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1.   "For evermore Love his servants amendeth, And from all evile taches* them defendeth, *blemishes And maketh them to burn right in a fire, In truth and in worshipful* desire, *honourable And, when him liketh, joy enough them sendeth."
2.   `Truly, you did well,' said the Marquis, felicitously sensible that such vermin were not to ruffle him, `to see a thief accompanying my carriage, and not open that great mouth of yours. Bah! Put him aside, Monsieur Gabelle!'
3.   "With what?" inquired the elder Dantes.
4.   Ladie Eliza having concluded her Novell, not without infinitecommendations of the whole company: the Queen turning her lookes toMadame Aimillia, gave her such an expresse signe, as she must needsfollow next after Madame Eliza, whereupon she began in this manner.
5. n. 综合症,典型表现
6. 同时,我们也提醒广大市民,注意个人卫牛生,加强自我防护


1. flimsy
2.   "Ah!" said Holmes.
3.   'And the boy's is, of all such dispositions that ever I have seen,' remarked his sister, 'the most confirmed and stubborn. I think, my dear Clara, even you must observe it?'
4. It is the first time in five years that a single programme broke into the top five, so strong was the hold of the main five global EMBAs.
5. 免费的学习产品,更容易半途而废,交了钱之后,用户会更认真,更认真之后效果更好,满意度还更高。
6. 来源:羊城派客户端。


1.   `What's the matter?'
2. 作者|周郎顾曲。
3. 那么,政府到底应该如何应对恐怖主义?成功的反恐行动,应该三管齐下。第一,秘密打击恐怖组织网络。第二,媒体必须保持客观,避免歇斯底里。恐怖大戏如果无法得以宣传曝光,就不可能成功。不幸的是,媒体往往会免费提供这种宣传机会,着迷似的报道恐怖袭击事件,并且把危险过度夸大,因为比起报道糖尿病或空气污染,报道恐怖主义的报纸销量高出一大截。第三,则在于每个人的想象力。恐怖分子俘获了我们的想象力,用来对付我们。我们总是一次又一次在脑中预演恐怖袭击,回放着“9·11”事件或最近的自杀式炸弹袭击。恐怖分子杀了100人,接着就让一亿人都以为每棵树后都躲着一个杀人犯。每个公民都该负起责任,从恐怖分子手中把自己的想象力解救出来,提醒自己恐怖威胁的真实程度。正是因为每个人的内心恐惧,才让媒体不断报道恐怖主义,让政府对恐怖主义反应过度。
4.   'Is Mr. Rochester an exacting, fastidious sort of man?'
5. 据此网站统计,排名第二的慈善明星是前迪斯尼明星后转型歌手的麦莉塞勒斯。准爸爸查宁塔图姆名列第三。
6. 基于这样的原因,按照经销商的逻辑,就是必须通过经销商体系把物品陈列在货架上面,将企业战略重心都放在渠道这一边。


1. "My eye, miss!" ejaculated Becky. "A blanket 'all!" and she turned to view the splendors about her with awed bewilderment.
2.   "Oh, you mustn't let him know I told you."
3. 点击进入专题:聚焦新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情。
4.   Transplantation is not always successful in the matter of flowersor maidens. It requires sometimes a richer soil, a betteratmosphere to continue even a natural growth. It would have beenbetter if her acclimatization had been more gradual--less rigid.She would have done better if she had not secured a position soquickly, and had seen more of the city which she constantlytroubled to know about.
5. 00后的由十八是青海人,在武汉一家咖啡馆当咖啡师,今年过年因为疫情回不了家,便申请了到武汉红十字会当志愿者。
6. 因此,除了注意保暖之外,在洗澡之后这些事情都不能马上做,建议让宝宝稍微等一段时间,之后再做这些事情,否则很容易会让宝宝生病,威胁宝宝的身体健康。


1.   And hereupon he to his officers Commanded for the feaste to purvey.* *provide And to his privy knightes and squiers Such charge he gave, as him list on them lay: And they to his commandement obey, And each of them doth all his diligence To do unto the feast all reverence.
2. 时间:2019年4月20日地点:南宁吴圩国际机场航班:CZ8427次△图片来源于网络事件:一旅客向飞机投掷6枚硬币,导致飞机延误78分钟,后该旅客被公安机关依法拘留。
3. 该公司拥有云端企业合同管理平台,可使用AI解决合同管理问题。

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    In July, a video of a couple having sex in the fitting room of a Uniqlo clothing store in Beijing took the Internet in China by storm. Some commenters speculated that it was a publicity stunt by the retailer, which denied the claim. Several people were detained on suspicion of uploading and distributing the video.

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      Carrie answered, but was looking away. Down the aisle, towardthe gate leading into the waiting-room and the street, stoodDrouet. He was looking back. When he saw that she saw him andwas safe with her sister he turned to go, sending back the shadowof a smile. Only Carrie saw it. She felt something lost to herwhen he moved away. When he disappeared she felt his absencethoroughly. With her sister she was much alone, a lone figure ina tossing, thoughtless sea.

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      She stared at him, dazed and transfixed, and he went over and kneeled beside her, and took her two feet close in his two hands, and buried his face in her lap, remaining motionless. She was perfectly dim and dazed, looking down in a sort of amazement at the rather tender nape of his neck, feeling his face pressing her thighs. In all her burning dismay, she could not help putting her hand, with tenderness and compassion, on the defenceless nape of his neck, and he trembled, with a deep shudder.

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