. Where it was open to any possible attack from below they strengthened the natural defenses so that it became unscalably secure, as we found it.
5. 团队买书可以报销,而且一定要多买,不看书的要做检讨。
6.   'Miss Eyre, have you ever lived in a town?'


1. 经核实,该款商品双11之前的促销页面并未对保价条件进行明确限定或提示。
2.   "Baptistin," said the count, "have the other fish brought in-- the sterlet and the lamprey which came in the othercasks, and which are yet alive." Danglars opened hisbewildered eyes; the company clapped their hands. Fourservants carried in two casks covered with aquatic plants,and in each of which was breathing a fish similar to thoseon the table.
3.   `Why, are yer back a'ready!'
4. 这听起来可能是个太大的题目,但智人已经无法再等待,哲学、宗教或科学也没有时间忍受没有答案的拖延。我们辩论生命的意义已有数千年之久,不可能让这场辩论无限期延续下去。迫在眉睫的生态危机、日益增加的大规模杀伤性武器的威胁,以及一些打破常规的新技术的崛起,都不允许我们再拖下去。或许最重要的是,人工智能和生物技术正让人类拥有重塑和重新设计生命的能力。很快就会有人必须决定如何使用这股力量,而他决定的理由,则来自关于生命意义的某些含蓄的或者直言的故事。哲学家很有耐心,工程师的耐心要少得多,投资者则是最没耐心的。就算你还没有想清楚怎样运用这股设计生命的力量,市场的压力也不会允许你一千年后再想出答案,而是会用它那只隐形的手迫使你接受它盲目的响应。除非你愿意把生命的未来交给季度收入报表来决定,否则你就应该清楚地了解到底生命有什么意义。
5. 她还解密为何上菜前餐桌上会放空塑料碗。
6.   "Well, you're in luck," remarked another member of the chorus."There isn't another one of us has got a line."


1. "Yes," she said in a new passionate way. "Yes, I am. I'm so hungry now that I could almost eat you. And it makes it worse to hear poor Becky. She's hungrier than I am."
2.   "I think not," replied Chateau-Renaud.
3.   Mephistopheles
4. 由于政策限制、交通不畅等原因,湖北养殖户的鸡卖不出去、蛋卖不出去,就连饲料原料运输进省里,也面临重重阻碍,断粮成为养殖户的生存难题。
5. 影片评价极高,演技也大获好评,尤其是故事的主人公——那些孩子们,以及汽车旅馆经理的扮演者威廉?达福。
6. 五、为什么投资连续亏损的京东?投京东有2个原因,第一点我觉得刘强东很真实。


1. 二是制造资金流水痕迹。
2. 什么人会愿意为未来花大钱投资研发成本?目标清晰的人。
3.   "Have you ever worked at anything before?" he inquired.
4. 她还指出,其他国家在其货币贬值的同时呈现出旅客数量的大幅增加。
5. 微盟的第二个轮子是精准营销,有赞是支付。
6.   `D--n ME!' cried Stryver, `but this beats everything.'


1.   'How do you do, my dear? I am afraid you have had a tedious ride;John drives so slowly; you must be cold, come to the fire.'
2. 想一想再看
3.   'Dear me!' I said.

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