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1. 他们的创业是诞生在共享出行进入下半场的那个时刻。
2. 程立表示,医护们自发组织给酒店捐了1万多块钱。
3.   "But Peppino did not even belong to my band: he was merely apoor shepherd, whose only crime consisted in furnishing uswith provisions."
4.   35. Under his tongue a true love he bare: some sweet herb; another reading, however, is "a true love-knot," which may have been of the nature of a charm.
5. 延长的生育假如何落实往往由地方政府决定。国家层面应该颁布执行细则以及具备法律约束力的相关措施,以确保该政策的贯彻实施和合理执行,从而保证女性不因劳动成本最小化而受到雇主的歧视。
6. 由于新标才刚刚实施,相关系统与标准衔接不及时,以及许多司机还未完全适应,所以体验不佳。


1.   Whither away?
2. 那时候退伍回去一般都能安置去政府或者事业单位。
3. 至9月3日连续抓获北京窝点制假商孔某平、罗某玲两夫妻,山东窝点制假商曲某某,辽宁、北京、河南的中间商张某朋、蒋某虎、孙某荣等人,以及路桥销售点王某江等人,共计12人,查获大量假冒品牌红酒、制假原料、红酒空瓶、商标等。
4. 许多人对此表示,贝索斯只捐69万美元显得不够慷慨,好多个人财富远不及贝索斯的名人,他们的捐款额却并不低于贝索斯。
5. 听好了……,傻瓜会说:“不要把你的鸡蛋全放在一个篮子里。”但是,智者会说:“把你的鸡蛋全放在一个篮子里,同时切记
6. 大部分时候,让人类注意到除自身之外的生物,真挺难的。


1.   'What do you want?' I asked, with awkward diffidence.
2.   I rose with all alacrity, to acquit myself of this commission.
3.   In Monday's second mail he encountered a very legal-lookingletter, which held his interest for some time. It bore theimprint of the law offices of McGregor, James and Hay, and with avery formal "Dear Sir," and "We beg to state," went on to informhim briefly that they had been retained by Mrs. Julia Hurstwoodto adjust certain matters which related to her sustenance andproperty rights, and would he kindly call and see them about thematter at once.
4. The awards, announced during a ceremony in Amsterdam on March 14, are based on millions of international passenger surveys.
5. 沈健带着50个兄弟改进了两个礼拜,战战兢兢拿去第二次评审。
6.   I had my own reasons for being dismayed at this apparition; toowell I remembered the perfidious hints given by Mrs. Reed about mydisposition, etc.; the promise pledged by Mr. Brocklehurst toapprise Miss Temple and the teachers of my vicious nature. All along Ihad been dreading the fulfilment of this promise,- I had beenlooking out daily for the 'Coming Man,' whose information respectingmy past life and conversation was to brand me as a bad child for ever:now there he was.


1. 中医对于青少年近视采用辨证论治中医对近视的认识可以追溯到千年之前,并对该病的病因病机有明确的阐述。
2.   The Abbot (cloathed as he was) laide him in a hollow vault under aTombe, such as there are used instead of Graves; his Wife returninghome againe to her House, with a young Sonne which shee had by herHusband, protesting to keepe still within her House, and never more tobe seene in any company, but onely to attend her young Sonne, and bevery carefull of such wealth as her Husband had left unto her.From the City of Bologna, that very instant day, a well staide andgoverned Monke there arrived, who was a neere kinsman to the Abbot,and one whom he might securely trust. In the dead time of the night,the Abbot and this Monke arose, and taking Ferando out of the vault,carried him into a darke dungeon or prison, which he termed by thename of Purgatory, and where hee used to discipline his Monkes, whenthey had committed any notorious offence, deserving to be punishedin Purgatory. There they tooke off all his usuall wearing garments,and cloathed him in the habite of a Monke, even as if he had beene oneof the house; and laying him m a bundle of straw, so left him untillhis senses should be restored againe. On the day following, late inthe evening, the Abbot, accompanied with his trusty Monke, (by wayof visitation) went to see and comfort the supposed widow, finding herattired in blacke, very sad and pensive, which by his wontedperswasions, indifferently he appeased; challenging the benefit ofpromise. Shee being thus alone, not hindered by her Husbandsjealousie, and espying another goodly gold Ring on his finger, howfrailety and folly over-ruled her, I know not, shee was a weake woman,he a divelish deluding man; and the strongest holdes by over longbattery and besieging, must needs yeeld at the last, as I feare sheedid: for very often afterward, the Abbot used in this manner tovisit her, and the simple ignorant Country people, carrying no suchill opinion of the holy Abbot, and having- seene Ferando lying fordead in the vault, and also in the habite of a Monke; were verilyperswaded, that when they saw the Abbot passe by to and fro, butmost commonly in the night season, it was the ghost of Ferando, whowalked in this manner after his death, as a just pennance for hisjealousie.
3. 我相信只有这样拍出来充满情感的图片,才是最打动人、最有力量的。
4. 这种规模的音乐节上,总会有年轻人不幸昏倒、患上重病或甚至是失去生命。
5. 这个过程中也会有更多的应用端并且终端的技术解决方案是由新兴企业提供的情况,未来也会产生进行新并购的场合,形成大的千亿级别领军企业形态。
6. 平台是搭建好了,去哪里找用户来注册呢?要在电视台、各大网站、报刊、商场甚至电梯里铺天盖地地投放广告吗?No。


1.   The Sultan was very much astounded, and wished to see this marvel for himself. So he sent for the fisherman, and asked him to procure four more fish. The fisherman asked for three days, which were granted, and he then cast his nets in the lake, and again caught four different coloured fish. The sultan was delighted to see he had got them, and gave him again four hundred gold pieces.
2.   'Perhaps he might,' said Traddles. 'But dear me, there was a good deal of fun going on. Do you remember the nights in the bedroom? When we used to have the suppers? And when you used to tell the stories? Ha, ha, ha! And do you remember when I got caned for crying about Mr. Mell? Old Creakle! I should like to see him again, too!'
3.   The two genii hastened to obey, and Maimoune returned to her well.

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