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1. 有权在日后拒绝接待该顾客。
2.   My Lord, when Ghinotto was yonger then now he is, he studyedPhysicke, and he commanded me to tell you, that the very bestmedicine, he could ever learne, against any disease in the stomacke,was this which he had provided for your Lordship, as an especialpreparative, and which he should finde to be very comfortable. TheAbbot, who had a better stomacke to eate, then any will or desire totalke: although hee did it somewhat disdainfully, yet hee eate up boththe toastes, and roundly dranke the Glasse of Bastard. Afterward,divers other speeches passed betweene them, the one still advisingin Phisicall manner, and the other seeming to care little for it:but moved many questions concerning Ghinotto, and earnestly requestingto see him. Such speeches as savoured of the Abbots discontentment,and came from him in passion; were clouded with courteousacceptance, and not the least signe of any mislike: but assuring hisLordship, that Ghinotto intended very shortly to see him, and sothey parted for that time.Nor returned he any more, till the next morning with the like twotoastes of bread, and such another Glasse of white Bastard, as hehad brought him at the first, continuing the same course for diversdayes after: till the Abbot had eaten (and very hungerly too) a prettystore of dryed Beanes, which Ghinotto purposely, (yet secretly) hadhidden in the Chamber. Whereupon he demaunded of him (as seeming to beso enjoyned by his pretended master) in what temper he found hisstomacke now? I should finde my stomacke well enough (answered theLord Abbot) if I could get forth of thy masters fingers, and then havesome good food to feed on: for his medicines have made me so soundlystomackt, that I am ready to starve with hunger.
3. 要相信国家,相信社会各界的力量,相信医护人员。
4. 我们的人民和国家,
5. 一六四二年十月,皇太极再命阿巴泰领兵入明境侵掠,自黄崖口入长城,至蓟州,败明白腾蚊军。破河间、景州,进至兖州,杀明鲁王朱以派。分军掠莱州、登州、莒州、沂州,南至海州。清军所到之处,四出掳掠,明军望风披靡。
6. 据了解,花家怡园下午的年夜饭分为3个时段,A时段为15:00-18:20,B时段为18:30-20:30,C时段为20:30-收市,其中B时段是黄金时段,最早被预订一空。


1.   "Major Cavalcanti is already one, perhaps; but then,hereditary rank is abolished."
2.   Then parry that!
3.   'I was shut up in a room where there is a ghost till after dark.'
5. @许我向你看多囊卵巢、三高、脂肪肝、胖妹……这些符号跟了我几年。
6. 独特的产品技术,选择优越地段开设分店,都无疑提升了太二酸菜鱼的档次,使得其更具核心竞争力。


1.   All
2. 从方法论层面说,历史研究是运用一连串概念去阐述历史发展过程的内在联系,而概念的诠释功能只有在特定的建构中才能充分显示理论张力。这种由概念建构成的评价体系,往往表现为一种特殊的话语系统。传统史学发展到清末,基本上只是对史料的辨伪、辑佚、考证、训诂之类的方法,主要不是思辨而是功夫论层面的操作,学者不作观念更新、架构改制一类的自觉迫求。蒋廷黻曾批评说:中国的史家,往往是"治史书而非治历史",他们可以是十分优秀的版本专家,却不能从整体上解释历史。
3.   "Me? No. I've always worked in a paper factory."
4.   - 'As you do,' added his sister.
5. 该数字引发舆论关注,不少观点质疑官方行动缓慢。
6. 里比在产业家那里大得多,因为,除了各个产业工场本身附设的商业事务所以外,整个产业资本家阶级必须这样使用的那部分资本,都已集中在各个商人手中。这些商人保证流通职能的连续执行,担负由此产生的流通费用。


