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1.   The three had said they would all live together always. But now Herbert was dead, and Sir Geoffrey wanted Clifford to marry. Sir Geoffrey barely mentioned it: he spoke very little. But his silent, brooding insistence that it should be so was hard for Clifford to bear up against.
2.   No doubt it is a very surprising fact that characters should reappear after having been lost for many, perhaps for hundreds of generations. But when a breed has been crossed only once by some other breed, the offspring occasionally show a tendency to revert in character to the foreign breed for many generations some say, for a dozen or even a score of generations. After twelve generations, the proportion of blood, to use a common expression, of any one ancestor, is only 1 in 2048; and yet, as we see, it is generally believed that a tendency to reversion is retained by this very small proportion of foreign blood. In a breed which has not been crossed, but in which both parents have lost some character which their progenitor possessed, the tendency, whether strong or weak, to reproduce the lost character might be, as was formerly remarked, for all that we can see to the contrary, transmitted for almost any number of generations. When a character which has been lost in a breed, reappears after a great number of generations, the most probable hypothesis is, not that the offspring suddenly takes after an ancestor some hundred generations distant, but that in each successive generation there has been a tendency to reproduce the character in question, which at last, under unknown favourable conditions, gains an ascendancy. For instance, it is probable that in each generation of the barb-pigeon, which produces most rarely a blue and black-barred bird, there has been a tendency in each generation in the plumage to assume this colour. This view is hypothetical, but could be supported by some facts; and I can see no more abstract improbability in a tendency to produce any character being inherited for an endless number of generations, than in quite useless or rudimentary organs being, as we all know them to be, thus inherited. Indeed, we may sometimes observe a mere tendency to produce a rudiment inherited: for instance, in the common snapdragon (Antirrhinum) a rudiment of a fifth stamen so often appears, that this plant must have an inherited tendency to produce it.As all the species of the same genus are supposed, on my theory, to have descended from a common parent, it might be expected that they would occasionally vary in an analogous manner; so that a variety of one species would resemble in some of its characters another species; this other species being on my view only a well-marked and permanent variety. But characters thus gained would probably be of an unimportant nature, for the presence of all important characters will be governed by natural selection, in accordance with the diverse habits of the species, and will not be left to the mutual action of the conditions of life and of a similar inherited constitution. It might further be expected that the species of the same genus would occasionally exhibit reversions to lost ancestral characters. As, however, we never know the exact character of the common ancestor of a group, we could not distinguish these two cases: if, for instance, we did not know that the rock-pigeon was not feather-footed or turn-crowned, we could not have told, whether these characters in our domestic breeds were reversions or only analogous variations; but we might have inferred that the blueness was a case of reversion, from the number of the markings, which are correlated with the blue tint, and which it does not appear probable would all appear together from simple variation. More especially we might have inferred this, from the blue colour and marks so often appearing when distinct breeds of diverse colours are crossed. Hence, though under nature it must generally be left doubtful, what cases are reversions to an anciently existing character, and what are new but analogous variations, yet we ought, on my theory, sometimes to find the varying offspring of a species assuming characters (either from reversion or from analogous variation) which already occur in some members of the same group. And this undoubtedly is the case in nature.A considerable part of the difficulty in recognising a variable species in our systematic works, is due to its varieties mocking, as it were, come of the other species of the same genus. A considerable catalogue, also, could be given of forms intermediate between two other forms, which themselves must be doubtfully ranked as either varieties or species, that the one in varying has assumed some of the characters of the other, so as to produce the intermediate form. But the best evidence is afforded by parts or organs of an important and uniform nature occasionally varying so as to acquire, in some degree, the character of the same part or organ in an allied species. I have collected a long list of such cases; but here, as before, I lie under a great disadvantage in not being able to give them. I can only repeat that such cases certainly do occur, and seem to me very remarkable.
3.   The Prime Minister's manner was subdued, but I could see by thegleam of his eyes and the twitchings of his bony hands that heshared the excitement of his young colleague.
4. 据称,他还曾作为志愿者,协助当地校方组织参与灭火工作。
5. 经济萧条的迹象越来越明显了,除了基于螺旋式通货紧缩的短期因素,还有表现为资本开支下降的长期因素。金融市场的不稳定在全世界范围内都有力地抑制了固定资产的形成。在美国,税制改革增加了经济的不确定性;在欧洲和日本,美元的贬值对利润边际构成了压力。困难在于,政府在执行反循环政策时的回旋余地小多了,特别是美国,因为它还负有保持外国投资者信心的责任。日本和欧洲也许可以更有作为,可它们却步履蹒跚。与此同时,积累债务的压力愈益沉重,被看好的伯利恒钢铁公司(BethlehemSteel)暂停了优先股股息的支付。
6.   `When I speak of success, I speak of success with the young lady; and when I speak of causes and reasons to make success probable, I speak of causes and reasons that will tell as such with the young lady. The young lady, my good sir,' said Mr. Lorry, mildly tapping the Stryver arm, `the young lady. The young lady goes before all.'`Then you mean to tell me, Mr. Lorry,' said Stryver, squaring his elbows, `that it is your deliberate opinion that the young lady at present in question is a mincing Fool?'


