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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Not at all! Let us recall the exact facts. You met him at adinner party at my house, and you introduced yourself at hishouse; that is a totally different affair."
2.  "M. Beauchamp," announced the servant. "Come in, come in,"said Albert, rising and advancing to meet the young man."Here is Debray, who detests you without reading you, so hesays."
3.  "The brother of Louis XVII.! How inscrutable are the ways ofprovidence -- for what great and mysterious purpose has itpleased heaven to abase the man once so elevated, and raiseup him who was so abased?"
4.  "You are right; it is not you who should apprise M.Danglars, it is I."
5.  "Doubtless he is capricious, but that is all; one thingalone struck me, -- of all the exquisite things he placedbefore us, he touched nothing. I might have suspected he waspoisoning us."
6.  "You are not exactly right, M. Procureur; you must gofarther back."


1.  "Then to admit no one except Major Bartolomeo Cavalcanti andhis son."
2.  "It would be fatal to his interests."
3.  "And you understand heraldry?"
4.  "Alas, it is unhappily but too true. The day after theevent, she decided on leaving Paris with a nun of heracquaintance; they are gone to seek a very strict convent inItaly or Spain."
5.  "Well, this route is impossible."
6.  "Do you wish anything?"


1.  "Ah, monsieur," returned Julie, "it is treason in my brotherto bring you thus, but he never has any regard for his poorsister. Penelon, Penelon!" An old man, who was diggingbusily at one of the beds, stuck his spade in the earth, andapproached, cap in hand, striving to conceal a quid oftobacco he had just thrust into his cheek. A few locks ofgray mingled with his hair, which was still thick andmatted, while his bronzed features and determined glancewell suited an old sailor who had braved the heat of theequator and the storms of the tropics. "I think you hailedme, Mademoiselle Julie?" said he. Penelon had stillpreserved the habit of calling his master's daughter"Mademoiselle Julie," and had never been able to change thename to Madame Herbault. "Penelon," replied Julie, "go andinform M. Emmanuel of this gentleman's visit, and Maximilianwill conduct him to the salon." Then, turning to MonteCristo, -- "I hope you will permit me to leave you for a fewminutes," continued she; and without awaiting any reply,disappeared behind a clump of trees, and escaped to thehouse by a lateral alley.
2.  "Well?" asked Morrel.
3.  "Quite, sir; my master has ordered his horses at eighto'clock precisely."
4.  After Mercedes had left Monte Cristo, he fell into profoundgloom. Around him and within him the flight of thoughtseemed to have stopped; his energetic mind slumbered, as thebody does after extreme fatigue. "What?" said he to himself,while the lamp and the wax lights were nearly burnt out, andthe servants were waiting impatiently in the anteroom;"what? this edifice which I have been so long preparing,which I have reared with so much care and toil, is to becrushed by a single touch, a word, a breath! Yes, this self,of whom I thought so much, of whom I was so proud, who hadappeared so worthless in the dungeons of the Chateau d'If,and whom I had succeeded in making so great, will be but alump of clay to-morrow. Alas, it is not the death of thebody I regret; for is not the destruction of the vitalprinciple, the repose to which everything is tending, towhich every unhappy being aspires, -- is not this the reposeof matter after which I so long sighed, and which I wasseeking to attain by the painful process of starvation whenFaria appeared in my dungeon? What is death for me? One stepfarther into rest, -- two, perhaps, into silence.
5.   "To the king."
6.  "My son," said the abbe, "you, who are a sailor and aswimmer, must know as well as I do that a man so loadedwould sink before he had done fifty strokes. Cease, then, toallow yourself to be duped by vain hopes, that even your ownexcellent heart refuses to believe in. Here I shall remaintill the hour of my deliverance arrives, and that, in allhuman probability, will be the hour of my death. As for you,who are young and active, delay not on my account, but fly-- go-I give you back your promise."


