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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No, monsieur, be satisfied; nobody saw her," replied D'Artagnan,and he related to M. de Treville how the affair came to pass."Oh, the women, the women!" cried the old soldier. "I know themby their romantic imagination. Everything that savors of mysterycharms them. So you have seen the arm, that was all. You wouldmeet the queen, and she would not know who you are?""No; but thanks to this diamond," replied the young man."Listen," said M. de Treville; "shall I give you counsel, goodcounsel, the counsel of a friend?"
2.  "And your Eminence will tell me in what convent that womanis?"
3.  They understood, then, from the few words which escaped fromD'Artagnan, what affair was in hand, and as they thought thatovertaking his man, or losing sight of him, D'Artagnan wouldreturn to his rooms, they kept on their way.
4.  And the young man, delighted with his joke, went away laughingloudly.
5.  He began to reflect upon the events that had passed; they werenumerous and inauspicious. It was scarcely eleven o'clock in themorning, and yet this morning had already brought him intodisgrace with M. de Treville, who could not fail to think themanner in which D'Artagnan had left him a little cavalier.Besides this, he had drawn upon himself two good duels with twomen, each capable of killing three D'Artagnans-with twoMusketeers, in short, with two of those beings whom he esteemedso greatly that he placed them in his mind and heart above allother men.
6.  "The punishment of death," replied D'Artagnan.


1.  "Yes, he has entered."
2.  "Should you know those doors again?"
3.  "Without waiting for my coming out again?"
4.  Her skin was admired for its velvety softness; her hands and armswere of surpassing beauty, all the poets of the time singing themas incomparable.
5.  "Is that all, monseigneur?"
6.  "Have it examined by the governor of the port," said theshipmaster, "and give me the preference."


1.  "How many shots?"
2.  "Yez, yez," said the Swiss; "it's simple enough to dell adream, but I neffer dream."
3.  "Scoundrel!" murmured Felton.
4.  "Oh, more than I can say, Kitty! I am mad for her!"Kitty breathed a second sigh.
5.   "But, my Reverend-" replied Aramis, a little amazed by the showerof arguments that poured upon his head.
6.  "In French, EN AVANT. It is the password. He will give you ahorse all saddled, and will point out to you the road you oughtto take. You will find, in the same way, four relays on yourroute. If you will give at each of these relays your address inParis, the four horses will follow you thither. You already knowtwo of them, and you appeared to appreciate them like a judge.They were those we rode on; and you may rely upon me for theothers not being inferior to them. These horses are equipped forthe field. However proud you may be, you will not refuse toaccept one of them, and to request your three companions toaccept the others--that is, in order to make war against us.Besides, the end justified the means, as you Frenchmen say, doesit not?"


1.  "That is to say, you don't believe what I have told you; isit not so?"
2.  "'And I will say that you are the Sextus. I will denounce youbefore men, as I have denounced you before God; and if it benecessary that, like Lucretia, I should sign my accusation withmy blood, I will sign it.'
3.  "That's well," said he to Planchet, when the latter added theportmanteau to the equipment. "Now saddle the other threehorses."
4、  Then the lamentations of the host and hostess pierced the vaultof the cellar. D'Artagnan himself was moved by them. Athos didnot even turn his head.
5、  At first sight, nothing denoted the cardinal; and it wasimpossible for those who did not know his face to guess in whosepresence they were.




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      D'Artagnan threw himself on his neck and embraced him tenderly.He then tried to draw him from his moist abode, but to hissurprise he perceived that Athos staggered.

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      "Ah, Madame," said D'Artagnan, entering by the door which theyoung woman opened for him, "allow me to tell you that you have abad sort of a husband."

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       "You child, why, there is not a man who has not believed, as youdo, that his mistress loved him, and there lives not a man whohas not been deceived by his mistress."

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      "At the first swallow, it appeared to me not to have the sametaste as in the morning. Suspicion instantly seized me. Ipaused, but I had already drunk half a glass.

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      "You are right, Athos," said D'Artagnan. "Did none of youcharge your purveyor, Godeau, to send me some wine?""No! And yet you say he has sent you some as from us?""Here is his letter," said D'Artagnan, and he presented thenote to his comrades.}

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      "Ah, is that you, D'Artagnan, and you, Athos?" said the youngman. "I was reflecting upon the rapidity with which theblessings of this world leave us. My English horse, which hasjust disappeared amid a cloud of dust, has furnished me with aliving image of the fragility of the things of the earth. Lifeitself may be resolved into three words: ERAT, EST, FUIT.""Which means--" said D'Artagnan, who began to suspect the truth."Which means that I have just been duped-sixty louis for a horsewhich by the manner of his gait can do at least five leagues anhour."

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      During the examination of Milady by the officer, as may well beimagined, Milady on her part was not less scrutinizing in herglances. But however great was the power of this woman with eyesof flame in reading the hearts of those whose secrets she wishedto divine, she met this time with a countenance of suchimpassivity that no discovery followed her investigation. Theofficer who had stopped in front of her and studied her with somuch care might have been twenty-five or twenty-six years of age.He was of pale complexion, with clear blue eyes, rather deeplyset; his mouth, fine and well cut, remained motionless in itscorrect lines; his chin, strongly marked, denoted that strengthof will which in the ordinary Britannic type denotes mostlynothing but obstinacy; a brow a little receding, as is proper forpoets, enthusiasts, and soldiers, was scarcely shaded by shortthin hair which, like the beard which covered the lower part ofhis face, was of a beautiful deep chestnut color.When they entered the port, it was already night. The fogincreased the darkness, and formed round the sternlights andlanterns of the jetty a circle like that which surrounds the moonwhen the weather threatens to become rainy. The air theybreathed was heavy, damp, and cold.

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       "'Yes; for as soon as I leave this place I will tell everything.I will proclaim the violence you have used toward me. I willdescribe my captivity. I will denounce this place of infamy.You are placed on high, my Lord, but tremble! Above you there isthe king; above the king there is God!'

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    {  "From France!" cried Buckingham, forgetting everything in thinking fromwhom that letter came.

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      Grimaud made a sign in the affirmative, and pointed to adozen bodies which he had set up in the most picturesqueattitudes. Some carried arms, others seemed to be takingaim, and the remainder appeared merely to be sword in hand."Bravo!" said Athos; "that does honor to your imagination.""All very well," said Porthos, "but I should like tounderstand."