1. 此外,新京报记者从当地市民、商户以及市场监督管理局处了解到,北京、广东、江苏、云南等地一些药店和便利店出现口罩销售紧俏,价格上浮情况。
2. 病例三:颜某某,男,10岁,学生。
3. Then Terry, wholly in his element, made a polite speech, with explanatory gestures, and proceeded to introduce us, with pointing finger. "Mr. Jeff Margrave," he said clearly; Jeff bowed as gracefully as a man could in the fork of a great limb. "Mr. Vandyck Jennings"--I also tried to make an effective salute and nearly lost my balance.
4. 每个行业的老牌公司都会通过排挤新的竞争对手,阻止其进入市场,保持可观的盈利。然后它可以作为垄断企业,一路提价。由于垄断对社会是有害的,反垄断当局会竭力侦察和起诉那些运用策略手段阻止对手进人市场的公司。、
5. 一一三○年,谙班勃极烈完颜杲死后,宗翰入朝,与宗干、希尹合议,立金太祖孙、十三岁的合刺为谙班勃极烈,作为皇位的继承人。《金史·宗翰传》称:“太宗以宗翰等皆大臣,义不可夺,乃从之”。金太宗时,尚无立太子的制度,皇位的承袭,仍然保留着贵族拥立的遗迹。所谓“义不可夺”,也还因为宗翰、宗干等军政大权在握,足以左右着政局。合刺自幼随从汉人文士韩昉,学习汉文化,能书写汉字,作诗赋。《大金国志》说他“尽失女真故态”,“开国旧臣”们看他是“宛然一汉户少年子”。一一三五年,金太宗死,十六岁的合刺即位作皇帝(金熙宗)。军政大权实际上都掌握在宗翰、宗干等人的手里。金熙宗即位后,在宗翰等人的支持下,对金朝的政治制度作了重大的改革。
6.   "Oh," said the man, showing plainly the enlightenment which hadcome to him. "Yes. Yes, I did."


1. They were all pleasant enough, and talked to us as much as was possible with our limited powers. And though Terry was keenly mortified, and at first we all rather dreaded harsh treatment, I for one soon began to feel a sort of pleasant confidence and to enjoy the trip.
2. 孙正凡(科普学者)点击进入专题:核心期刊论文谈师娘优美感引争议。
3. 此外,图羚助手的核心团队在互联网和保险行业营销端经验丰富,对营销环节理解更深。
4. 我把这32年分为两个阶段,前16年和后16年。
5. 叮咚买菜即使可以把低毛利率做出来,持续的资金投入是不得不考虑的关键因素,这对于巨头们来说却不足为惧。
6. 据介绍,团伙主要成员为广东潮州饶平人,通过网络招聘闲散人员,指定到某一城市集中,去当地便民服务中心实名认证,注册公司,获得营业执照、公章、空白发票后,将发票发往上海、广州、重庆等地销售。


1.   "Precisely. What do you make of the other?"
2. 而宿喵感到担心和焦虑的一点,是这些商家认为租猫生意对于猫咪本身健康并无影响,他们说猫的性格独立、冷酷,只会认吃的东西,所以怎么出租都不会有问题。
3. 想一想再看
4.   They left their sports as he told them, and when they were withinthe house, they laid their cloaks on the benches and seats inside, andthen sacrificed some sheep, goats, pigs, and a heifer, all of them fatand well grown. Thus they made ready for their meal. In the meantimeUlysses and the swineherd were about starting for the town, and theswineherd said, "Stranger, I suppose you still want to go to townto-day, as my master said you were to do; for my own part I shouldhave liked you to stay here as a station hand, but I must do as mymaster tells me, or he will scold me later on, and a scolding fromone's master is a very serious thing. Let us then be off, for it isnow broad day; it will be night again directly and then you willfind it colder."
5. 保守派有了长时期的政治上、理论上的准备,斗争不可免了。
6. 同时,疫情也对快递、外卖配送等触达服务方式提出了要求,作为生活服务场景的最后一环,此类服务方式增加了人与人之间面对面的接触机会,增加了病毒传染的可能性。


1.   'Advertising is rather expensive,' I remarked, dubiously.
2. 这类开发项目之一,是邓波区(Dumbo)的沃特街(Water Street)60号,一个包含290个单元的出租楼盘,带有24小时门房服务和一个可坐拥曼哈顿景观的屋顶平台。房屋租赁将于下个月开始,两居室的每月房租起价达到了令人瞠目结舌的6018美元(约合人民币3.7万元)。“人们想要体验住在共管公寓的生活,即使他们是租房而不是买房。”花旗居屋负责新开发项目的董事总经理乔迪·安·斯塔斯(Jodi Ann Stasse)说。
3. 当年卖掉Zip2收入2000万美元,曾经让马斯克迅速拥有了豪宅豪车,现在进账1.8亿美元,足可以让他买下几个海岛,过上飞机游艇葡萄酒的幸福生活。

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