1.  "Oh, by the house of Fenzi, one of the best in Florence."
2.  "Then all he has got to do is to endeavor to repair it."
3.  "`Wait while I light the lamp,' said La Carconte; `it isgrowing dark, and there may be some mistake.' In fact, nighthad come on during this conversation, and with night thestorm which had been threatening for the last half-hour. Thethunder growled in the distance; but it was apparently notheard by the jeweller, Caderousse, or La Carconte, absorbedas they were all three with the demon of gain. I myselffelt; a strange kind of fascination at the sight of all thisgold and all these bank-notes; it seemed to me that I was ina dream, and, as it always happens in a dream, I felt myselfriveted to the spot. Caderousse counted and again countedthe gold and the notes, then handed them to his wife, whocounted and counted them again in her turn. During thistime, the jeweller made the diamond play and sparkle in thelamplight, and the gem threw out jets of light which madehim unmindful of those which -- precursors of the storm --began to play in at the windows. `Well,' inquired thejeweller, `is the cash all right?'
4、  "True," said Beauchamp; "I saw it in the paper. Who is thisCaderousse?"
5、  "The physician may be mistaken!" exclaimed Dantes. "And asfor your poor arm, what difference will that make? I cantake you on my shoulders, and swim for both of us."




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      "No, but he is proud of them; he is better pleased withrewards given to the benefactors of man than to hisdestroyers."

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      "Quite, quite alone," replied the man -- "or, at least,practically so, for my poor wife, who is the only person inthe house besides myself, is laid up with illness, andunable to render me the least assistance, poor thing!"

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       "Nevertheless, you must not exaggerate the evil," said MonteCristo, "for by endeavoring to avoid one fault you will fallinto another. You must resolve upon one simple and singleline of conduct, and for a man of your intelligence, thisplan is as easy as it is necessary; you must form honorablefriendships, and by that means counteract the prejudicewhich may attach to the obscurity of your former life."Andrea visibly changed countenance. "I would offer myself asyour surety and friendly adviser," said Monte Cristo, "did Inot possess a moral distrust of my best friends, and a sortof inclination to lead others to doubt them too; therefore,in departing from this rule, I should (as the actors say) beplaying a part quite out of my line, and should, therefore,run the risk of being hissed, which would be an act offolly."

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      "Indeed," said Louise, "I admire you, and I could almost sayrespect you." The laundress looked on in astonishment, butas she had been promised twenty louis, she made no remark.

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    {  "Faubourg Saint-Germain," said Chateau-Renaud. "The countwill find there a charming hotel, with a court and garden."

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      For a moment Dantes was speechless; then he remembered thatthese caves might have been filled up by some accident, oreven stopped up, for the sake of greater security, byCardinal Spada. The point was, then, to discover the hiddenentrance. It was useless to search at night, and Dantestherefore delayed all investigation until the morning.Besides, a signal made half a league out at sea, and towhich The Young Amelia replied by a similar signal,indicated that the moment for business had come. The boatthat now arrived, assured by the answering signal that allwas well, soon came in sight, white and silent as a phantom,and cast anchor within a cable's length of shore.}

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      "They say that it is quite fair, and that sowing so muchred, you ought to reap a little blue."

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      "Well, baron," said he, "here I am at last; some time haselapsed since our plans were formed, and they are not yetexecuted." Morcerf paused at these words, quietly waitingtill the cloud should have dispersed which had gathered onthe brow of Danglars, and which he attributed to hissilence; but, on the contrary, to his great surprise, itgrew darker and darker. "To what do you allude, monsieur?"said Danglars; as if he were trying in vain to guess at thepossible meaning of the general's words.

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       "In every respect."

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    {  "Asked me questions about the vessel, the time she leftMarseilles, the course she had taken, and what was hercargo. I believe, if she had not been laden, and I had beenher master, he would have bought her. But I told him I wasonly mate, and that she belonged to the firm of Morrel &Son. `Ah, yes,' he said, `I know them. The Morrels have beenshipowners from father to son; and there was a Morrel whoserved in the same regiment with me when I was in garrisonat Valence.'"

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