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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Margaret
2.  Adam's first wife. Of her rich locks beware! That charm in which she'sparallel'd by few; When in its toils a youth she doth ensnare, He will not soonescape, I promise you.
3.  Loosed from their fetters are streams and rills Through the gracious spring -tide's all - quickening glow; Hope's budding joy in the vale doth blow; OldWinter back to the savage hills Withdraweth his force, decrepid now. Thenceonly impotent icy grains Scatters he as he wings his flight, Striping with sleetthe verdant plains; But the sun endureth no trace of white; Everywhere growthand movement are rife, All things investing with hues of life: Though flowersare lacking, varied of dye, Their colours the motley throng supply. Turn theearound, and from this height, Back to the town direct thy sight. Forth from thehollow, gloomy gate, Stream forth the masses, in bright array. Gladly seekthey the sun to - day; The Lord's Resurrection they celebrate: For theythemselves have risen, with joy, From tenement sordid, from cheerless room,From bonds of toil, from care and annoy, From gable and roof's o'er -hanging gloom, From crowded alley and narrow street, And from thechurches' awe - breathing night, All now have come forth into the light. Look,only look, on nimble feet, Through garden and field how spread the throng,How o'er the river's ample sheet,
4.  'Tis a strange gentleman, I see. Come in!
5.  He's my good friend, with whom 'twill prosper well; I grudge him not thechoicest of thy store. Now draw thy circle, speak thy spell, And straight abumper for him pour!
6.  Vales, where mists still shift and play, To ancient hills succeeding, These ourscenes; - so we, to - day, May rest, brave sons of Mieding.Herald


1.  Tiny step and lofty bound, Through dew and exhalation; Ye trip it deftly onthe ground, But gain no elevation.
2.  The Other Half
3.  The Lord.
4.  I pray you do!
5.  How stoutly once I could inveigh, If a poor maiden went astray; Not wordsenough my tongue could find, 'Gainst others' sin to speak my mind! Black as itseemed, I blacken'd it still more, And strove to make it blacker than before.And did myself securely bless Now my own trespass doth appear! Yet ah! -what urg'd me to transgress, God knows, it was so sweet, so dear!Zwinger
6.  Faust


1.  Who's there?
2.  Bessy
3.  Trees on trees, a stalwart legion, Swiftly past us are retreating, And the cliffswith lowly greeting; Rocks long - snouted, row on row, How they snort, andhow they blow!
4.  Do you ask? Perchance you would retain the treasure? If such your wish, whythen, I say, Henceforth absolve me from my task, Nor longer waste yourhours of leisure. I trust you're not by avarice led! I rub my hands, I scratch myhead,
5.   (Mephistopheles enters.)
6.  Can I indeed believe my eyes? Is't not mere masquerading? What! Oberon inbeauteous guise, Among the groups parading!


1.  Mephistopheles
2.  Margaret amongst a number of people
3.  You really talk
4、  There must be some disorder in thy wit! To rave thus like a madman, is it fit?Mephistopheles
5、  Mephistopheles




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      Clouds gather over me The moon conceals her light The lamp is quench'dVapours are rising - Quiv'ring round my head Flash the red beams - Downfrom the vaulted roof A shuddering horror floats, And seizes me! I feel it,spirit, prayer - compell'd, 'tis thou Art hovering near! Unveil thyself! Ha! Howmy heart is riven now! Each sense, with eager palpitation, Is strain'd to catchsome new sensation! I feel my heart surrender'd unto thee! Thou must! Thoumust! Though life should be the fee!

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       This then the kernel of the brute! A traveling scholar? Why I needs mustsmile.

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      Thereto a perfect right hast thou. My strength I do not rashly overrate. Slaveam I here, at any rate, If thine, or whose, it matters not, I trow.Mephistopheles

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    {  The Others

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      Faust walking thoughtfully up and down. To him MephistophelesMephistopheles}

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      Pardon! I heard you here declaim; A Grecian tragedy you doubtless read?Improvement in this art is now my aim, For now - a - days it much avails.Indeed An actor, oft I've heard it said, as teacher, May give instruction to apreacher.

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      Spirit sublime! Thou gav'st me, gav'st me all For which I prayed! Not vainlyhast thou turn'd To me thy countenance in flaming fire: Gavest me gloriousnature for my realm, And also power to feel her and enjoy; Not merely with acold and wondering glance, Thou dost permit me in her depths profound, Asin the bosom of a friend to gaze. Before me thou dost lead her living tribes,And dost in silent grove, in air and stream Teach me to know my kindred.And when roars The howling storm - blast through the groaning wood,Wrenching the giant pine, which in its fall Crashing sweeps down its neighbourtrunks and boughs, While hollow thunder from the hill resounds; Then thoudost lead me to some shelter'd cave, Dost there reveal me to myself, andshow Of my own bosom the mysterious depths. And when with soothingbeam, the moon's pale orb Full in my view climbs up the pathless sky, Fromcrag and dewy grove, the silvery forms Of by - gone ages hover, and assuageThe joy austere of contemplative thought.

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    {  Thou'rt free to do so! Gladly I'll attend; But be thine art a pleasant one!Mephistopheles

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      Already, whirl'd so far away! The master then indeed I needs must play. Giveground! Squire Voland comes! Sweet folk, give ground! Here, doctor, graspme! With a single bound Let us escape this ceaseless jar; Even for me toomad these people are. Hard by there shineth something with peculiar glare,Yon brake allureth me; it is not far; Come, come along with me! we'll slip inthere.