1.   'Well, who is it?' she asked, in a voice and with a smile I halfrecognised; 'you've not quite forgotten me, I think, Miss Jane?'
2. 在中牧股份专项工作小组现场督导下,兰州厂以布病疫苗车间为重点,对全厂执行《兽药生产质量管理规范》已开展全面检查,全力整改。
3.   I make no doubt, but you have often heard report, of king Charls theAged, and first of that name, by reason of his magnificententerprises, as also his most glorious victory, which he obtaindagainst King Manfred, when the Ghibellines were expulsed foorth ofFlorence, and the Guelphes returned thither againe. By which occasion,an ancient knight, named Signior Neri degli Uberti; forsaking then theCity, with all his family and great store of wealth, woulde live underany other obedience, then the awful power or command of KingCharles. And coveting to be in some solitary place, where he mightfinish the remainder of his dayes in peace, he went to Castello daMare; where, about a Bow shoote distance from all other dwellinghouses, hee bought a parcel of ground, plentifully stored with varietyof Trees, bearing Olives, Chesnuts, Orenges, Lemons, Pomcitrons, andother excellent frutages, wherewith the Countrey flourishethabundantly. There he built a very faire and commodious house, andplanted (close by it) a pleasant Garden, in the middst whereof,because he had great plenty of water: according as other men use todo, being in the like case so wel provided; he made a very goodlyPond, which forthwith had all kinde of Fish swimming in it, it beinghis daily care and endevour, to tend his Garden, and encrease hisFish-pond.
4. 这位官员表示,相比其他职位来说,那些对教育背景或工作经历没有特殊要求的职位更受欢迎,近些年报名人数达到数千人的基本上都是这种职位。
5. 加里曼丹的三发,是这个岛上金矿的主要产区。十八世纪七十年代以前,这里还是一片荒野。一七七二年,一批广东籍华侨在嘉应州人罗芳伯的带领下,来到这里。他们筚路蓝缕,从事金矿的开采。一七七六年,他们在坤甸的东万律,成立了一个以罗芳伯为首的兰芳大总制。在这个大总制之下,矿区所有成员,对矿区的收益都享有同等的权利。每一矿区,都向当地矿权所有者缴纳一定的租金和人头税。由于它对内、对外都作了这样一些公平合理的措施,所以获得了一个顺利发展的环境。从一七七二年起,四十年间,他们在这里开发了三十多个金矿,使原来“长林丰草,广袤无垠”的三发,成为三万华侨和一万二千泰雅克人与马来亚人的聚居地,其中单是金矿工人,就有一万之多。而在数十里以外的沙喇蛮,从事金矿开采的工人则达到两万。三发和坤甸,也成为两个重要的商业城市。
6.   'Good,' said my aunt. 'Should you like to go tomorrow?'


1.   The fortunes of Rinaldo de Este, being heard by the Ladies andGentlemen, they admired his happinesse, and commended his devotionto Saint Julian, who (in such extreame necessity) sent him so goodsuccour. Nor was the Lady to be blamed, for leaving base liberty,and converting to the chaste embraces of the marriage bed, the dignityof Womens honour, and eternall disgrace living otherwise. While thusthey descanted on the happy night betweene her and Rinaldo, MadamPampinea sitting next to Philostratus, considering, that her Discoursemust follow in order, and thinking on what shee was to say; the Queenehad no sooner sent out her command, but she being no lesse fairethen forward, began in this manner. Ladies of great respect, themore we conferre on the accidents of Fortune, so much the moreremaineth to consider on her mutabilities, wherein there is no need ofwonder, if discreetly we observe that al such things as we fondlytearme to be our owne, are in her power, and so (consequently)change from one to another, without any stay or arrest (according toher concealed judgement) or setled order (at least) that can beeknowne to us. Now, although these things appeare thus dayly to us,even apparantly in all occasions, and as hath beene discerned bysome of our precedent Discourses; yet notwithstanding, seeing itpleaseth the Queene, that our arguments should aime at these ends, Iwill adde to the former tales another of my owne, perhaps notunprofitable for the hearers, nor unpleasing in observation.
2. 到2018年,研究生预计毕业生数为77.3万人,实际毕业生数为60.4万人,超两成延期毕业。
3. "This won't do!" said Terry to us, quickly. "We mustn't let them get us in this, boys. All together, now--"

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