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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes," returned Franz, "for the very three days it is mostneeded."
2.  "Do you hear him, Valentine?" exclaimed Haidee; "he saysthat through me he will suffer -- through me, who wouldyield my life for his." The count withdrew for a moment."Have I discovered the truth?" he said; "but whether it befor recompense or punishment, I accept my fate. Come,Haidee, come!" and throwing his arm around the young girl'swaist, he pressed the hand of Valentine, and disappeared.
3.  "Shall I ring for Baptistin?"
4.  "But why must you leave me so soon?"
5.  "This 25th day of April, 1498, be...Alexander VI., and fearing that not...he may desire to become my heir, and re...and Bentivoglio, who were poisoned,...my sole heir, that I have bu...and has visited with me, that is, in...Island of Monte Cristo, all I poss...jewels, diamonds, gems; that I alone...may amount to nearly two mil...will find on raising the twentieth ro...creek to the east in a right line. Two open...in these caves; the treasure is in the furthest a...which treasure I bequeath and leave en...as my sole heir."25th April, 1498."Caes...
6.  The bride blushed, while Fernand, restless and uneasy,seemed to start at every fresh sound, and from time to timewiped away the large drops of perspiration that gathered onhis brow.


1.  "Truly, madame, I recollect M. Debray told me -- apropos,what is become of him? I have seen nothing of him the lastthree or four days."
2.  "Ah, in such a case one supposes" --
3.  The young sailor jumped into the skiff, and sat down in thestern sheets, with the order that he be put ashore at LaCanebiere. The two oarsmen bent to their work, and thelittle boat glided away as rapidly as possible in the midstof the thousand vessels which choke up the narrow way whichleads between the two rows of ships from the mouth of theharbor to the Quai d'Orleans.
4.  "Yes."
5.  "Yes; he is at work in his library, but he expects you,sir," replied the valet. The stranger ascended a roughstaircase, and before a table, illumined by a lamp whoselight was concentrated by a large shade while the rest ofthe apartment was in partial darkness, he perceived the abbein a monk's dress, with a cowl on his head such as was usedby learned men of the Middle Ages. "Have I the honor ofaddressing the Abbe Busoni?" asked the visitor.
6.  "Ah, mercy -- mercy!" cried Caderousse. The count withdrewhis foot. "Rise!" said he. Caderousse rose.


1.  "But how could you have these fish brought to France?"
2.  "Yes."
3.  "I won't hold my tongue!" replied Caderousse; "I say I wantto know why they should put Dantes in prison; I like Dantes;Dantes, your health!" and he swallowed another glass ofwine.
4.  "Then we are once more reunited?" said Andrea.
5.   "Yes, my lord," replied the servant, "M. Debray is withmadame." Danglars nodded his head; then, turning to MonteCristo, said, "M. Lucien Debray is an old friend of ours,and private secretary to the Minister of the Interior. Asfor my wife, I must tell you, she lowered herself bymarrying me, for she belongs to one of the most ancientfamilies in France. Her maiden name was De Servieres, andher first husband was Colonel the Marquis of Nargonne."
6.  "Can we account for instinct?" said Monte Cristo. "Are therenot some places where we seem to breathe sadness? -- why, wecannot tell. It is a chain of recollections -- an idea whichcarries you back to other times, to other places -- which,very likely, have no connection with the present time andplace. And there is something in this room which reminds meforcibly of the chamber of the Marquise de Ganges* orDesdemona. Stay, since we have finished dinner, I will showit to you, and then we will take coffee in the garden. Afterdinner, the play." Monte Cristo looked inquiringly at hisguests. Madame de Villefort rose, Monte Cristo did the same,and the rest followed their example. Villefort and MadameDanglars remained for a moment, as if rooted to their seats;they questioned each other with vague and stupid glances."Did you hear?" said Madame Danglars.


1.  "Oh, no; I have seen him eat of everything in Italy; nodoubt he does not feel inclined this evening."
2.  "The Spanish one, you mean, I suppose?"
3.  "Yes; there was the prize given by the Jockey Club -- a goldcup, you know -- and a very singular circumstance occurredabout that race."
4、  "I do not quite understand you," replied Franz; "prayexplain your meaning, for you excite my curiosity to thehighest pitch."
5、  "Talking of that," said Debray, "Madame was making inquiriesabout that house, which for the last three months has beenhung with black."




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      "I think that if you would take the trouble of reflecting,you could find a way of simplifying the negotiation," saidFranz.

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      "Ah, I see the eye of a father is no more to be deceivedthan his heart."

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       Fear, that relentless pursuer, clogged Dantes' efforts. Helistened for any sound that might be audible, and every timethat he rose to the top of a wave he scanned the horizon,and strove to penetrate the darkness. He fancied that everywave behind him was a pursuing boat, and he redoubled hisexertions, increasing rapidly his distance from the chateau,but exhausting his strength. He swam on still, and alreadythe terrible chateau had disappeared in the darkness. Hecould not see it, but he felt its presence. An hour passed,during which Dantes, excited by the feeling of freedom,continued to cleave the waves. "Let us see," said he, "Ihave swum above an hour, but as the wind is against me, thathas retarded my speed; however, if I am not mistaken, I mustbe close to Tiboulen. But what if I were mistaken?" Ashudder passed over him. He sought to tread water, in orderto rest himself; but the sea was too violent, and he feltthat he could not make use of this means of recuperation.

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      "What did he tell you?"

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    {  "She is very amiable, then, is she not?" said Albert.

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      "Ah, indeed!"}

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      "Immediately; the steamer waits, and in an hour I shall befar from you. Will you accompany me to the harbor,Maximilian?"

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      Chapter 114Peppino.

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       "Willingly," answered the stranger; "if, indeed, you feelany curiosity respecting one, now, alas, powerless to aidyou in any way."

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    {  "Bravo! an excellent idea. We will disguise ourselves asmonster pulchinellos or shepherds of the Landes, and weshall have complete success."

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      "But you have seen him?"