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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Did he name no one in his passion?"
2.  "I waited your orders," said D'Artagnan, crossing swords.But scarcely had the two rapiers clashed, when a company of theGuards of his Eminence, commanded by M. de Jussac, turned thecorner of the convent.
3.  Parpaillot."
4.  "You would love me, then, if you were not queen! Madame, saythat you would love me then! I can believe that it is thedignity of your rank alone which makes you cruel to me; I canbelieve that you had been Madame de Chevreuse, poor Buckinghammight have hoped. Thanks for those sweet words! Oh, mybeautiful sovereign, a hundred times, thanks!"
5.  "You are too just and reasonable a man, monsieur!" said Treville,"not to accept the proposal I am about to make to you.""Make it, monsieur, I listen."
6.  "well?"


1.  The cardinal seemed furious.
2.  "Yes; you look there for your outfit, I think you said.""Not at all. I have acquired certain knowledge that thatwoman was concerned in the abduction of Madame Bonacieux.""Yes, I understand now: to find one woman, you courtanother. It is the longest road, but certainly the mostamusing."
3.  "Very."
4.  "I?" said the novice.
5.  "You don't know I quit the seminary?"
6.  And he left the chamber without once looking behind him.At the door he found the two men and the spare horse whichthey held.


1.  "You see plainly that I have no sword," said the Englishman."Do you wish to play the braggart with an unarmed man?""I hope you have a sword at home; but at all events, I havetwo, and if you like, I will throw with you for one ofthem."
2.  "And what did the count do?"
3.  "A man who has persued her a long time."
4.  "Seeing you constantly surrounded by Musketeers of a very superbappearance, and knowing that these Musketeers belong to Monsieurde Treville, and were consequently enemies of the cardinal, Ithought that you and your friends, while rendering justice toyour poor queen, would be pleased to play his Eminence an illturn."
5.   And the four friends rushed out of the fort, gained thefield of battle, picked up the four muskets of the privatesand the half-pike of the brigadier, and convinced that thefugitives would not stop till they reached the city, turnedagain toward the bastion, bearing with them the trophies oftheir victory.
6.  "In that case let us go," said the shipmaster.


1.  "Yes, the ground is all sown," said the Jesuit, "and we have notto fear that one portion of the seed may have fallen upon stone,another upon the highway, or that the birds of heaven have eatenthe rest, AVES COELI COMEDERUNT ILLAM."
2.  "Monsieur El Comte de Wardes."
3.  Athos cast a cold and indifferent glance upon the objects we havedescribed, and at the invitation of him whom he came to seek sat downnear him.
4、  "Ah! The king's Musketeers are arrested by the Guards of thecardinal, are they?" continued M. de Treville, as furious atheart as his soldiers, but emphasizing his words and plungingthem, one by one, so to say, like so many blows of a stiletto,into the bosoms of his auditors. "What! Six of his Eminence'sGuards arrest six of his Majesty's Musketeers! MORBLEU! My partis taken! I will go straight to the louvre; I will give in myresignation as captain of the king's Musketeers to take alieutenancy in the cardinal's Guards, and if he refuses me,MORBLEU! I will turn abbe."
5、  "But listen to me, then," resumed Aramis with politeness mingledwith a little impatience. "I do not say I regret; no, I willnever pronounce that sentence, which would not be orthodox."The Jesuit raised his hands toward heaven, and the curate did thesame.




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      "Yes, he has entered."

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      "I shall," replied D'Artagnan, "and instantly."

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       "Do you hear anything?" said she.

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      "But this encounter, sire, is quite out of the ordinaryconditions of a duel. It is a brawl; and the proof is that therewere five of the cardinal's Guardsmen against my three Musketeersand Monsieur d'Artagnan."

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    {  "It is you, sire, who have now incurred hers. And even if shewere to be seriously offended, I could well understand it; yourMajesty has treated her with a severity--"

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      Without listening the least in the world to the lamentations ofM. Bonacieux--lamentations to which, besides, they must have beenpretty well accustomed--the two guards took the prisoner each byan arm, and led him away, while the commissary wrote a letter inhaste and dispatched it by an officer in waiting.Bonacieux could not close his eyes; not because his dungeon wasso very disagreeable, but because his uneasiness was so great.He sat all night on his stool, starting at the least noise; andwhen the first rays of the sun penetrated into his chamber, thedawn itself appeared to him to have taken funereal tints.All at once he heard his bolts drawn, and made a terrified bound.He believed they were come to conduct him to the scaffold; sothat when he saw merely and simply, instead of the executioner heexpected, only his commissary of the preceding evening, attendedby his clerk, he was ready to embrace them both.}

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      "Well, then, let us talk about it, since you desire it," repliedAramis, patiently.

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      "Well, you see how a man may compromise himself when he does notknow what he says," replied Athos, shrugging his shoulders as ifhe thought himself an object of pity. "I certainly never willget drunk again, D'Artagnan; it is too bad a habit."D'Artagnan remained silent; and then changing the conversationall at once, Athos said:

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       "How is that?" cried Porthos and Aramis in a breath.As to Athos, faithful to his system of reticence, he contentedhimself with interrogating D'Artagnan by a look.

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    {  The chevalier raised his head, saw the two young women, and withoutstopping, waved his hand in a friendly way to Milady."The good George!" said she, closing the window with an expression ofcountenance full of affection and melancholy. And she resumed her seat,as if plunged in reflections entirely personal.

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      "All this will not advance your outfit," said Athos; "for ifI am not mistaken, you have left the best of your apparelwith Milady, and she will certainly not have the politenessto return it to you. Fortunately, you have the sapphire.""The jewel is yours, my dear Athos! Did you not tell me itwas a family jewel?"