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七乐游戏唯一官网【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Oh, that's very well, young man," continued M. de Treville,"that's all very well. I know these airs; I myself came to Pariswith four crowns in my purse, and would have fought with anyonewho dared to tell me I was not in a condition to purchase theLouvre."   Ten minutes afterward she was at home. As she told the queen,she had not seen her husband since his liberation; she wasignorant of the change that had taken place in him with respectto the cardinal--a change which had since been strengthened bytwo or three visits from the Comte de Rochefort, who had becomethe best friend of Bonacieux, and had persuaded him, without muchtrouble, order in his house, the furniture of which he had foundmostly broken and his closets nearly empty--justice not being oneof the three things which King Solomon names as leaving no tracesof their passage. As to the servant, she had run away at themoment of her master's arrest. Terror had had such an effectupon the poor girl that she had never ceased walking from Paristill she reached Burgundy, her native place.

    "Perfectly just," cried the other two Guardsmen, "the judgment ofKing Solomon! Aramis, you certainly are full of wisdom!"The young men burst into a laugh, and as may be supposed, theaffair had no other sequel. In a moment or two the conversationceased, and the three Guardsmen and the Musketeer, after havingcordially shaken hands, separated, the Guardsmen going one wayand Aramis another.

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   In five minutes they gained the land.

   "What man?"


    M. de Treville entertained good company, wholly anticardinalst,though. It may easily be understood, therefore, that theconversation during the whole of dinner turned upon the twochecks that his Eminence's Guardsmen had received. Now, asD'Artagnan had been the hero of these two fights, it was upon himthat all the felicitations fell, which Athos, Porthos, and Aramisabandoned to him, not only as good comrades, but as men who hadso often had their turn that could very well afford him his.Toward six o'clock M. de Treville announced that it was time togo to the Louvre; but as the hour of audience granted by hisMajesty was past, instead of claiming the ENTREE by the backstairs, he placed himself with the four young men in theantechamber. The king had not yet returned from hunting. Ouryoung men had been waiting about half an hour, amid a crowd ofcourtiers, when all the doors were thrown open, and his Majestywas announced.

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   Milady opened the letter with eagerness equal to Kitty's inbringing it; but at the first words she read she becamelivid. She crushed the paper in her band, and turning withflashing eyes upon Kitty, she cried, "What is this letter?""The answer to Madame's," replied Kitty, all in a tremble."Impossible!" cried Milady. "It is impossible a gentlemancould have written such a letter to a woman." Then all atonce, starting, she cried, "My God! can he have--" and shestopped. She ground her teeth; she was of the color ofashes. She tried to go toward the window for air, but shecould only stretch forth her arms; her legs failed her, andshe sank into an armchair. Kitty, fearing she was ill,hastened toward her and was beginning to open her dress; butMilady started up, pushing her away. "What do you want withme?" said she, "and why do you place your hand on me?""I thought that Madame was ill, and I wished to bring herhelp," responded the maid, frightened at the terribleexpression which had come over her mistress's face."I faint? I? I? Do you take me for half a woman? When I aminsulted I do not faint; I avenge myself!"

    The eyes of Milady darted such flashes that although he was a manand armed before an unarmed woman, he felt the chill of fearglide through his whole frame. However, he continued all thesame, but with increasing warmth: "Yes, I can very wellunderstand that after having inherited the fortune of my brotherit would be very agreeable to you to be my heir likewise; butknow beforehand, if you kill me or cause me to be killed, myprecautions are taken. Not a penny of what I possess will passinto your hands. Were you not already rich enough--you whopossess nearly a million? And could you not stop your fatalcareer, if you did not do evil for the infinite and supreme joyof doing it? Oh, be assured, if the memory of my brother werenot sacred to me, you should rot in a state dungeon or satisfythe curiosity of sailors at Tyburn. I will be silent, but youmust endure your captivity quietly. In fifteen or twenty days Ishall set out for La Rochelle with the army; but on the eve of mydeparture a vessel which I shall see depart will take you henceand convey you to our colonies in the south. And be assured thatyou shall be accompanied by one who will blow your brains out atthe first attempt you make to return to England or theContinent."

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   "Yes; speak."

    "Oh! Monsieur," said the old man, "ask me nothing; for if Idared tell you what I have seen, certainly no good would befallme."

<  "And in that case, how shall I know where you are?""You do not want your lackey?"   And yet, if she were a man she would attempt all this, andperhaps might succeed; why, then, did heaven make the mistake ofplacing that manlike soul in that frail and delicate body?The first moments of her captivity were terrible; a fewconvulsions of rage which she could not suppress paid her debt offeminine weakness to nature. But by degrees she overcame theoutbursts of her mad passion; and nervous tremblings whichagitated her frame disappeared, and she remained folded withinherself like a fatigued serpent in repose.

    There were monks who wore the frock with such an ill gracethat it was easy to perceive they belonged to the churchmilitant; women a little inconvenienced by their costume aspages and whose large trousers could not entirely concealtheir rounded forms; and peasants with blackened hands butwith fine limbs, savoring of the man of quality a leagueoff.


<  D'Artagnan drew up his request, and M. de Treville, on receivingit, assured him that by two o'clock in the morning the fourleaves of absence should be at the respective domiciles of thetravelers.   He left the box and dice where they fell, threw the purse tothe wounded man, and eagerly opened the pocketbook.Among some unimportant papers he found the following letter,that which he had sought at the risk of his life:

    "He who wounded Jussac!" cried the king, "he, a boy! Treville,that's impossible!"





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