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1.   "How do people get on the stage, George?" she finally asked,innocently.
2. 王华发现,聊得多了,他竟然有些听不懂潘冬梅的口音。
3.   And, after that, to all her company She made to purvey* horse and ev'rything *provide That they needed; and then full lustily, Ev'n by the arbour where I was sitting, They passed all, so merrily singing, That it would have comforted any wight. But then I saw a passing wondrous sight;
4.   But the Sultan did not wait to hear that his orders had been carried out before going on foot, followed by his whole court to the door of the great mosque, and drawing the Sultana with his own hand out of the narrow prison where she had spent so many years, "Madam," he cried, embracing her with tears in his eyes, "I have come to ask your pardon for the injustice I have done you, and to repair it as far as I may. I have already begun by punishing the authors of this abominable crime, and I hope you will forgive me when I introduce you to our children, who are the most charming and accomplished creatures in the whole world. Come with me, and take back your position and all the honour that is due to you."
5.   I sat down quite disembarrassed. A reception of finished politenesswould probably have confused me: I could not have returned or repaidit by answering grace and elegance on my part; but harsh capricelaid me under no obligation; on the contrary, a decent quiescence,under the freak of manner, gave me the advantage. Besides, theeccentricity of the proceeding was piquant: I felt interested to seehow he would go on.
6. 除了被诟病腾讯没有梦想之外,似乎企业大船已经步入稳定远航阶段,舵手阵列整齐,航线方向明晰,布兵排阵有序。


1. 其实有关偶像团体在中国的发展我们已经通过节目的点评探讨过很多次,目前我国缺的并不是综艺节目,而是成熟的产业链。
2. 刘嘉玲、郎朗、赌王何鸿燊的女儿何超盈……这些星光闪耀的名字,都在林宁的交际范围之内。
3. 对审理的案件分析后发现,青少年发表涉嫌侵权言论的目的是为自己所喜爱的明星提高人气、获取关注。
4.   I know not, dearest, when thy face I see, What doth my spirit to thy willconstrain; Already I have done so much for thee, That scarcely more to dodoth now remain.
5. 如果问题成立,波音公司甚至需要重新检视比MAX更早生产的737NG机型。
6.   In the diagram, each horizontal line has hitherto been supposed to represent a thousand generations, but each may represent a million or hundred million generations, and likewise a section of the successive strata of the earth's crust including extinct remains. We shall, when we come to our chapter on Geology, have to refer again to this subject, and I think we shall then see that the diagram throws light on the affinities of extinct beings, which, though generally belonging to the same orders, or families, or genera, with those now living, yet are often, in some degree, intermediate in character between existing groups; and we can understand this fact, for the extinct species lived at very ancient epochs when the branching lines of descent had diverged less.


1. 在座谈会上,济南文旅发展集团董事长修春海表示,对天下第一泉景区服务中心加入文旅大家庭表示真诚的欢迎。
2. 韩国堪称全球整容行业最繁荣的国家之一,受巨大利益的驱使,韩国整容业也是乱象丛生、鱼龙混杂。
3.   He looked like his illustration, as he raised his eyes to Mr. Lob's face. `But may not--mind! I ask for information, as a plodding man of business who only deals with such material objects as guineas, shillings, and bank-notes--may not the retention of the thing involve the retention of the idea? If the thing were gone, my dear Manette, might not the fear go with it? In short, is it not a concession to the misgiving, to keep the forge?'
4. 所以我们也曾经拍过一些吃面的小视频,还在淘宝在线直播过我们做面和吃面的过程,特别是直播,我们连续做了差不多两个月。
5.   "Oh, father, father!" murmured she, "courage!"
6. 在每一个媒体技术变革的时代,都会有优秀的创业企业诞生。


1. 肯定会有农民工不理解这次活动或不以为然,但1元兑换到货物的人,能感受到我们的公益心就很好,何丽表示。
2. 这一情况在一定程度上也反映了肉类生产商对无肉未来可能性的预期。
3. Song “I Love You China”(Wang Feng)
4. 如此环境,创业者更是捉襟见肘。
5.   32. The story of Ugolino is told in the 33rd Canto of the "Inferno."
6. 业务量的急剧增长使客服的调度主管成为了最忙碌的人。


1.   "You?" cried Franz, whose hair stood on end; "you, M.Noirtier -- you killed my father?"
2.   I have only one further note of this case. It is the letter whichHolmes wrote in final answer to that with which the narrativebegins. It ran thus:
3. 一审获刑6年法院:被告人无悔罪表现法院认为,杨某的不文明行为被姚先生制止时,与姚先生发生争执、拉扯后将姚先生推倒、殴打,杨某与姚先生年龄差距大,其应预见自己的行为可能导致被害人死亡,但没有预见,最终导致姚先生死亡,杨某的行为已构成过失致人死亡罪。

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