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1.   The simple man, yet not so simple, but seeing that this weekelygreazing the Inquisitors hands, would in time graspe away all hisgold, grew weary of this annointing, and began to consider withhimselfe, how to stay the course of this chargeable penance. Andcomming one morning (according to his injunction) to heare Masse, inthe Gospell he observed these words; You shall receive an hundredfor one, and so possesse eternall life; which saying, he keptperfectly in his memory: and as he was commanded, at dinner time, hecame to the Inquisitor, finding him (among his fellowes) seated at theTable. The Inquisitor presently demaunded of him, whether he had heardMasse that morning, or no? Yes Sir, replyed the man very readily. Hastthou heard any thing therein (quoth the Inquisitor) whereof thou artdoubtfull, or desirst to be further informed? Surely Sir, answered theplaine-meaning man, I make no doubt of any thing I have heard, butdo beleeve all constantly: onely one thing troubleth me much, andmaketh me very compassionate of you, and of all these holy Fathersyour brethren, perceiving in what wofull and wretched estate youwill be, when you shall come into another world. What words are these,quoth the Inquisitor? And why art thou moved to such compassion of us?O good Sir, saide the man, do you remember the wordes in the Gospellthis morning, You shall receive an hundred for one? That is verie truereplyed the Inquisitor, but what mooveth thee to urge those words?I will tell you Sir, answered the plain fellow, so it might pleaseyou not to be offended. Since the time of my resorting hither, Ihave daily seene many poore people at your doore, and (out of yourabundance) when you and your Brethren have fed sufficiently, every onehath had a good messe of Pottage: now Sir, if for every dishfullgiven, you are sure to receive an hundred againe, you will all bemeerely drowned in pottage. Although the rest (sitting at the Tablewith the Inquisitor) laughed heartily at this jest; yet he foundhimselfe toucht in another nature, having hypocritically received forone poore offence, above three hundred peeces of Gold, and not a miteto be restored againe. But fearing to be further disclosed, yetthreatning him with another Processe in law, for abusing the words ofthe Gospel, he was content to dismisse him for altogither, withoutany more golden greasing in the hand.
2.   Boyes I have knowne, and seene,
3.   8. A furlong way or two: a short time; literally, as long as it takes to walk one or two furlongs (a furlong is 220 yards)
4. "We want you to teach us all you can," Somel went on, her firm shapely hands clasped on the table before her, her clear quiet eyes meeting ours frankly. "And we want to teach you what we have that is novel and useful. You can well imagine that it is a wonderful event to us, to have men among us--after two thousand years. And we want to know about your women."
5.   Their eyes met. His had a cold, ugly look of dislike and contempt, and indifference to what would happen. Hers were hot with rebuff.
6. 据称这一年,3M口罩在中国卖了超1亿美元,而当年3M中国全年销售额为30亿美元。


1. "Oh, Lottie!" screamed Miss Amelia. "Do stop, darling! Don't cry! Please don't!"
2. 会员体系本身就是一个独立的子产品,这个子产品应该进行全面设计并且认真维护,这样才会给顾客带来真正有价值的服务。
3.   This other Musketeer formed a perfect contrast to hisinterrogator, who had just designated him by the name of Aramis.He was a stout man, of about two- or three-and-twenty, with anopen, ingenuous countenance, a black, mild eye, and cheeks rosyand downy as an autumn peach. His delicate mustache marked aperfectly straight line upon his upper lip; he appeared to dreadto lower his hands lest their veins should swell, and he pinchedthe tips of his ears from time to time to preserve their delicatepink transparency. Habitually he spoke little and slowly, bowedfrequently, laughed without noise, showing his teeth, which werefine and of which, as the rest of his person, he appeared to takegreat care. He answered the appeal of his friend by anaffirmative nod of the head.
4. Attractions: Paradise within reach.
5.   "Ah!" replied the vizir, "something absurd, I feel sure, seeing how I find you."
6. 忠诚度:该解决方案在全公司范围内推出,并且在需要时,客户可以访问电话和电子邮件客户服务团队,网站上的实时聊天,自助服务支持和知识库。


