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1. 单词urban 联想记忆:
2. "Rats!" exclaimed Sara, in horror. "Are there RATS there?"
3.   Tungay stood at Mr. Creakle's elbow. He had no occasion, I thought, to cry out 'Silence!' so ferociously, for the boys were all struck speechless and motionless.
4.   But, as men see in town, and all about, That women use* friendes to visite, *are accustomed So to Cresside of women came a rout,* *troop For piteous joy, and *weened her delight,* *thought to please her* And with their tales, *dear enough a mite,* *not worth a mite* These women, which that in the city dwell, They set them down, and said as I shall tell.
5. Again they motioned us to advance, standing so packed about the door that there remained but the one straight path open. All around us and behind they were massed solidly--there was simply nothing to do but go forward--or fight.
6. 从整个平台我们提供担保交易,无理由退款。


1. "You had better not pay for anything more, ma'am," he remarked, "unless you want to make presents to the young lady. No one will remember you. She hasn't a brass farthing to call her own."
2. 2009~2015年,是我国电子商务快速发展的阶段,网购逐渐成为中国消费者日常生活的新常态。
3. 到目前为止,Brex已经筹集了3.15亿美元的股权融资,以及3亿美元的债务资本。
4.   I see no reason to limit the process of modification, as now explained, to the formation of genera alone. If, in our diagram, we suppose the amount of change represented by each successive group of diverging dotted lines to be very great, the forms marked a214 to p14, those marked b14 and f14, and those marked o14 to m14, will form three very distinct genera. We shall also have two very distinct genera descended from (I) and as these latter two genera, both from continued divergence of character and from inheritance from a different parent, will differ widely from the three genera descended from (A), the two little groups of genera will form two distinct families, or even orders, according to the amount of divergent modification supposed to be represented in the diagram. And the two new families, or orders, will have descended from two species of the original genus; and these two species are supposed to have descended from one species of a still more ancient and unknown genus.
5. 100
6. 在日常工作里面,你好我好大家好,我们互相恭维。


1. 四、波斯人
2.   "What," said Debray, laughing; "do you really mean you wouldgo to his house?"
3. 大门上写了几个字‘欠债还钱,不知道是不是仇家来烧的房子。
4.   Fancy anyone having the heart to hurt him," he muttered as heglanced down at the small, angry red pucker upon the cherub throat.It was at this moment that I chanced to glance at Holmes and saw amost singular intentness in his expression. His face was as set asif it had been carved out of old ivory, and his eyes, which hadglanced for a moment at father and child, were now fixed with eagercuriosity upon something at the other side of the room. Followinghis gaze I could only guess that he was looking out through the windowat the melancholy, dripping garden. It is true that a shutter had halfclosed outside and obstructed the view, but none the less it wascertainly at the window that Holmes was fixing his concentratedattention. Then he smiled, and his eyes came back to the baby. Onits chubby neck there was this small puckered mark. Withoutspeaking, Holmes examined it with care. Finally he shook one of thedimpled fists which waved in front of him.
5.   "Run your car out," called the foreman, waving a vigorous hand athim. A green conductor jumped up behind and rang the bell twiceas a signal to start. Hurstwood turned the lever and ran the carout through the door into the street in front of the barn. Heretwo brawny policemen got up beside him on the platform--one oneither hand.
6. 在艾科亚一案中,人们可能不会把由谁建设生产设备的两难困境看做一个严重的问题,因为艾科亚占有90%的“一代纯铝”市场。不过——这也是第二个条件——它面对的市场会不会仅限于此?即使一代纯铝并不存在任何其他生产商,利用废料再生的“二代纯铝”生产商却可以成为一个竞争来源。艾科亚自己日后的生产也是一个竞争来源。许多以铝为基础的产品是非常耐用的。如果艾科亚日后向市场投入更多纯铝,那么这些耐用产品的价值就会下跌。如果该公司不能令人信服地保证它会限制自己日后的产量,铝基产品的买家就会由于担心日后遭受损失而在今天降低它们愿意为纯铝支付的价格。这跟IBM对大型计算机定价时遇到的问题一样。租赁的解决方案在这里显得更难实现:你不能像租电脑那样租纯铝;艾科亚将不得不扩展自己的生产范围,直到覆盖所有铝基产品为止。


1.   'Yes, I am on an expedition of duty. My mother lives a little way out of town; and the roads being in a beastly condition, and our house tedious enough, I remained here tonight instead of going on. I have not been in town half-a-dozen hours, and those I have been dozing and grumbling away at the play.'
2. 原标题:上海男篮宣布李秋平不再担任球队主帅转任总教练图片来源:上海男篮官方微博截图。
3. 6)看点六:PE、VC常常爱玩的反摊薄保护条款墨迹天气能够发展成天气类应用排名第一的APP,很大程度上,是离不开背后“勤勤恳恳”的资本大佬们的。
4. 七、我随时可以怎样:强权气势的话语,让人听到了就有一种很不舒服的感觉,换句话来说,你以为你是谁?你想怎样就怎样,你到底有多大的能耐?以势压人,只会贬损个人的形象,在大家心中埋下抱怨的种子,这种抱怨,一旦暴发,其弹力之大,是无可想象的。
5. association
6.   "Just one boy, hasn't he?" asked Hurstwood.


1. 提升人们生活和办公效率的便利贴,同样是由3M公司发明的。
2. "Come," she said. "Oh, Becky, come!"
3.   Connie was a little overwhelmed by his words. She knew he was right theoretically. But when she actually touched her steadily-lived life with him she...hesitated. Was it actually her destiny to go on weaving herself into his life all the rest of her life? Nothing else?

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      As I was going upstairs to fetch my portfolio and pencils, Mrs.Fairfax called to me: 'Your morning school-hours are over now, Isuppose,' said she. She was in a room the folding doors of which stoodopen: I went in when she addressed me. It was a large, statelyapartment, with purple chairs and curtains, a Turkey carpet,walnut-panelled walls, one vast window rich in stained glass, and alofty ceiling, nobly moulded. Mrs. Fairfax was dusting some vases offine purple spar, which stood on a sideboard.

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      It might be a vengeance of Milady; that was most probable.He tried in vain to remember the faces or dress of theassassins; he had escaped so rapidly that he had not hadleisure to notice anything.

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