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1. 再如2019年,经济学者认为A股会上行的占33%,持平的占33%,下行的占20%。
2.   A physitians wife laide a Lover of her Maides (supposing him to bedead) in a Chest, by reason that he had drunke Water, which usuallywas given to procure a sleepy entrancing. Two Lombard usurers,stealing the Chest, in hope of a rich booty, carryed it into theirowne house, where afterward the man awaking, was apprehended for aTheefe. The Chamber-maide to the Physitians wife, going before thebench of Justice, accuseth her selfe for putting the imagined deadbody into the Chest, by which meanes he escapeth hanging. And thetheeves which stole away the Chest, were condemned to pay a greatsumme of money.
3. 我们现在在考察信用制度时要遇到的仅有的几个困难问题是:
4. #投资24H#1.DataVisor维择科技完成数千万美元C+轮融资投资方为泛海投资集团有限公司,除了新融资,DataVisor还与谷歌、PWC普华永道正式结为战略合作伙伴,此前DataVisor维择科技的合作伙伴还有微软、Experian等,DataVisor将与它们在互联网和传统金融行业数字化转型等领域开展战略合作。
5. 面对未知之地人因测评浮出水面航天是一个复杂的巨系统,其中,最让科学家担心的,是当航天器脱离地球,这个我们熟悉的家园后,里面的人怎么生存,如何面对险恶的不适宜人生存的环境。
6.   "When the barber," he continued, "had finished his tale, we came to the conclusion that the young man had been right, when he had accused him of being a great chatter-box. However, we wished to keep him with us, and share our feast, and we remained at table till the hour of afternoon prayer. Then the company broke up, and I went back to work in my shop.


1. 近来,一则深圳外卖骑手确诊的事,让他颇为担心。
2.   Thus they spoke, for they thought that he had killed Antinous bymistake, and did not perceive that death was hanging over the headof every one of them. But Ulysses glared at them and said:
3. 刚开始的时候,大家都是I级防护,要戴口罩。
4. 单词movement 联想记忆:
5. "Yes, you must take it, poor little girl!" he insisted stoutly. "You can buy things to eat with it. It is a whole sixpence!"
6. 是什么原因让这一中一美两位互联网大神级的人物同时关注埃塞俄比亚?这里的互联网创投生态的发展和现状到底如何?有哪些大的机会?我们非程创新是一家中非创投孵化平台,一直关注埃塞市场。


1. traditional
2. 资本家比如说因棉花和纺纱机变得便宜而得到更大的利润,
3. 在这个过程中,先拍脑袋后看员工端的状态来调整,然后通过数据分析来验证。
4.   She went to bed soon after this, and Mrs. Steerforth retired too. Steerforth and I, after lingering for half-an-hour over the fire, talking about Traddles and all the rest of them at old Salem House, went upstairs together. Steerforth's room was next to mine, and I went in to look at it. It was a picture of comfort, full of easy-chairs, cushions and footstools, worked by his mother's hand, and with no sort of thing omitted that could help to render it complete. Finally, her handsome features looked down on her darling from a portrait on the wall, as if it were even something to her that her likeness should watch him while he slept.
5. From the beginning, social networks have been effectively walled off from the Internet. The treasure trove of content on Facebook, for instance, doesn't generally show up on Google (GOOG). But does it have to be that way? Wouldn't it be convenient to see Twitter search results automatically displayed alongside a standard Google search, for example? And why, for instance, don't the latest tweets about a restaurant pop up when you're searching Yelp (YELP)? The competing interests of different networks sends this content behind proprietary walls, but a number of tools offer creative ways to bridge the gulf. (Full disclosure: My company has developed one such tool.)
6. 她先是找到当地电视台,请相关栏目播放寻人启事,然后在当地门户网站发帖求助,请知情人提供信息。