1. ⑤AI商业化落地过去是互联网、移动互联网,软件快速迭代等等,现在是人工智能,要落地就做行业细分,要扎得很深。
2. 国家的功能
3. 交通事故责任认定及处理事宜正在进行中。
4. 出于对乳品行业的了解,2016年张某某开设了两个相关主题的个人微信公众号。
5. 中央电视台的新闻联播,大家伙天天见,赵忠祥的分量自不用说。
6.   "No doubt we had, but I beg you won't try to drag me into thematter, Mr. Holmes. What is the use of our speculating in this waywhen the original plans were actually found on West?"


1. 图3-7
2. 在这个困惑的年代,旧的故事崩塌,新的故事还无以为继,我们该怎么生存下去?
3.   On the morrow, after dinner, arming himselfe, and two more of hisservants with him, such as he had solemnly sworne to secrecy, hemounted on horsebacke, and rode on about a mile from his owneCastle, where he lay closely ambushed in a Wood, through whichGuardastagno must needs passe. After he had stayed there some twohoures space and more, he espyed him come riding with two of hisattendants, all of them being unarmed, as no way distrusting anysuch intended treason. So soone as he was come to the place, wherehe had resolved to do the deed; hee rushed forth of the ambush, andhaving a sharpe Lance readily charged in his rest, ran mainly athim, saying: False villaine, thou art dead. Guardastagno, havingnothing wherewith to defend himselfe, nor his servants able to givehim any succour; being pierced quite through the body with theLance, downe he fell dead to the ground, and his men (fearing the likemisfortune to befall them) gallopped mainely backe againe to theirLords Castle, not knowing them who had thus murthered their Master, byreason of their armed disguises, which in those martiall times wereusually worne.
4.   To take each other's life, I trow, Would cordially delight them! As Orpheus'lyre the beasts, so now The bagpipe doth unite them.Dogmatist
5. 现在,微信用户规模突破11亿,成为国民超级应用。
6. 据当地媒体报道,小区居民称,男童坠楼前曾听到其父母在楼上争吵。


1. 原标题:福利彩票少卖了400亿,人们不爱买彩票了吗?你买过彩票吗?又中过奖吗?民政部日前公布的一个数据显示,好像不少人放弃了一夜暴富的梦想。
2.   'You see she is yet young; you observe she possesses the ordinaryform of childhood; God has graciously given her the shape that Hehas given to all of us; no signal deformity points her out as a markedcharacter. Who would think that the Evil One had already found aservant and agent in her? Yet such, I grieve to say, is the case.'
3. Gitanjali Rao是从10名参加决赛的选手们中被选出来的,他们花了三个月的时间与科学家们进行合作,来实现自己的想法。

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      So they left the house, filled with blood, teares, and outcries,going on together, without any hinderance, and so brought both theBrides aboord the ship, which they rowed away instantly with theirOares. For, now the shore was full of armed people, who came in rescueof the stolne Ladies: but all in vaine, because they were lanched intothe main, and sayled on merrily towards Candye. Where being arrived,they were worthily entertained by honourable Friends and Kinsmen,who pacified all unkindnesses betweene them and their Mistresses: And,having accepted them in lawfull marriage, there they lived in no meanejoy and contentment: albeit there was a long and troublesomedifference (about these rapes) betweene Rhodes and Cyprus.

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      "Thus did we converse, and anon Proserpine sent up the ghosts of thewives and daughters of all the most famous men. They gathered incrowds about the blood, and I considered how I might question themseverally. In the end I deemed that it would be best to draw thekeen blade that hung by my sturdy thigh, and keep them from alldrinking the blood at once. So they came up one after the other, andeach one as I questioned her told me her race and lineage.

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