1.   The hour was come, when Saint Antoine was to execute his horrible idea of hoisting up men for lamps to show what he could be and do. Saint Antoine's blood was up, and the blood of tyranny and domination by the iron hand was down--down on the steps of the Hotel de Ville where the governor's body lay--down on the sole of the shoe of Madame Defarge where she had trodden on the body to steady it for mutilation. `Lower the lamp yonder!' cried Saint Antoine, after glaring round for a new means of death; `here is one of his soldiers to be left on guard!' The swinging sentinel was posted, and the sea rushed on.
2. 但消费升级并不是简单的买贵价产品,而可能是关注品质、寻求的性价比等核心诉求的另一种表现形式,品牌方应关注内在核心诉求,研发更符合消费者需求的新品。
3.   These words troubled the heart of Baba-Abdalla, who prostrated himself at the feet of the Caliph. Then rising, he answered: "Commander of the Faithful, I crave your pardon humbly, for my persistence in beseeching your Highness to do an action which appears on the face of it to be without any meaning. No doubt, in the eyes of men, it has none; but I look on it as a slight expiation for a fearful sin of which I have been guilty, and if your Highness will deign to listen to my tale, you will see that no punishment could atone for the crime."
4. n.
5. "About seven or eight million," said Jeff, as mischievous as ever.
6. 机构停业与卷款跑路不一样,有些机构在停业过程中,安排家长退费或联系其他机构继续为学员提供课程,这些都是正常的市场行为,企业有生长有死亡,与卷款跑路的性质不同。


1.   `Show me!' said the traveller then, moving to the brow of the hill.
2. 然而,我相信技术的发展不仅可以让远程办公成为现实,而且这种趋势是无法避免的。
3. 因为这里说的是BBC的夏洛克,所以你的华生不是真傻,只是用自己的方式展现智慧。他还有点不确定自己的性向(万一是直的呢)。

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      In plants the same gradual process of improvement, through the occasional preservation of the best individuals, whether or not sufficiently distinct to be ranked at their first appearance as distinct varieties, and whether or not two or more species or races have become blended together by crossing, may plainly be recognised in the increased size and beauty which we now see in the varieties of the heartsease, rose, pelargonium, dahlia, and other plants, when compared with the older varieties or with their parent-stocks. No one would ever expect to get a first-rate heartsease or dahlia from the seed of a wild plant. No one would expect to raise a first-rate melting pear from the seed of a wild pear, though he might succeed from a poor seedling growing wild, if it had come from a garden-stock. The pear, though cultivated in classical times, appears, from Pliny's description, to have been a fruit of very inferior quality. I have seen great surprise expressed in horticultural works at the wonderful skill of gardeners, in having produced such splendid results from such poor materials; but the art, I cannot doubt, has been simple, and, as far as the final result is concerned, has been followed almost unconsciously. It has consisted in always cultivating the best known variety, sowing its seeds, and, when a slightly better variety has chanced to appear, selecting it, and so onwards. But the gardeners of the classical period, who cultivated the best pear they could procure, never thought what splendid fruit we should eat; though we owe our excellent fruit, in some small degree, to their having naturally chosen and preserved the best varieties they could anywhere find.A large amount of change in our cultivated plants, thus slowly and unconsciously accumulated, explains, as I believe, the well-known fact, that in a vast number of cases we cannot recognise, and therefore do not know, the wild parent-stocks of the plants which have been longest cultivated in our flower and kitchen gardens. If it has taken centuries or thousands of years to improve or modify most of our plants up to their present standard of usefulness to man, we can understand how it is that neither Australia, the Cape of Good Hope, nor any other region inhabited by quite uncivilised man, has afforded us a single plant worth culture. It is not that these countries, so rich in species, do not by a strange chance possess the aboriginal stocks of any useful plants, but that the native plants have not been improved by continued selection up to a standard of perfection comparable with that given to the plants in countries anciently civilised.

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      "No, no, my dear Watson! With all respect for your natural acumen, Ido not think that you are quite a match for the worthy doctor. I thinkthat possibly I can attain our end by some independent explorations ofmy own. I am afraid that I must leave you to your own devices, asthe appearance of two inquiring strangers upon a sleepy countrysidemight excite more gossip than I care for. No doubt you will findsome sights to amuse you in this venerable city, and I hope to bringback a more favourable report to you before evening."

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      I don't remember who was there, except Dora. I have not the least idea what we had for dinner, besides Dora. My impression is, that I dined off Dora, entirely, and sent away half-a-dozen plates untouched. I sat next to her. I talked to her. She had the most delightful little voice, the gayest little laugh, the pleasantest and most fascinating little ways, that ever led a lost youth into hopeless slavery. She was rather diminutive altogether. So much the more precious, I thought.

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